A Day Retreat to Plan 2019

December 30, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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Don’t allow yourself to be fooled any longer. You are not a product of circumstance. You are not the result of good or bad luck. You are not your genetics or your destiny. You are what you think about most.

You are the creator of your reality. You are either creating consciously or unconsciously. Everything that happens to you is only trying to teach you more about yourself. Our universe is only trying to wake you up to your true power and ability. This is you bringing yourself to awareness of yourself.

The truth about you is that you are the power of our universe. We are all the consciousness of the universe at our roots. We are all asleep. Either sleep walking or possessed by something else. What else is there..? I am not sure. I am only sure that we can learn to come back to our true power. I am only sure that with awareness and conscious effort we can return to the power and breath of universal consciousness.

Don’t let 2019 pass you buy without making a conscious effort to get back to your very best self. Make 2019 the very best year of your life. Make 2019 be about coming back to the child within you. Step back into the full expression of you. Learn how to shine your light again. Learn how to be playful and have fun again. Shake off the dark spell that you and your life have been under.

I’m heading up to Collingwood for a day trip to start the new year right. January 4th. It will be a trip of great reflection and intention for 2019.

Want to make a commitment to yourself and to 2019? Lets take responsibility for what has happened and what is next to come. Lets get a clear image of what we wish to create in our lives. Let’s talk Exercise and nutrition.

Lets talk about all the things we need to do to make 2019 the very best year of our lives. Oxygenate, Alkalize, Electrify & Detoxify your body. Learn all the best systems, methods. Ask any questions and design your action steps.

How to overcome trauma, overcome emotional blocks, lift up your energy and project it out into your life. Learn how to get present and how to really love yourself. Reconnect to your passion and purpose.

Get re-motivated! Get the new information you need. Make yourself accountable to a world class coach for the day. Take a day trip up with me to the Scandinavian Spa in Blue mountain.

Let’s discuss all and really dial in the new year! i have room for 2 more people in my truck. i will transport you up and back. All spa fees will be covered for the day.

Transport leaves my private studio at 630 am on Friday morning. Arrive at the spa for 630 am. Spend the day. I’ll have you home by 630pm. Get content delivery en route up to the spa and on the way home too.

Get meditation coaching and support during the day at the spa. Have your year plan clearly outlined. Get inspired about 2019. Total cost for the day $130. Includes all transportation, spa access and a day of coaching.

Bring a lunch or enjoy the vegan restaurant at the spa. All reasonably priced. Leave a message below or send me a personal email if you want to secure 1 of my last 2 spots.


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