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January 19, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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Shifting Towards a more Alkaline Lifestyle


I have been a personal trainer for 30 years now!  One of the greatest lesson’s I have learned from all of this is that I cannot make someone change their mind.  I can’t force anyone to do something or change their food.  Everyone will participate as they feel comfortable to do so regardless of my opinion.  I have learned how to accept and support people at whatever level of participation they wish to move to or participate at.

At the root of my program everyone is moving towards a more alkaline body.  The natural human body at birth is both “alkaline and electric” to quote Dr. Sebi.  We must try and restore that natural balance inside the body as effectively as we can.  The natural body does not store fat.  Your youthful body did not store fat.  When you were young your body did not have pain or disease.  All health related issues develop as we age.

It’s not that we are getting old, fat, sick and painful.  It’s that we are shifting from our most natural alkaline and electric nature.  As our bodies become more toxic weight gain happens.  Energy drops our immune system function reduces and our bodies fill with pain.  The beautiful thing is that we can reverse all of these things.  We can lose the weight, heal the sickness and disease or over come the pain or challenge in our lives.  We can do all of it by shifting our nutrition and lifestyle towards what is most natural in our bodies.

Take a look at Richard in the Picture above.                  He lost 26 pounds in 8 weeks!

We can naturally restore our bodies chemistry.  We can do that naturally with our food choices, our exercise and by changing our mindset and understanding about what it means to be happy and healthy.  Slowly but surely as we clean up our diets and our bodies will shift back towards a more alkaline space.  The body fat will drop away quickly.  Pain will vanish the immune system function will improve, you will be more suited to overcome disease and your emotions and energy will rise.

Each higher level of participation shifts the body further and more quickly towards its most natural alkaline and electric space.  You get to choose to participate at whichever level you choose.  Do not force yourself to jump to a level that is too high for you.  You can move higher in the levels of participation slowly.  Each higher level is a more strict fast.  A fast is a 4-6 day period where you choose to stop participating in a food a habit or a behavior.  Fasting is challenging yourself. It’s about challenging your desires. Fasting from a food, habit or behavior helps to put you back into the driver’s seat.  It puts you back into control. You are the power in your world.  You are the power.  A fast is about taking back your control.  It reminds you who is in control of your life.  You must take back control of your food and substance habits.  You must realize again that you are the power in your world.

Move forward or higher in the levels of participation as you feel motivated and inspired to.  Stop whenever you choose.  Fast at the level of your choice for 4-6 days.  If you only want to fast for 4 days you can.  If you want to do 5 or 6 days even better.  You get to choose.  4 days is the minimum commitment to this program.  You must Fast more days then not over a 7 day period.  Choice is the thing that makes us most distinctly human.  I am here to help you and support you at whatever level of participation you choose.  You choose your level of participation.  You choose your days of commitment. All you need to do is make yourself accountable to me in this program.  I want you to let me know which level of the program you choose.  I want you to let me know how long you will participate for.  I want you to report you starting weight and waist measurements to me before you start and again afterwards.  Reach out to me if you have any questions.  Email me to arrange a free On-line training session:  John@hiendfitness.com


7 Levels of Nutritional Participation 


  1. The Basic Clean Up Fast–  This is where I like to start people on their nutrition plan when I work with them personally.  I don’t want to force people to do or try anything they are not happy and comfortable with.  The basic clean up Fast is a super introduction to the “Alkaline Lifestyle”  As you move in a more alkaline direction with your food and behaviors you will feel and realize the results in your body and life.  As you feel and see changes you will be inspired to choose a higher level of participation.  The Basic Clean up fast is where I like to encourage people to reduce or eliminate all fast food, junk food, processed food, eating out.  Stop all the “junk food” soda, crackers, chips and ice-cream.   Stop anything that comes in a box.  Stop eating out.  Prepare all of your meals at home and carry them with you. Can you stop the acidic behaviors like coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana.or elective drugs?  The first level of participation is just to remove all the most “highly rich and toxic foods and habits” from your life for 4-6 days. You can choose how long you wish to refrain from these items.  It is up to you.  View your start up nutrition plan here!
  2. The Protein Restricted Fast– It’s my opinion that the current world view regarding protein requirements is completely off. View my protein message here now!  The protein restricted fast is created to help you realize that.  Observe the difference in your body when you challenge all the belief systems that are circulated about protein.  Protein is extremely acidic inside of your body.  If you can reduce or remove protein from your nutrition focus your body will thank you for that.  See what happens when you take 4-6 days off of your protein powders.  Perhaps shift from red meats to fish or eggs.  Moving from cow’s milk to goats milk will benefit you.  Shifting from cheddar cheese to feta cheese or goat cheese is another possible alternative that will be helpful.  Can you save your meat and cooked foods for dinner time?  Would you prefer to have your cooked meal at lunch time?  These choices are all up to you.  Try to have only 1 cooked food meal each day for 4-6 days.  Strive to get all of your other foods or meal raw and natural.  Fruits and vegetables at all other eating times.  Rice, potato, pasta and breads are all allowed.  All meats are allowed however I encourage people to try to reduce from the more heavy meats to the less dense animal proteins.  Eat fruits or fruit smoothies for breakfast and salads or veggies for lunch.  You can choose what you eat and when you eat it.  Only 1 cooked food meal each day.  View your start up nutrition plan here!
  3. The Vegan Fast- Getting away from animal protein is a wonderful step for alkalizing the body.  Eating flesh is most dense and most material.  Letting go of consuming flesh will have incredible benefits beyond a deeper alkalization of your body.  Animal proteins are acidic and must be reduced.  Once you take the conscious step to stop consuming animals for your sustainability you change your energy and intention.  When you actively make a choice in your life to continue forward and not create death and destruction of other being along the way you have made a huge step forward in how you are interacting with your world.  You have reduced your intentions towards death and destruction.  You get what you give video message!  The more conscious you become of the type of energy you are sharing with the world the more the world will share conscious love back to you.  When you stop taking another spirit so that you can live your spirit will grow.  All the spirits of the world are connected.  When you choose to no longer participate in the consciousness of taking the spirit of another your world will benefit for that. Eat a vegan nutrition plan for 4-6 days View your start up nutrition plan here!
  4. The Raw Food Fast–  Getting away from animal protein is a monumental jump towards a new successful mindset in 2019.  A further step forward is into the “raw food lifestyle.” This is an even more profound shift in mindset. Raw foods & Healing video message here! When you realize and understand that all things are energy.  Your thoughts, and words and actions are all frequency and vibration.  When you understand that you are made up of atomic particles that are all frequency and vibration at the microscopic level you have attained a mindset that will allow you to move further again.  Foods that are raw are still alive when you eat them.  These foods are fresh fruits and vegetables.  If you can get them locally grown and organic this is the very best.  Your own garden provides you the most control over your food.  If that is not available to you then you must buy what is available in produce section of the grocery store.  Live raw food is always better than cooked food.  It contains all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fiber, hydration and electrical energy that your body needs.  As you choose higher energy foods you are choosing your energy to rise up in your life. Higher energy will create more joy, love, patience and freedom in your life. Eat a raw food plan for 4-6 days this week.  View your start up raw food nutrition plan here!
  5. Fruit Fasting– As you simplify your diet you reduce the stress you place upon your body.  This is a different mindset then we get our energy and health from acquiring nutrients in our food.  Health and vigor are natural and within each of us.  If we remove the toxic elements from our minds, our behavior, our diet and from our bodies the health will rise up and come free! Watch my fruity message here now! We will begin to feel and realize greater levels of happiness and energy when we remove the obstacles.  It was Dr. Ehret that taught me this valuable idea that health isn’t something we get from the outside of the self.  Health is something we step back into.  Fruits contain the most valuable fiber for elimination of waste in the body.  Pectin is a fiber that is found in fruits.  Fruits also contain the acids, and hydration that the body needs.  Fruits have the most vitamins, minerals and flavanoids.   They contain the “astringents”  that are so valuable for breaking up the blockages in your lymphatic system and healing your immune system.  Fruits are the most healing foods.  The preferred fuel supply for the body is fruit sugar.  Fruit sugar is Fructose.  It is a different sugar.  It is the bodies preferred fuel because it can enter the cells without the hormone insulin.  This reduces the work involved in digestion.  Fruits digest most quickly and leave the body.  They allow for greater “digestive rest.”  The body heals while it is resting.  The more rest you can provide for your body the more quickly your body will heal and respond.  “Mono fruit fasting” pr single fruit eating provides the most digestive rest from fruits.  When you only eat one single food  the body is not required to make different digestive enzymes.  This is easier on the body and allows greater rest.  Returning to the most alkaline state is most healing and most effective for fat burning. When the body is most healthy it does not store fat!  Get your Fruit fasting Nutrition plan here!
  6. Juice Fasting–  The juice fast allows the body an even greater rest than fruit.  Now the body isn’t required to do any digestion.  The juices can be absorbed straight away.  No digestion needs and therefore no additional work or effort from the body.  As you reduce the work loads on the body you allow greater opportunity for healing to occur.  Raw juices are wonderful.  Pasteurized juices that are real juice and not from concentrate allow an additional electrical charge in the body that can help to create a deeper detoxification of the body.  How To Lose the weight & Heal the body!  Distilled water fasting is a fantastic alternative for cleansing the body.  Juice fasting allows the body to acquire nutrients and hydration without adding additional work on the digestive system.  It is an awesome way to prepare the body for “Unfooding.”  This is the last step in the “Pranic journey video message.”  You can still have your needs met nutritionally without interfering with your healing process.  Food is a habit.  You can alter this habit if you choose.  You can learn to live on much less.   You can learn to get your energy in alternative ways.  Getting away from chewing is a big step towards a food free lifestyle.  We learn how to live on less by practicing to eat less.  A new habit is formed through practice and repetition.  Get a Juice only Fasting Nutrition Plan Here Now!
  7. Most Powerful Healing Fast!The most effective detoxification methods and practices are not for faint of heart.  All levels of participation are choice.  Restoring your body to it’s most natural state requires us to overcome imbalances that have occurred within our bodies.  Candida, yeast, fungus or parasites are very real possibilities inside of our bodies if we have been living with a poor nutrition plan or lifestyle for an extended period of time. If disease has entered your body and life then you may want to consider the most power healing protocols to maximize the alkalization and detoxification process.  All things have been provide to us and for us.  We have a loving creator that supports us.  Our earth mother is with us always.  The power of our universe is omnipotent and omnipresent.  The force of god is within us and all around us.  We can find healing in each and every moment.  Natural medicine is available to us if we can overcome our mental road blocks towards accessing it.  UT, Turp and the dry fast are the most powerful natural healing methods that exist on our planet.  If you would like to get a level 7 healing fast send me a personal message.  I would like to have a personal discussion with you about your situation: john@hiendfitness.com


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