The 7 day Fat-Flush Competition

September 23, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

7 day Raw Food Vegan Personal Training & Nutrition Challenge!


My 7 day Fat flush Competition will start up Monday night September 24th. This program has been designed specifically for 3 different groups of people.  All participants in this program will get daily support from me on-line.  Please follow me at the link below to get daily support:

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First of all the 7 day Fat-Flush is designed as a competition.  It was designed to choose a winner!  It was designed to introduce the latest version of my program to 10 new participants.  These 10 people will be totally new people.  People who have never tried my program before.  They will be an awesome example and inspiration for 100’s of others who will do exactly the same things with me this year.  The information i will be sharing in this program will be all the most current information that I will be sharing with all of my most personal clients I work with for the remainder of 2018.

I have registered 10 new people into my program for a crazy $97 start-up offer. These people will get to test drive my program. The exercise, the nutrition, the motivation, the accountability and even my “skinny juice!” These people will be a great demonstration of what can happen if you apply yourself completely to the program. The winner of the weight loss competition is going to win 6 weeks access to our training and nutrition program.  I encourage you 10 participants to apply yourself completely to this program.  Really commit to this trial.  Make it a true experiment for yourselves!  Test yourself.  If you see that this 7 day trial teaches you some different things about your nutrition and exercise then apply what you learn fully into your life.  Integrate what you learn this week into your life!

This program is also created for my existing membership. It is for all my current members that need help getting back into their nutrition program after the summer. We all slip off track sometimes.  Summer time can have that effect on many people.  Life sometimes gets in the way.  Work or family or emotional or physical sickness or illness sometimes gets in the way of our pursuit of our best selves.  Now is a fantastic time to get back on track!  The fall season is here and this is a great time of year to get back into it. Get your body back this fall with our 7 day fat flush competition.  All of my current members can participate in the exercise and nutrition aspects of this program for free. I will be providing my members with all the information and details about this program.  They can always choose to apply as much of the program as they wish.  Only the 10 registered participants have a chance to win the 6 weeks free prize.  I will include all of my current members with all of the webinar links, information emails, video messages and program updates.  Participate as you choose to as always.  I understand that not everyone thinks or views food and nutrition and exercise the same way.  We are all at different places upon our life path and journey.  Each of us is ready to do and receive and change different things in our life.  We are all free to choose to participate to whatever degree we choose.  If there is an aspect of this program that you do not like just leave that part out.

This program is also created for a 3rd group of people.  You may not be among that group of people.  This program is designed to service all of my clients, family and friends from all over this planet.  Some people are at a different point in their healing journey.  What I have learned from connecting with people all over the world is that in different parts of the world people are in different places emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  All of these things make a huge difference in healing and in method.  I have found that people that live in Africa or South or Central  America or the Caribbean are open and willing to participate in different healing methods than those in the west and that is perfectly ok.  You choose to participate in whatever aspect of this program you wish.  Just understand that this program will be used to heal the world and people all over this planet have different world views.  People from all over the worlds have different perspectives.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or heal pain or change your relationship, your finances or some other aspect of your life we are talking about creating the very best version of yourself.  This program is designed to help you express your very best!  If you want to be your best at work, with your primary partner, your kids, your family, your friends or just for your self the information in this 7 day plan will help you to do that.  Body fat is just a symptom of what is going on inside your body.  I am suggesting to you that your relationship issues, emotional issues, pain, poor sleep, low energy or lack of motivation all have the same root cause.  All of these things happen because your personal physiology if off track.  This program is designed to help you get back on track in your life!  By resetting your personal body science back to natural your body will naturally do what it was designed to do.

The 3rd group of participants this program is made for is people who want to work with me on-line.  People who will watch this program recorded.  People who won’t be in the competition however may want to try out my program fully for themselves.  People from anywhere in the world can tune into our workouts live in our private studio or they can participate fully by doing the exercise and nutrition from the video messages that will all be included inside this program. This program is also for new people who have interest in me or my wife and our program. I will be using the recorded version of this program as an introduction for new people to see what we and our program are all about. People that wish to get to know me and my wife, our private training studio, our clients, our members and friends and understand how our program works. Whether you are in group 1, 2 or 3 you are important to me. My wife and i have made a lifetime commitment to helping people make changes in their lives.  I am here to help you make a change.  If you need help at any point please just send me a personal email if you have any questions:

This 7 day fat flush is a raw food challenge.  It is a natural resetting of your body.  It is a restoring of alkalinity within your body and life as quickly as possible.  Realize that you have been eating and living the way you are for 5,10,20,30 or 50+ years.  This raw food test is only a 7 day challenge for you to witness the results. You cannot heal all things in 7 days.  You can only learn some of the methods you will need to heal all things completely. This program is hear to so that you can witness the results of this process.  It is designed to help you connect the dots in your life.  It will teach you what you need to know and understand to lose the weight and keep it off for a lifetime.  It will also provide you with everything that you need to change or heal any sickness, illness or disease in your life.  This program is the same program that I would support completely myself to change or improve any aspect of my life or the life of anyone that I love most dearly.

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Welcome to the 7 day Fat Flush competition.

You can access your Raw Food Shopping list below for the next 7 days. Monday night September 24th I will meet you on-line at 8pm if you are joining me live for the introduction webinar. everyone in this program, all of my current clients and registered competitors will receive a webinar link tomorrow.  Just click that link Monday night September 24th before 8 pm to attend our live introduction webinar. I will provide all the nutrition details of this program then. I will discuss all of your nutrition for the 7 day competition. I will reveal the ingredients and tell you how to create and utilize your skinny juice to help you drop fat, fluid, inflammation and toxic waste super fast!   I will provide a contact link to the 7 day raw food plan for everyone to access below.  If you cannot attend the live webinar it will be recorded and available for all involved in the program.  The complete specific 7 day Fat-Flush raw food diet will be provided and available for everyone tomorrow. All the ingredients and methods of creating and utilizing the Skinny Juice will be revealed then. That way everyone can begin at the same time.

From Tuesday until Tuesday the competition will run.  If you have not yet been in for your weigh-in make sure that you schedule your weigh in and measurements for Monday or Tuesday morning at the latest. Everyone will have from Tuesday until Tuesday to follow the plan as they choose.  The closer you commit to following the plan the more dramatic your results will be.  Participation level will be totally up to you. Just show up for your workouts and follow the plan.  If you stick with it then you will run an honest 7 day test for yourself.  See what happens to you and your body in 7 days of 100% raw food alkinization.

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Maximize your results by managing the thoughts and words at the same time.  Choose optimistic thoughts and words over the duration of the program.  The final day for weigh in to finish off this competition will be Wednesday evening at 6 pm.  All participants in this competition must arrive for their final weigh-ins to complete the competition by Wednesday October 3rd at 6 pm.  Once all contestants have weighed in we will calculate the results and report them.  The person who loses the greatest percentage of their body weight over the 7 day competition will win 6 weeks free access in our personal training and nutrition program!  Get the start up 7 day Raw Food Nutrition & Shopping List below.  See you live on-line tomorrow night at 8pm to go over all the program details, 7 day food alternatives and total understanding and application of the program.

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