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January 18, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset


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Do you know what’s making you fat?

Do you know what’s keeping you fat?
It’s Control, Comparison, Competition & Judgement.
That’s right…  You know it’s the way that you are responding or reacting to your life more than anything else.  When you’re upset you eat.  When your happy and celebrating you eat.  When you’re angry, frustrated, depressed or pissed off what do you do?
We all do it.  It’s called emotional eating.
So much of how you eat and what you eat is habit, behavior and emotion.
But you know what…  You can correct it!  Conscious eating is just one of the tactics that you can apply to make incredible change in your life.
Self awareness is a huge aspect of making 2019 different for you.  You need to get conscious of yourself.  You need more consciousness or more presence in your life.  We all need to learn how to be more present or “in the moment” in our lives.   Do you want to lose the weight and keep it off for good this time?  You need to change your mind.  You need to change your energy.  The beautiful thing is you can.  You can do it with exercise, nutrition, mindset and behavior modification.
The 7 day Fast is my free Exercise, Nutrition and Coaching program created to help you get the new information you need to start applying in your life.  You need new ideas.  You need a different approach to exercise, nutrition and to the rest of your life!  You need to recreate yourself.
Watch the video message below first.
Make a little mindset action straight away.  You change your mind with new thoughts & words.  You begin to acquire new thought and word by reading new books, or watching new video messages or listening to podcasts, or hiring a coach or talking to new inspiring people.  Somehow we need to get some new ideas and beliefs into your head.
Watch this first:

Now you should have the right mindset!  🙂
Get started with the two link below:

 Get registered Here to choose your level of participation in the 7 day fast now!

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