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Hi Guys,

Welcome to my new Detox and Healing program!

I have just completed my first 30 days of detoxification.  I have been following, studying and applying the work of Dr. Arnold Ehret.   His very organized body of work is clearly documented and outlined.  From his perspective at the beginning of the 1900’s his clinical research as well as other major clinical researchers at the time was really ignored by the medical community.  In his opinion the medical community chose to focus on other theories at the time that were actually incorrect assumptions because that incorrect information was more profitable.

It’s my opinion now after a 30 day detoxification of my own where I lost 15 pounds and almost 3 cm’s from my waist, eliminated my pain, cured my sleep problems that have lasted for over 17 years altered my mood and noticed a marked change in the clarity of my thought and purpose on the planet.

This detox has really been a life changer for me and as a result i feel it necessary to alter the things that I say and do to the best of my abilities.  I feel it is necessary to correct the errors of my past.  I must take responsibility for sharing for years the information about protein requirements.  I have done a 180 degree turn on this topic and I believe it is my responsibility to correct it.  I personally have told 1000’s of people to eat more meat and strive to hit their protein requirements.  This was a mistake of huge proportions.  This is my attempt to get back into alignment with true healing.

Check out this information video below from Dr. Morsey

If this information sharing is inspiring you then I would encourage you to jump into this free 30 day group cleanse opportunity that I am going to do.  This is apart of my healing process.  I need to correct my errors.  I need to share truth. I need to heal myself and I need to help as many people around me as I can to heal and i need to do that for FREE!

Who is this free program for?

  • If you would like to do a 7-30 day detox then let’s do it together!
  • If you would like to lose 7-15 pounds this month.
  • If you would like to overcome your pain.
  • If you would like to experiment with the possibility of healing your chronic disease or at least begin healing it.
  • If you would like to experiment with the possibility of stopping your medications from your doctor and taking a holistic approach to whatever ailment you have.
  • if you are depressed or anxious
  • if you want to start exercising but lack motivation.
  • If you want to take complete control of your health and wellness and future

We will start up next week Monday night August 7th at 7pm.  We will meet on-line.  All those that are interested in doing this detox program with us needs to send me a personal email in the next 7 days.  Email me here: john@hiendfitness.com.

We will start with all of us doing a little content and information sharing on-line next Monday.

I will be providing workouts in the mornings before workout at 630 or 7am.  I will be providing workouts in the evenings on-line at 7pm or 730 pm.  The workouts will be 30 minutes in length.

You will be able to participate fully in the workouts if you have the following equipment at home:

  • Dumbbells- You will need a light pair a medium pair and a heavy pair.  Choose what is appropriate for you.  If you need to discuss what is right for you we can talk over email and arrange a call if further information is required.
  • Swiss-ball- Get the appropriate size for you if you don’t have one.  45cm, 55cm, or 65 cm’s should do.  Ball size is determined by height.  \
  • Medicine balls- 4,6,8 or 10 pound balls will be great
  • Barbell- Great addition to your home gym if you don’t have one.  All the exercises we can do with barbells could be done with dumbbells if you don’t have a barbell.  Barbells allow us to use greater resistance on the body.  Beginners will not need a barbell if they do not have one.
  • Exercise Mat

We will meet for follow up on-line information calls and content over the 30 days period. We will do that Saturday afternoons at 12pm.  If you cannot make it to live calls then they will be recorded and shared with the group.

Everyone will be able to share their experiences and results on our live calls.  We can discuss any questions or provide any additional information or encouragement that’s required.

Please share your experiences good or bad.  Let’s share information to determine the validity of this detox body of work.

I will be available on-line to everyone in the group for nutrition, exercise or mindset coaching encouragement for the 30 day period.  You will be able to direct messages or questions to me through email or Facebook direct message.

I will commit to supporting all group members over the next 30 days.

If you are interested in our free detoxification group.

If you would like to at least gather all the most current detox information that we are sharing please send me a personal email as soon as you can.  I would like to have 10 people committed to this group experience for a minimum of 7 days.  If you like your results as much as I do then you may want to continue cleansing after the 30 days.

I am ready to commit more deeply to my next 30 days along with you all.

Send me a message today if you would like to join our free detox, nutrition, exercise and on-line coaching group!

Message me here:  john@hiendfitness.com

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    Hey John I can be reached at

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    So you know I’m in.

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