4 key aspects of Natural Healing

October 29, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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 There are 4 key aspects to Natural healing. We must restore the natural balance of the body.

To do that we must:

1. Oxygenate
2. Alkalize
3. Maximize Conductivity
4. Mobilize blocked energy

Want to lose weight and keep it off?
Want to get your youthful energy back?
Want to heal pain?

Would you like to overcome sickness illness or disease. Look and feel your very best? Free up your emotional energy and alter your performance in every single aspect of your life?

Throw away your medications. Step beyond your limited thoughts and leap into your abundance.

We have got to get a New Paradigm

See the un-truth’s you have been taught.  There is absolute intention there.  Someone is profiting at the expense of your health.  You have got to get a new paradigm for health and well-being. Make a shift from the current beliefs you maintain about health and well being.  Health is not achieved from outside of the self.  You don’t get your health from your food.  It doesn’t come from vitamins and minerals.  See the inconsistencies in the story you have been told:

We are told if our bodies are lacking in iron (or b-12 or anything else) we are anemic and need iron supplementation.  This is backwards.  The truth is…

“Our bodies are being provided the nutrients, but are not able to absorb due to mucus and fluid, inflammation and toxic waste. We need more detox. Deeper detox. Less food. Proper live raw foods, juices, or extended fasting. Not an overdose of the said deficient nutrient. We need to shift to a pranic nourishment lifestyle. We need to get more nutrition from the rest of our lives and stop trying to get more nutrition from low vibrational synthetic unatural nutritional supplements  or dead over processed foods. A paradigm switch is what we need to heal. We aren’t nourished from outside of ourselves. We are nourished from within.”

Our understanding of health is backwards.  The things we need to do have been vilified.  The things we do are actually the cause of our disease.  Everyone is so mixed up they can’t make sense of the truth anymore.  We have been so mislead for generations.

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