My 25 Top things to do to change your life in 2018!

January 14, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset


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Do you believe that you have the power to change your life? I believe that you do. I believe you can heal or change or fix ANYTHING that is going on in your life!

Is there ANYTHING that you want to change in 2018? Below are my top 25 things that you can do in 2018 to help you lose weight, tone up, change your energy, heal or change ANYTHING that you want to in your life.

I believe you must incorporate a scientific method to your madness and to your success in 2018!

We all come from a different life experience. We have all drawn our own different conclusions about reality. We all have different roadblocks and different limited beliefs.  I believe that we all can adjust our limitations and overcome our own hurdles in our lives.

The list of items below is in no particular order. I do not believe they can be placed in any particular order. We are all individuals. We all need different things and different information or different knowledge to overcome our specific road blocks, hurdles or challenges.

Once we overcome one limitation and peel back another layer of our social mask or life programing we arrive at the next barrier. Each barrier is another limited thought or behaviour that will require something additional or different to move past.

A life of true happiness and fulfillment in my opinion is a life where all limited thoughts are identified and eliminated. The human is thus totally free to experience and interact completely with all of their life in a happy, healthy unlimited way. This achievement likely requires more unlearning then it does learning as we have all been programed through life to exist as consumers, unhappy, overweight and on the verge of disease.

Because we are all at a different place the order of items on my top 25 things list and the value of those items is different for us all. As a result you cannot say one thing is more important or more valuable than another. Each one of us will find different value at different times from any of the below listed skills and practices. I suggest learning and understanding all of these very valuable skills.

The greater your understanding and application the more tools that you have. The more tools you have in your tool chest the more options you have when you become stuck. We all get stuck sometimes. However if you can remain patient, positive and open; If you continue to ask yourself the right questions; all blocks can be and will be overcome.

I don’t know what is blocking you from moving forward in your life although I believe that all road blocks in our life are limited thoughts. Thoughts can always be changed. We ALWAYS need to get some new idea or new information to realize or overcome our own personal limitations. Whether we want to lose weight, raise energy, love ourselves more or heal pain or disease we all need to increase our self awareness. We all need to deepen our understanding of the natural sciences to return back to our most healthy, natural happy selves.

Here are my top 25 things that you can do to overcome, realize, heal or change ANYTHING that you want in 2018. I have personally utilized all of these and would gladly support you using any of them.

Watch for my six week body and life transformation program to be released over the next 7 days.

Of course my NEW YEAR NEW YOU 2018 will include training and encouragement in all the following methods of healing. Learn how and why and when to apply these items best into your life to make 2018 the best year of your life.

1. ‘Ohming’- Sanskrit chanting or Christian singing. Positive lyrical singing. Vibrational or tone therapy. Solfeggio Frequencies.

2. ‘I am’- positive affirmations using the prefix I am.

3. Sun Gazing- holding the sun in your gaze while it’s low in the sky. 5-20 minutes/day. First thing in the morning or at the end of the day.

4.Tantra- utilizing your sexual energy most effectively in your life. Leveraging your passion and utilizing the energy that it offers.

5. Meditation- consciously raising and directing your energy appropriately in your life.

6. Yoga/Flexibility – utilizing postures and stretches and movement to free and elevate your energy.

7. Daily Exercise- consciously lifting and raising your energy. Directing it most effectively into your day and life.

8. Raw Food diet- eating mostly fruits and vegetables. Striving for 80% of your food from fruits. Alkalizing your body through your nutrition or from live unpasteurized fruit and vegetable juices.

9. Loving the self- Forgiving yourself.  Stop blaming yourself.  Being conscious and careful of how you think and speak about yourself.  Arrives from gaining clarity and defining yourself.

10. Herbs- utilizing herbal formulas or real live herbs or cooked or boiled herbs.

11. Distilled water- drinking distilled water as much as possible. Only distilled if possible. Reducing drinking and showering and bathing or being inside of fluoridated water for any length of time. Reducing contact with fluoridated water.

12. Occulomotor exerxises- restore your vision with simple eye exercises. Reduce headaches, neck and shoulder pain or eye strain.

13. Reduce your medications to a minimum. Eliminate where possible. I am not a doctor. This is my opinion. You are entitled to your opinions as I am to mine.

14. Grounding- getting your bare feet into contact with the earth daily.

15. Journaling- especially helpful when struggling with a pain or challenge. I refer to this as ‘mind dumping. Great for immediate relief.

16. Reading- positive literature. success/motivation

17. Utube- watching world thought leaders and top coaches.

18. Being Present- conscious breathing.  Coming to the moment.

19. Practicing Gratitude- Seeing the goodness, value and gits of all things in your life. Developing an attitude of gratitude.

20. Non Judgement/Non Control/Forgiveness of self and others

21. Fasting- dry and hydrated. You are a self healing organism. Your body can heal itself. Healing occurs when you bring your body to stillness. Healing happens when you return to natural. It requires you to remove all obstructions. Removeall of all things that take you away from your most natural most still space is necessary. All agitations need to leave the body in order to heal. Fasting is arguably the most restorative tool in your tool chest.

22. Goal Setting- Having clear vision of what you would like to see in all 6 key aspects of your life: Personal/Health, Relationships, Career/Finances, Adventure, Contribution, Spirituality.

23. Surender- Although the power to create change is within you CANNOT force something into existence. Stop trying to micro manage your life. Follow your bliss and ALLOW your desire to manifest into existence.

24. Having a professional coach who walks the walk to help you stay motivated, moving forward and hold you accountable is priceless. We all need to invest in ourselves to move forward.

25. Duality- See the world as it truly is. Aknowledge and accept our reality. We live in a world of duality not a world of good and bad. When we can learn and accept this completely we are free to enjoy all.

Get my 6 weeks to success in 2018 to learn how to apply my top 25 things into your life most effectively.  Draw a line in the sand.  This year you can decide to make a change!

Does this list inspire or empower you? Would you like to learn or develop any of these skills? Send me a personal message if you would like to discuss any of these. Watch for my SIX WEEKS TO SUCCESS 2018 program to be released in the next 14 days.

I selected the video below that I thought could inspire anyone. Anyone that was looking for inspiration. I selected a video that anyone could relate to so no matter what your background, sex, race or culture you could find commonality. Even though inspiration has no cultural or sexual boundaries. Inspiration is boundless because it comes from within.

Watch the video below and take some forward action with my top 25 things you can do to change your life in 2018.

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