Natural Healing is No Cake Walk

February 4, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Natural Healing Means Standing Up To The Pain & Discomfort…

Raw Food Healing is a new mindset!

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The natural healing process is no cake walk. There is a reason why it is the road less traveled. It is a path that is covered by brush and debris and the way is marked by thorny bushes and treacherous obstacles.

Nevertheless those called to this way are given no alternatives. This is a calling that must be observed. It is a calling that gives glimpses of light and a promise of peacefulness and prosperity.

The lights are sign posts that keep us moving forward. The challenges are real. Temptations abound. Pain is actually your friend and you must learn how to accept her.

As the body comes back to alkaline it begins to rest. Acids agitate the mind and body. Creating digestive stillness allows the body to focus all energy reserves upon healing and the body responds rapidly. Healing happens and along with it there are aches, pains and discomfort.

Today i hit the wall of toxicity hard. My throat was so sore i could not drink water this afternoon. I threw in the towel on my fast and had a fruit meal. 4 pears some dates and figs and a 2 banana smoothie with a cup of frozen berries. My sore throat went away.

I have some toxicity trapped in my head, neck, and shoulders. It has always caused soreness, tightness and a lack of mobility. My shoulders and hips have always been a site for pain. As uncomfortable as pain is that has also been my biggest guide.

I have always found a release and a reduction in my bodies pain when i step forward in the right direction. That release can come as liberation from physical or emotional pain. Yesterday the pain in my neck got acute. A burning. I could “innerstand” that some healing was going on.

I felt like trapped hardened mucous the first level of defense of our bodies was making its way out of my head and shoulders and collecting in this new destination in my neck. When things became too unpleasant i pulled the plug on my fast. I thought it was better to listen to my body.

I am not pleased about taking a fruit break in my fast however I am re-motivated to continue. I will now continue for an extra day to try to make amends. I will push through for 5 days next week. I will challenge myself to fast through Friday evening at home with my family. Temptation alley ahead.

The body heals quickly and naturally when you take away the food. This is not for everyone. This walk is a choice and must be developed with care and patience. Unfooding is a lifestyle that offers glorious gifts and salty lessons. This is the way we grow. Its not a life of luxury. It is a life of progress

Check out my day 4 podcast message at the link below. i was a little physically lethargic however very clear of mind. I am already wanting to return. I will see what i can do with the next 48 hrs. I am recommitting now to emptiness until Saturday afternoon from Thursday.

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