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Get Ready to Expand Yourself…

Natural health is growth.  Natural health is an evolution.  It is an expansion of yourself.  It is a rise in your frequency that is experienced through a series of daily practices.  You can return to your very best with a new natural balance of the 3 natural variables of health.


We need to stimulate the body daily to create healthy natural change.

Natural health is a change of mind more than anything else. We need to change the way we think about exercise to heal ourselves naturally. Get away from working out. We need to start “working in.” “Working in” is getting conscious with our workouts It’s strength and length in your body It is not a breaking down of your body It is a stimulation of your body Be present while you exercise Exercise most days of the week Minimum movement requirement is 30 minutes 4x’s per week Try to get outside and go for a walk 30-60 minutes each day Can you get outside for a walk in the morning and afternoon for 30 minutes? Get your body going with conscious movement Be conscious of your breaths Be conscious of your thoughts and words Visualization or Affirmation are awesome to do at this time Goal setting or Gratitude at this time can also be stimulating Take physical actions with thoughts, words and movement as frequently as you can over the next 10 days Join into to our on-line workouts Wednesday at 12 pm Thursday morning at 7 am Friday afternoon at 430 pm

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Natural healthy Nutrition has 2 parts to it. Natural healthy nutrition is a process of Fasting and Feasting. I like to call that process “UN-Fooding” because as you move through this process your body slowly lets’s go of food. This is what needs to happen. We need to learn to overcome our food programming. This can happen. As you move through the process you will overcome your food addictions. Practice fasting daily 14-16 hrs each day. Practice an extended fast 1-3 days each week Eat Live Raw Foods during eating times Relax your food on the weekend Allow your favorite food treats Get back on track on Monday morning Do your most aggressive fast each week Monday-Wednesday Recommit yourself to your best, again and again, each week You will expand daily Your frequency will grow daily Each week you expand in vibration Your health will improve in all ways as you grow in frequency

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Get the natural health mindset at the following link resources:

John Interview with Dr. Reece June 2020

John Presenting @ The World Pranic Festival 2020

We need to use different thoughts and words than the ones we have to create an alternative life experience than the one we have.  New ideas have to come from somewhere else.  We need to get new ideas to create a new outcome in our lives.  Get new ideas from daily emails and video messages.  Allow your mind to be reprogrammed with some new ideas from this program.  Take the time to look at the daily content.  Listen and watch the video messages that you can.  You do not need to be perfect.  You need to be diligent and practice new ideas most of the time.  Try to choose a minimum of 4 days of daily practice.  Change is a result of daily practice.  It is a rehearsal that reprograms the subconscious mind to create success.

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Hello Boys and Girls,
Please start your engines.  Today is the beginning of the Quarantine Kick-Start.  For the next 10-days I am encouraging you to get back on track with your exercise, nutrition, and your mindset work.
If you want to lose weight, or tone up or get your body back it’s time to take some action.
If you want to reduce your pain, raise your energy and feel better about yourself and your life it’s time to get back on track.
By exercising and eating healthy for the next 10-days your body will alkalize and your frequency will rise and your body and mind will be ready and able to process more lifeforce energy.  When you take daily actions to raise your frequency the result will be an expansion of you and everything in your life will get better.
Did you hear my promise?
Want to make more money?  Want to cuddle more with your husband?  Just follow as close as you can to our natural healing system and see for yourself.  I know you’ve heard the message of natural health before.  I know you would not be hear if you were not considering making a shift towards high-vibration foods and a lifestyle built with love.
These things are not just empty promises.  I am here to tell you that these things are possible for you….  but only if you believe.  The only way healing or changing forever is possible is if you change your mind.  You must elevate your frequency and increase your capacity to understand.  By preparing your body you will understand what I am trying to say.
The unfortunate reality of Natural Health is that you cannot know or find the way until the body and mind are prepared.  There must be a preparation period.  While a human is trapped in the addiction they cannot see.  Just like the cigarette smoker believes that they need the next cigarette the cooked and processed food eater the coffee and wine drinker will justify their own habits.
No judgement here.  I was an anabolic steroid user, a coffee addict, i was dependent on antacids, anti-inflammatories, I had candida, yeast, parasites, medicated insomnia and a body and life filled with pain.  After my second bankrupcy and a broken family relationship I was able to restore my health, my wealth and my joy by creating a new natural balance in my life.  Now I teach all of my clients how to do the same things in their own lives naturally.
I encourage you to apply the information and experience that myself and Dr. Areli have designed for you inside this program.  I want to call you to take some new actions in your life right now.  We have all been locked down, frightened, confused and broken by our reality over the past 12 weeks.  I say make some lemonade right now.  Take the circumstances you have been given and use them to your advantage now.
Use this free trial opportunity for you to get back on track and to make a real life decision about the natural health lifestyle.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Test it for yourself.  Follow the system laid out for you here over the next 10-days.  After your very best try then you can decide if you can feel the subtle differences.  Natural health isn’t like going to the doctor and getting a pill.
It is a very gentle progressive healing.  It happens every single day.  A little bit of expansion will happen if you practice physical and emotional actions daily.  Stack multiple positive actions on top of one another as much as you can for the duration of this program and you will see for yourself what is truly possible.  You are the power in your life.  You are the creator of your life.  Take back your power now.  Create the life of your dreams with the information enclosed in this program.
See the schedule of events in the Quarantine Kick-Start below.  All the events will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube.  All events will arrive in your inbox within 24 hrs.  If you can attend live events we encourage you to do so.  If you really want our help to change your life then you will try your best.  We are here to support and facilitate your return to health.  Please use us.  We are passionate about natural health and we are committed to service.
See the schedule of events attached to this email.  See the schedule in the image above.  See the Program Events Outline Below: