The 10 Commandments of Health, Wealth & Well-being for 2020

January 15, 2020 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

#1 The Force

There is only 1 creative force. Every single soul has access to it at all times. It flows freely through you, around you and within you. Each one has equal access an opportunity to that steadfast love and continuous light. The origins of the light are the cosmos. To the cosmos all is returning. This is lifeforce energy. You are an electromagnetic being. Not only physical but also mental and meta-physical. Your meta-physical bit may be referred to going forward as the either, the spirit, the stillness, the center or the quiet space. There cannot be 1 name for an infinite, omnipotent and omnipresent source of constant consistent unconditional love.

#2 Personal Responsibility

The creative force or lifeforce energy is directed by you and only you in your life. You alone are the creator in your life. Only you alone can empower anyone or anything over you. You must take full ownership of your creation and full responsibility if you wish to create alternatively with the same constant force of which you yourself are comprised of. There is no one to blame for ANYTHING that is going on in your life. ALL in your life is a result of your conscious or unconscious choices that manifest into physical reality as habits, behaviours, addictions and actions. ALL in your life is a result of what you have chosen to focus on. None of it has anything to do with what you choose to focus on going forward. The future unmanifest is always a result of your choices in the moments prior.

#3. The mechanism of Choice

We create our life by our choices. Life is created by our thoughts, our words and our actions. It has been and will always be so. Thoughts and words begat feelings which inspire actions, habits and behavior of all kind. Feelings are emotional responses to circumstances in which the being finds themselves. Feelings are vibrations. The frequency of the being can always be felt when attention is clear. Health, wealth, prosperity, love, joy, peace, liberty and fullfillment are all feeling and emotions of highest frequency. Ideas, beliefs, thoughts, words and actions towards self, others and environment will alter your frequency and affect your stimulus and response from your reality. Each soul is responsible for his life only by the frequency to which he chooses to polarize himself toward in any given moment. The being is responsible for manifesting their own reality by choosing their thoughts words and actions. By speaking his thoughts outwardly in his life and feeling that vibration within the body the being literally feels their life into their reality.

#4 The Mental Practice

Get a clear picture of what it is you wish to manifest in your life. You are, your life is what you choose to focus upon most. A life of peace, joy, love, liberty and fullfillment requires attention to all aspects of yourself. The being will remain unfull-filled so long as he leaves out an aspect of themselves. What is not loved and acknowledged will shrivel and die. This is the law. What you focus on most you love. What steals you attention is your love. Weather you are conscious or unconscious to which you are attending your creative force power is constant and consistently a powerfully loving creative force or powerfully and equally destructive if used in shadow. A completely transparent and fully exposed life force is a brilliant white light being. Clearly defined within mind who and what they wish to be. Full-fillment is an alignment of your thought, word and action with your goals in each and every moment. Get crystal clear of your intentions in the 5 core aspects of you. Personal goals, Relationship goals, Financial goals, Future adventure goals and Reciprocity goals. What are your intentions to create balance in your life? Love is giving and receiving in your life. Love is required forself first. Then and only then can it be given to your brother as yourself. Every morning and every night you need to come to the vision of your life. The emotional response that your passion or your dream creates in your life is your greatest joy. Your highest frequency, your greatest health, wealth and ultimate human experience.

#5. Perception is Power

There is only 1 force arising from 1 place or single pointedness. The unmanifest became manifest through separation. The separation allowed the dark unmanifest to become two. Duality began the 3d reality. ALL within the Space Time continuum are in manifest. ALL manifested 3 dimensional shapes, ideas, concepts, beliefs, forces, energies, feelings, things, beings, entities are subject to the reality of duality. The original force of pure unmanifest unconditional love separated to create the two points. Two aspects of Time Space. Sun and Earth. The two forces Masculine and Feminine are in reality 1 and the same collective reality. They are at the same time 1 and 2. The same and seperate. A mathematical impossibility without the other. Inseparable yet apart. Exactly the same in magnitude however 100% different in degree. The earth and the sun cohabitate together in union imposible to exist apart an cohabitating in a personal yet completely codependent relationship. The power of our world is a constant and consistent white light that shines light over our world and provides lifeforce energy for ALL things in manifest 3 dimensional reality as a frequency.

#6 Visualize it into Your Reality

The foundation of mental restructuring is a meditation. A fine tuning of the being. A self management, self healing, manifesting power or personal magic. A jeudi is able to utilize the force to transmute, heal or transform anything that he may wish. This is done with the conscious act of practice of meditation. Self awareness is stepping into your consciousness more often. Meeting more of your life with your greatest expression. Your spirit body is always well. Your highest frequency will always bring your greatest joy and inspire the most pleasing emotion within yourself. The mind is always still when in the throws of climax. Time spent in the thought-less state is magical choice that each soul has the power to choose and develop. First in the morning and again at the end of the day. The being is suited best by giving themselves to themselves as often as they can. This skill is cultivated best inside and empty being. When empty of solid food the being is most filled with light awareness

#7 The Power is always Now

All things in manifest reality are a frequency or a vibration. Your dreams unmanifest are a frequency and vibration. To bring them from unmanifest into 3 dimensional reality will take your focus. Through your attention you create your reality through your intentions. What you focus on grows in frequency or vibration. Unconditional love is what you are. What we all are. It is our greatest health, wealth, prosperity of all kind. This consciousness can become your growing personal awareness. What you attend to will grow. If you intend to grow your self awareness you can. Seek and you may find your best expression. You are love. Love is giving and receiving. At christmas you receive and you give. It is both. Love keeps no score. There is no good or bad love. The 3 dimensional expression of reality is dual. The ultimate expression of reality is singularity. Every circumstance is a choice. A perception. A stimulus and a response. Each being is always free to choose in every moment. As you give in each moment to and receive from your life. This is done in each moment through the intention and manifest into 3 dimensional truth through the breath. Gain greater consciousness of each and every single breath. Choose again in each moment separated only by breaths. Choose life or death, love or pain, comfort or discomfort. Sing in the rain.

#8 The Three Touch Points

There are 3 habits, behaviours actions that you can incorporate into your life in 2020 to influence your frequency, vibration and healing the most. You as an individual this year can maximize your influence in your life most effectively by engaging in these three habits most often. I like to break my year down into week by week segments that can be separated most completely to each moment divided only by breaths.

1) Conscious Exercise (Not overtaxing the body, attention to breath, focus, attention & balance. A minimum commitment to 4 x 30 minutes conscious exercise every 7 days. Full body Strength, flexibility, co-ordination, balance, range of motion, core strength & improved self awareness and intention.

2) Conscious Nutrition (choosing foods of higher frequency and vibration). You do not need to be perfect with your food. Only strive to have more perfect days then imperfect. I encourage all of my clients to maintain a mostly perfect nutrition from Monday morning until Friday afternoon.

3) Mindset (Thoughts, words specifically interaction with new thoughts & new words). New ideas and thoughts from the greatest thinkers on our planet will be provided to you daily. Everyone is always free to choose. Choose to open yourself to new ideas or remain closed and continue things exactly as they are.

#9 Heal the Imbalance Within

Life is both masculine and feminine. You cannot enter the manifested reality without both the masculine and the feminine. Everyone in 3 dimensional reality has a mother and father. There is no other way to be here. You have the love of both your mother and father within you. You must mend the opposition of your mother and father within you. You must reconcile the two bit of you. Each one must reunite the two polarities within the self. Loving you is bringing both your bits together within you. ALL manifests into 3 dimensional reality the same way. First in mind. Then inside the physical being themselves and then outwardly in the life around you. As within so without. As above in mind so below in body. The frequency of your physical body is your lowest most dense frequency and the frequency of your spirit is your highest vibration. Your mind is in between. The mind holds you separated from the spirit force within you. mend the separation within the mind to allow body and spirit to unite again as one expression of your light. Singularity is the greatest realization. You are neither man nor woman good or bad. You are both. Pure white light and unconditional love.

#10 Accountability & Coaching

Life always has a rhythm. Life has a pulse. The mother earth has a heartbeat or rhythmical vibration. Your life has a hearbeat or vibrational impulse to it. You can reset your frequency. You can come into alignment with the pulse of your mother earth. Your frequency will shift and pulse it is the law. Your energy and power will shift to and from opposing poles from feminine to masculine from courage to fear. You always have a choice to make in each moment. Sometime you will fall. We all need to keep good people around us who help to lift us up. People around us who help up to keep the thoughts clear and right. People who support us when we fall and inspire us forward. We change our lives by first thinking it and then saying it and sharing it with someone else that we trust. Someone who has unconditional love and support for us. This is the coaching model that allows and facilitates change. Tell someone you trust your goal. Speak your dream into your life. Feel you life into your reality with your clear goals spoken over your life to someone in your life.

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