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15 Nov

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The time to reprogram our mind is first thing in the morning or at the end of our day before we go to sleep. At these times the brain waves are slower. At these times we can be more aware of our moment to moment thoughts. In the busy, agitated mind of daytime the thoughts come and go too rapidly for us to see them and reevaluate them.

Our lives are the result of what we are thinking saying and doing. The things we say and do originate in mind. Thought is the trigger that starts up all of the emotional responses we feel in our bodies. Thoughts are the creators of our experience and our physical reality.

Most of the thoughts that we think are the same ones we thought the day before. Less than 10% of the thoughts we think at any moment are new or independently chosen. Almost all of them happen from a subconscious program. The human mind has been programmed since birth to respond in a way that blocks them from achieving their greatest expression.

The human is predictable. He will always, without exception move away from pain and towards pleasure or comfort. Knowing this the elites have been able to capture 99% of the planet in a system of thought training and programming that is governed by laws and instituted by parents and teachers in schools and supported through television screens, computers and mobile devices.

All of these ideas we are taught are supported with broken science and religion and fear and trauma that the child runs from for their entire lives. Each one of us has so many hidden thoughts they don’t want to think of let alone express with their voice. We surpress our most fearful thoughts deep in our minds. We keep our tramatic thoughts and feelings trapped this way.

None of us want to think or speak about the shadow energy and circumstances. It’s scary. It doesn’t feel good. It’s uncomfortable. We would rather manage it with with avoidance or medicate it with food, substance or shopping. Happiness is something we buy, drink, do or get from the outside. This is the message we have been taught.

We were good when we got good grades or when we did what our parents wanted. We were never told happiness was within however none of our teachers new how to achieve that for themselves. Although it was said to us we witnessed something different all around us. The world showed us that happiness was money and cars and homes on the right streets. Nice vacations, decadent meals and sexual encounters is what we see.

Happiness is fame, power and the admiration of our partner or ou children or our friends. The world teaches us to get our happiness from the outside. We have all heard the truth yet no one knows how to find the alusive joy that is within. We must break the broken paradigms of thought we have learned to step away from this matrix of thought.

All of our experiences are in our minds. Our traumatic thoughts are hidden away. Their associated feelings are equally hidden in the cells of our bodies. Shadow emotions are as deeply burried in our cellular structure as the thoughts are buried within our minds. These low frequency bits of us must be released in order for our bodies and lives to be upgraded.

Shadow emotions bury themselves inside physical traumas in our bodies. Shadow emotions will hide out in our injuries. Sites if accepted pain are the perfect home for shadow emotions. We think we are in pain because of past injury however shadow emotions are at the root of our chronic prolonged pain.

Our resistance to this idea blocks us from finding, exploring, releasing, resolving and healing our bodies and lives. Complete healing is a reconciliation of whole self. An embrace of the shadow. Begin with the end in mind. We are love. We need to love our shadow emotions to raise their frequency and raise our beings overall frequency.

We all get what we give all of the time. We get the vibrational match of what we put out into our lives. To change our outcomes or our health we need to lift up our energetic footprint.

Each one of us is body, mind and spirit. Each one of us has a physical. mental and spiritual aspect to ourselves. The spirit body is always well. It is always of highest energy and frequency. The spirit body is consistent love and light. With the right awareness we can always access the greatest aspects of ourselves.

In the still mind of morning or just before bed we can be with our thoughts. We can sit with our old thoughts and memories and we can reevaluate them. This must happen for us to be set free. To elevate our life force energy we need to think differently about the ideas and beliefs we hold. We need to see the power that we have within the self.

If we believe that something outside of us is more powerful than we are then we give away our power. If we believe that we need something from someone to be whole then we have empowered that thing or that person over us. We need to see our limited beliefs and explore them and decide if we want to keep them. Things we learned and accepted at an earlier moment in our lives do not need to hold us anymore. All is a choice.

We can choose to change our mind. Our perspective or opinion can change if we choose. We can re explore our old ideas. We can choose to think differently about those past situations now. When we allow the thoughts to come up and be changed the associated emotions will come up to be released also. This is done best in the stillness of the meditative mind.

The meditative mind is almost inactive. This is the time that our physical body our mental body and our spirit body are in uniform relationship. This is whole self integration. This is loving the self. This is being with the self. This is being with the spirit. The spirit is constantly, consistent white light. The spirit is always love.

Our definition of love is a broken idea. Love isn’t something we get from outside. Love is something that we do or get from connecting to the love within. Meeting more of our lives with a still quiet mind is being who and what we are more often. This is meeting my life with my wholeness. This is showing up lovingly in my life. This is loving myself, my relationships and my life.

Learning to be in the lowest brainwave or thought activity is leaving the paradigms of thought and being more of our essence. Showing up with your partner as your spirit is loving you and your partner. Love is not sex. The feelings of love will be found by practicing them. By imagining them. By creating them inside your minds eye. You must intend them into your life.

Seek and you will find. Look for them inside not out. Don’t continue to do as you have done. Don’t follow the crowd around you. They are all doing what they learned from the same broken system that was built to hold each one of us in a broken matrix of thought. You have the power to break this. It lies in your creative mind.

With the will of your spirit and the devine feminine energy within your spirit you can create your dream in your mind. Choose it with your masculine force and picture it with your creative feminine spirit energy. Marry these two spiritual forces in your life. In the quiet mind. In the meditative space you can do this. Each one of us can do this.

This is the magic power of the human. The power to choose a different result in our lives is our power. We can choose to think and focus on different things. We can release the fear and low energy vibrational thoughts and hidden emotions from our body. Shadow work is uncomfortable at the start however we can learn to embrace it as it is the solution to creating change in our lives.

Recognize this low frequency energy must be reexamined and removed from our life. See it as an opportunity. Find the gift that is being given in each moment. The energy of 3d reality is always love. The upper force is constant white light. We must reconcile this paradox. rather than maintaining the victim state.

The victim is powerless. Our minds are programmed to believe we are unlucky. Thus is a broken idea we need to let go of. There is no luck. There is no force outside of creation. if we choose to express our full power we must release these old broken belief systems.

The whole integration of human power is our highest force. The merger of light and dark within will elevate us. The mariage of the masculine and feminine energy inside us will upgrade our frequency to the level of our source. We can all learn to do this inside the quiet mind. Empty the body and allow the body to perform its natural magic.

Your body knows how to do this if you get out of the way. Detoxification of body and mind will maximize your human potential and realign your being with the monad. Reuniting you with the one. The fully awakened soul is in constant contact with source. When you become an open channel the need for food, sex, substance or acceptance is gone. You are able to sustain all from within. This can happen.

This is a choice. You must seek it. You must intend it. Meditation is the foundation. It happens only in the quiet mind. This is being with the self. This creating a relationship with the self. This is loving the self.