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Over the past 30 years I have been helping people transform their bodies and lives I have learned a few things that I now believe to be absolute consistent facts about the human condition.  Each person is an individual.  Each person has their own unique problems, situations and circumstances in their lives.  Each person needs different things in order to heal or change their lives.  After realizing and reflecting on all these facts I do believe without a doubt that each one of us creates our own reality.  It’s my opinion that we live in a world of cause and effect.  I do not believe in “Luck.”  I believe that luck is a word we use to explain a cause or a force we do not yet know of or understand.  It is my opinion that each of us creates our own reality.  I believe that the reality that each of us chooses to create is our own choice.  Each one of us is free to choose to create any reality that they choose.  I believe this decision to create as we choose is the thing that makes us all unique and the special thing that separates us from all the other animals on this planet.

The power to choose is our human right.  You are entitled to choose and decide to do whatever you like with your life.  It’s my opinion that each one of us creates our own life experience from the thoughts, the words and the actions that each one of us makes.  Each one of us creates our own lives consciously or unconsciously this way.  Unfortunately for most of us a great deal of what we do is unconscious.  From my research and 30 years of observation I believe that most of the actions we make or choose are simply programmed responses.  I would estimate that at best most of us are only 1-5% fully conscious and aware of what we are thinking, saying and doing at any given moment.  Most of the things we think, say and do are just natural normal responses to the things that are In front of us.  This means that most of us are creating almost all our lives unconsciously.  This is the reason why things are happening to us in our lives that we do not want.  Therefore most of us are living the lives of victims of circumstance. I believe that in order to change our lives we must decide to get more conscious of our thoughts, our words and our actions.

It’s my belief that each one of us has the power within us to change anything that we wish.  As the creators of our lives we each have the power to choose to change directions whenever we want to.  Now I am not saying that it is easy, but I am saying it is possible.  At the root of change is an understanding of the forces of nature and how they affect us in our lives and how they affect us in our minds.  It is the mind that creates the thoughts, that creates the words that creates the habits and behaviors that rule our lives.  I know that I cannot make anyone change their mind.  I know that I can only assist those that wish to make a change in their minds or lives.  That is your choice.  If you wish to make a change, I am grateful to have an opportunity to help you do it.

If you are ready to make that decision and commit to that choice of change then I can sum it up for you very quickly.  The method is simple.  You need to become more aware of what you are doing and how you are doing it.  You need to gain greater awareness of yourself.  You need to take more control and management of your thoughts.  You need to reprogram your subconscious mind to begin to find the peace, joy, love, freedom and abundance that is your birthright.  The task is simple.  Assume greater awareness of your thoughts, words and actions and align them completely with your deepest passions and desires within.  As simple as the task is, as you move through this program over the next 6 weeks you will surely realize how challenging it is to override your subconscious programs and alter your reality.

This is not an easy thing to do.  It takes diligent mental effort.  It begins with a decision.  As an individual you must decide to commit.  I cannot do that part for you.  Only you can do that.  You must decide that you want to make a change in your reality.  You must take responsibility for what you have created to this point.  Even though it was likely unconsciously.  You must decide to begin to get more conscious about what you are creating.  You must choose what you wish to create most appropriately going forward.  All these aspects of this program are choices that you must make in order to be truly successful as you move though.

This resource is being assemble for you as a quick resource for you to get whatever you like in one place.  For me although each of us is unique I do believe that whatever our issues are they can be solved by addressing 4 aspects of ourselves.  It is my belief that if we properly address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves that ALL things can be healed and restored to greatest health.  I do not believe in Old Age & Metabolic Slow down & Genetics & Pain & Disease.  I believe that all things are only messages to us from our source.  I believe that all things that are happening to us are neither good nor bad.  That all of them are simple messages from creation.  It is my belief that our creator is 100% consistent and that the energy that it provides to us is always consistent love.

I believe that if the message hurts it only does so in a loving way for you to take assertive action now to correct your course.  If the message you are receiving hurts it only does because you ignored the gentler nudges that came your way prior.  I can share that from my experience that all the painful issues you receive can be correct.  Whether they are physical pain, emotional pain, psychological pain or spiritual pain.  All pains of all types have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual roots.  All things do as we are being of all 4 of these same categories.

Inside this 6-week program I will be bombarding you with content and information.  I understand that you likely will not be able to get through it all.  At the same time, it is my opinion that we are so manipulated by all of the messages that we receive from society that we need to get as much alternative messages as we can.  As we are creatures of habit and behavior, we need to change our habits and behaviors to change our lives.  Thoughts and words create habits and behaviors so each of us needs to choose to listen to or absorb new thoughts and words if we wish to change our lives.

Again, I cannot make you change your mind.  You must accept that a change of mind is what is required.  Only you can do the work that is necessary to gather new thought.  Only you can accept new ideas into your life.

How do you receive new thoughts and words in your life?  What is your growth strategy?  How are you growing on a regular basis?  This is the problem…  Most of us do not have a growth strategy.  Most of us are not taking in new content and information daily.  Most of us are just rehearsing the same old thoughts and ideas day in and day out and unconsciously creating our lives.

This program is your opportunity.  It is your way to make a change in your life.  I believe that you are here for a reason.  I believe that I have a responsibility to share with you the truth.  I believe it is my responsibility to provide you with the alternative ideas that you need to hear for you to lose your weight and keep it off for good.  Inside this program you will get daily emails from me.  I encourage you to view my daily Facebook posts.  Follow me on Facebook here now!  And  Like my page on Facebook here now! As I prepare myself daily, I encourage you to begin to prepare yourself daily.  Read the emails to get yourself into the right frame of mind.  Watch the videos that you get whenever you can make the time to set yourself up for success.  Get the right thoughts that will create the right energy inside of your minds, body and life.

You can lose your weight.  You can tone up.  You can get your body back and heal your pain.  All sickness, illness, disease, weight gain is the same at it roots.  All sadness, sorrow, anger and frustration is also the same.  All of it is low vibration thought.  With the right movement to elevate our energy, the right foods to elevate our energy, the right thoughts to elevate our energy and the introduction of a daily meditation or self awareness time to reflect and to visualize our greatest desires we possess the power to change anything that we wish.

Inside this resource I have collected and assembled some of the world’s greatest minds on healing, nutrition, exercise, energy, thought, habit, behavior and spirit.  I will break it all out for you into 4 segments so that you can quickly find anything you wish whenever you wish.  After watching something that stimulates you to think or ask more questions, I encourage you to take your query into deeper research or for you to reach out to me by email if you wish to discuss anything further.  I am always available to support you as you move through this program.  Please email me personally here if you wish:

Healing our lives is not complicated.  It is a matter of frequency and vibration.  Health is within us.  Joy Vitality, Love and Health are our highest vibration.  We simply need to remove the obstructions that we have brought into our lives that are blocking us from receiving the constant unconditional love that is being poured down upon us in each moment.

Key Note Introduction To Perfect Health


You are Body.  You are Mind.  You are Spirit.  You cannot leave out an aspect of yourself and expect to be balanced.  You must give time and focus and attention to all aspects of yourself.  You must interact with opposing poles of yourself in different ways.  Your body needs movement and nutrition.  Your ideas regarding nutrition have been so drastically influenced by marketing and chemical addictions. Your Mind requires a different form of stimulation.  While exercise certainly have an influence in hormonal responses inside the brain the mind itself requires more work than just detoxification to begin to act on command rather than react as it does to our lives. Returning your health to it’s very best requires you to purify your body, mind, emotion and spend quality time with your spirit.  The Body, Mind & Emotion hit the pavement in Meditation.  This is the union of Body, Mind and Spirit.  This is the time when your deepest root passions can be elevated to the space of peaceful ecstasy!


We are a product of our most predominant thoughts.  What we focus on grows.  We have been taught nutrition since Grade 1.  Our 3d reality has taught us what was most advantageous to a small few at the expense of our own health.  Profits make our world go around.  Each one of us wants to make a dollar and as a result we all play a role in the state of affairs we are in with our weight and our health.  The truth is that no one is ever going to give us everything that we need.  Each one of us has to make our greatest self interests our number one concern.  Learning to really love yourself really means coming to the truth.  Who are you?  I hope this program will teach you.  Losing the weight for the rest of your life means unlearning more than it does learning.  Get the true nutritional messages you need to hear and apply in your life at whichever rate you wish.  Each one of us is in a different place.  We all have different needs and preferences.  I provide many alternatives with regards to nutrition.  I am always here to support you or your questions.  Losing the weight, healing or changing anything in your life is simply called Detoxification.


I am Body, Mind & Spirit.  We all are.  The 3rd dimension is governed by natural laws.  Wherever you are or whoever you are if you step from a plane you will most certainly fall down.  This is the law.  The laws of gravity are just as real in the physical plane as they are on the mental plane or the spiritual plane.  Each plane originates in spirit.  ALL is Spirit.  The spiritual plane is no different in any way from the physical plane.  As above, so below.  The planes are mirror images.  Exactly the same.  Only different in degree.  The physical plane is your body.  We associate our mind with our brain.  Where is your spirit located?  Some say the heart.  Some say just below the belly button.  Others may say the spirit side of you exists outside of the mind.  Consequently you could never find it within your mind.  This idea requires your mind to be contemplated.  You can’t find your spirit without your mind.  You must find the mindset pathway out of the Matrix.  You have the power.  It is a choice.  It is a decision.  You can change your life.  You must change your mind.  The mind has the power.  The mind holds the keys.  Our universe is mental.  It exists within the mind of God.  How did you get here?  The only way to enter our body or our world is by two coming together.  Both are necessary.  It is the law.  We live in a universe of Yin and Yan not Yin or Yang.  Nobody is here without a mother and a father.  One is not good and the other bad.  They are mirror opposites.  Equal in opposite ways differing only in degree.  All obey the law in the 3 dimensional space.  You can learn the laws.  You can come into harmony with the law.  You can use the physical realities of gravity to your advantage if you know how to use the lower laws as a lever to catapult you forward.


What is the spirit?  Where is it?  The spirit is energy.  The spirit is frequency.  The spirit is the consciousness.  The spirit is the magic.  It is the light.  The spirit is love.  If mom and dad were making love and you arrived here then what are you?  I am happy.  Happiness is within. The spirit has no worries.  The spirit has no fear.  The spirit is in everything.  Everything is the spirit.  People argue whether the spirit is real.  Quantum physics know the truth.  Spirit is the foundation.  The fundamental aspect of our universe is the field.  The spirit is the architect.  You are using it in your life randomly now.  You need to learn to sharpen your saw.  You can become a master.  A master of being.  A lover of self.  The spirit is light.  A laser beam or a florescent bulb.  What do you choose.  It is all your choice.  If you live your life from your essence you will never have to work again.  Your life will become your masterpiece.  Get yourself into alignment.  Bring forward your passion.  Your most personal vision.  What do you love?  What do you want most of all?  Bring it to the spirit.  Bring the vibration of your most personal vision into the space.  The space between thoughts.  This is your love.  This is the idea you love the most.  This is your dream.  This is lifestyle design.  Be an architect or a sculptor of your