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07 Apr

Burlington Personal Trainer Says Weight loss is a Natural result of shifting into a Healthy Lifestyle

Unfooding is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. Step one is a shift towards less meats, dairy and cooked foods A change of mindset is necessary. Conscious intention is mandatory. You must move from cooked processed foods to live high vibration foods.

Allow time for thus to happen slowly. Its a process of feeding and fasting. it is a process of lengthening your fast times. It happens naturally as you shift towards more high energy high nutrition foods.

As you shift into this direction your energy and awareness will rise and all things in your body and life will heal or change. Distilled water detoxification (dwd) & unfooding can help you heal and change all things in your life.

All high energy foods are alive. They contain enzymes and sunlight energy. Eating live foods brings life into your body. Raw and alive fruits and vegetables get their energy from the sunlight. They have a higher vibration. More current electricity inside of them. The contain enzymes, vitamins and fiver to help your body eliminate toxic elements and build up.

They contain the most natural distilled water. We must return our body and life to what is most natural to lose the weight, heal the pain and overcome the disease and trauma in our lives. Distilled water is natural. Rain water is distilled naturally by nature. Distilled waters carry an electric current. A charge that helps the body eliminate the toxic elements and obstructions.

Weight loss and healing is natural. Just restore what is most natural and watch it happen naturally. Total life healing is physical detoxification, a mental change of understanding, an overcoming of emotional blocks and a removal of spiritual dark forces from your life. You need a change of habit and behavior. New thoughts words and actions will create a new you.

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