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18 Feb

Burlington Vegan Personal Trainer teaches “Un-Fooding” is the way to Ultimate Health and Well-Being!


I believe the diagnosis of injury is so far off track. i believe the doctors are diagnosing injury by the level of inflammatory response in the body. All things are the same. Your disease, your relationship breakdown and your poor financial situation are all the same issue.

For instance… people fall or get into an accident. The person hurt their knee or back. The body responds with acute inflammation. The true culprit is the poor nutrition and poor substance management and incorrect world view. The patient believes they have a torn meniscus or a herniated disk.

The patient commences into pain or anti inflammatory drugs which help the situation in the short term however they actually exacerbate the inflammatory response in the body. The patient also falls into depression due to the diagnosis and begins eating more poorly as a result of the prognosis. Of course diet is not related to the sore knee or back.  As no one teaches them this reality. No doctor recommends a fast.  No doctor has made this connection or been taught this reality himself.

The same things happens with the cold or flu. The patient goes to the doctor and gets antibiotics. Really the immune system is already demonstrating that the system has reached a critical mass and needs to be detoxified. Rather than approach appropriately and allow the detoxification to run it’s course we interfere with the bodies natural mucus release by adding more toxic chemicals that add greater damage to the system by killing our bodies important bacteria and set us up for  future candida, fungus, yeast and parasites to come in the following years.

As the patients mood declines further, due to increased inflammatory response from now drugs and worse food and and worse “poor me attitude,” they decline. The individuals relationships begin to break down as their mood and emotional life is in a spiraling decline. They feel trapped and compelled to continue forward into more acute treatments to solve their problems that could be solved naturally by “Un-Fooding.” However they cannot and will not hear or locate this truth anywhere.

They patient progresses further forward to surgery as their sickness, illness, illness or disease progresses further forward throughout their lives.  The inflammatory response always becoming worse the diagnosis always becoming worse.  The drugs and prognosis always becoming worse. The patients mindset always becoming more limited and less optimistic.  All of this is “Bullshit.” The body heals all things naturally. All things.   The body fat issues are no different.  They are not due to caloric intake.  They are histamine responses within the body to toxicity.  Body fat is toxicity and inflammatory response to poor food choices. The poor moods and cloudy head bad judgment are all due to the inflammatory response in the body also. All things in your life can be healed. All things can return to healthy.

Your mood and personality are all a response to your circumstances.  Your mood your thoughts your energy are always creating your reality.  You are a product of your most predominant thoughts and energy.  You create your reality. Your sickness, illness, body fat, relationship, financial situation, health all contribute to your mood and mindset.  You are trapped in your reality and your circumstances.  You can change your life however you need to realize what is going on in your life.

All of the issues in your life! All of them are caused by you and your thoughts and words. If you have an incorrect world view you cannot correct. your circumstance. Things only get worse as does your mood and abilities to change them.  All of this can be corrected. You can lose the weight, heal the pain and change your life!  It is your choice.  You only have to change your mind.

Your body is clogged and congested. The kidney’s aren’t working and thus the body cannot clear the waste and toxic fluids.. The colon is congested so toxicity cannot pass through. You need to flush the body. Distilled waters is what you need! Fruits, vegetables, emptiness, urine therapies, turpentine, natural anti inflammatory herbs will all help your body detoxify.

You can’t think clearly. You are frustrated emotionally because things don’t make sense, you’re in pain, your full of drugs and your fighting with relationships and finances and employment and life. This is the state of life The truth is that you have all the wrong ideas in your head. You have all the wrong foods and substances in your body and you are going the wrong way.

i can see it clearly now because i only eat on the weekends. i see how i am during the week. i can see what is going on. We are all being mislead here. We are all following our tummies that are addicted to food. Its just like how i used to follow my brain that was between my legs. We are all acting like teenage boys. There is no joy living in that trapped existence.

Now when i eat on the weekends i can see the truth. my body has an acute inflammatory response to food. its the cooked food though. Specifically only the cooked and processed foods. Even salad with feta was fine for me however when i had a large cooked veggies meal last night everything fell apart.  I lost my ability to concentrate.  My mood management declined.  My energy disappeared and i could not keep my eyes open.  Until i ate the cooked food meal i was flying.

Emotionally, energetically psychologically i could no longer focus. The inflammatory response was triggered by cooked food. Stir fried vegetables are poisonous for me now. Cooked foods are poison. i see it now. i have to continue further with my “Un-fooding.” i have to eliminate cooked foods from my life. Next week 1 step further. We always have to learn and step forward.  As this is my 5th week of extended fasting Monday to Friday my body is starting to get away from cooked foods.  My body is returning to natural as it Un-Foods.  As I return to my most natural state i can notice what happens to me when I eat cooked foods.  My body no longer want to be poisoned.

Just like a cigarette smoker craves his poison we all crave our cooked foods.  Shifting from cooked foods needs to happen slowly.  I am into my 3rd year now in my process and I am loving every bit of it.  I do not mean that there are no hard times.  However there are hard times whichever way you go.  There are hard times continuing things as they are.  There are hard times making changes.  Make changes any way if you want to.  Ask yourself one simple question…  Do you want to make a change?  Take responsibility for what is showing up for you.  Make a choice.

Either we grow or we die. You get to choose. You are the creator..

This morning I can feel the inflammation in my intestines. My body is swollen. Everything that is blocking us is an inflammatory response in our lives. We don’t need anti inflammatory drugs, pain killers, antibiotics, medications, protein powders, fat oils, vitamins and minerals. We don’t need to take stuff in stuff at all. We are getting foggy head and poor emotional response due to food.  We are blaming the wrong things in our lives. We need to get stuff out of our bodies.  We need emptiness and distilled waters.  We need to Un-Food our bodies and lives.

We need to interrupt our habits and behaviors. They are all leading us to our demise.

Our bodies are becoming critically affected by the food. We must Un-food the body. Food is the biggest bullshit trap on the planet. We all justify it because we are all addicted to it. Its all we have all learned. it is all we know. it is what we love. So what guys… Alcoholics love booze. Crack addicts love crack. However they must stop.

We must stop also. We are creating our circumstances. We are creating our body fat our pain our relationship problems our poor self esteem, our foul moods our poverty and our lives. We are the only ones who can heal and change our lives. Exercise, distilled water fasting, unfooding and mindset change is the way. We must unlearn what we have learned.

There is a new science and understanding of health, wealth and prosperity. You can change your life. It is totally up to you.  See the video message below to get a greater understanding of the Un-fooding process.  The true mindset of success.  Hilton Hotema is the author of the narration in the video message.  He was an author that wrote a lot of information in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Professor Hotema has been a influential force in my forward progress through the detoxification process.  Detoxification is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual change of life.

13 Feb

Lose weight, Heal Pain, Fix Your Relationship, Make more money…

Burlington Vegan Personal trainer says it’s all the same!

Most of your chronic pain is not because of your fall or accident. It’s not because of your age. Most of your aches and pains of all kinds are your lifestyle.

It’s your nutrition, your substance use and medication thats creating the wrong environment inside your body. It’s your negative thoughts and emotions that are trapped in your body.

Coffee, alcohol, prescription drugs, meat, dairy, processed foods, inactivity, tap water are all wreaking havoc to your internal terrain. Your body’s Ph is off and you are inflamed.

Your holding water, your gaining weight and your confusion and a lack of understanding is causing anger and frustration in your life. Negative emotions and thoughts are growing due to all the misdiagnosis. All is stealing your playfulness, patience and joy.

Your back has actually changed its posture. It’s misalignment of your spine that is making things deteriorate further. The spine is curling at the lower back and upper neck. Its a response to excessive fecal waste in your colon.

Your body is holding onto old fecal matter because you’re congested and constipated from wrong foods and behavior. You’re doing what you’re told is good or ok most of the time so you can’t make sense of it all and the frustration is growing along with your pain and unhappiness.

You keep going to the chiropractor or physiotherapist or doctor to try and manage your pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia. All if your sickness Illness and disease’s are all related. You have the power to heal all of this yourself.

Fecal matter is stuck in your intestines and leaking hazardous, acidic, toxic wastes into your system. Your weight gain and physical pain are the early warning symptoms. You need to change your life!

You must rid your body of invaders. Negative thought and words. Unnatural elements, chemicals and food wastes have got to be removed. The living critters must be killed. Fungus, yeast, candida and parasites need to be removed from your life.

You need new information to break through and return to your very best. You don’t have to be fat and in pain. All of this is a choice. An unconscious choice because you have been programmed by life to follow and get addicted to things that are slowly killing you.

Once you realize this truth you are in the power position. Its up to you now. You can change your life. You can heal all things in your world. You can lose the weight and keep it off this time. You can get your joy and happiness, your relationship and your family back.

You can be a better version of you. A playful pain free you. That guy will make more money and have more fun in their life. Motivation, accountability, education, exercise, nutrition and behavior modifications can heal your entire life.

No pills, no potions, no products, no doctors, or naturopath’s or massages or health practitioners any more? No more stuff required to be your best . You can heal and change all of this. You can heal and manage your own self and life. You can exercise yourself, you can learn to eat right and you can manage your life without me or anyone else.

Your spine will uncurl and your tall standing chin up posture will return. Your mobility will come back and your energy will blast through the roof! You can do this. You can change your life! 😁

Send me a personal message to discuss your very first steps: John@hiendfitness.com

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13 Feb

Burlington Vegan Personal Trainer Says Thoughts & Words are Things…

“Un-fooding” day 1. Feeling terrific! I love it! I do it because I love it. I do it because it makes me better. I do it cause It heals me. I do it because every aspect of myself and life are healing from what I am doing.

I love being better. I want to be my best! I am so excited to become my best. I am abundant. I am the very best version of me. I am at peace. I am filled with joy. I am unconditionally loving. I am discovering all of my limited beliefs. I am so happy to be discovering all the thoughts, words, energy and behavior that is standing in the way of my very best self.

I am so looking forward to putting all of those old ideas and attachments to my old identity to bed. I am happily skipping with joy into the most powerful blissful version of me. I love me.

How was your day?

Want to do a discuss your personal situation?  Want to book a free trial session?  Send me a personal email:  john@hiendfitness.com

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13 Feb

Burlington Personal Trainer Says…

“God or No God You have the Power to Change your life!”

Do you believe in God? I believe God is the power of our universe. I believe you can call her God or you can refer to her as mother nature. She is the Queen that is inside you and is in each and every one of us. She is the same in all of us. We all have access to her.

I believe that we can access the power of creation or the energy of our soul more easily if we are detoxified. It is my opinion that the detoxification process helps us to connect to the power or source within us. I would list “Un-fooding” as one of my favorite ways to connect more deeply to the energy which is most truly us. We are all a part of our God.

Distilled waters also help our bodies cleanse the toxic elements. Fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, distilled water, rain, fog, dew, and urine are all distilled waters. All have incredible benefits for helping the body return to it’s most natural state and help us realize our most deep truth.

I had the gift of getting to explore the topic of God in the video below with Anne Sermons Gillis. Anne has a lifetime of experience and has written 5 books. One of them connecting the value of thought and word and Godliness. You are the creators of your life. You all will the power of God with your thoughts and words. Choose your thought and word carefully.

Get more about Anne Sermons Gillis at the links below. If you like this short intro video you can view the entire message on my YouTube Page. Be sure to subscribe and enable updates as I will be growing my content and message there this year!

See the entire message here: https://youtu.be/M_zfEBTpSiA

Get more about Ann here: http://www.annegillis.com/…

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13 Feb

Burlington Personal Trainer Says…

“Body Fat, Pain, Poverty & Disease are all a Choice!”

You have access to your greatest power. It is your highedt vibration. You attract to you the energy that you produce. Only you can change your energy and vibration. No one else has that power over you unless you give that power to them.

Food has no power over you. Substance has no power over you. Disease has no power over you. Circumstance has no power over you. You are the creator of your reality. As the creator you have the power to create or change your circumstances.

You can take back your power from any of these things…

You must trust in the law. You must trust in the universe. This takes great courage. To be your best you must step into your fear. You must believe in the true you. You must believe in your source energy. You must believe in the connection you have wuth that energy.

You must take back control from your old conditioning. You must reprogram your subconscious mind to a new outlook. To your new identity. This power is only available in the present. You must stay in the moment to access it. You must change your mindset to access this power.

Self awareness is the greatest gift of unfooding. Detoxification supports the removal of physical and mental obstruction. Unfooding and distilled waters support the gretest version of you Exercise, breath and meditation are all required aspects of you being your very best self.

The greater your ability to stay with the present the more you can create the life that you have always dreamed of. The higher your energy the more awareness of true self you will have. There are many tools you can incorporate to restore your energy and heal your body and life.

Only you can change your weight. Only you can heal your disease. Only you can step into your abundance. Send me a personal message if you wish to have a discussion about changing your life.

07 Feb

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04 Feb

We can Learn to Step Beyond and Grow Beyond & From the Sexual Energy…

A new Outcome Requires New Ideas.  Healing is a new Mindset!

Vegan Personal Trainer Burlington Ontario Canada

Love is not sex. Lol.. So much confusion and lies here. We are programmed to release our love and our life force in an orgasm. This is our ultimate joy. We are trapped in this incorrect feedback loop. This is not joy. This is not love. Sex is our biggest obstacle to truly loving the self and our partners.

Tantra is a step in the right direction. Celibacy is an even greater step. You can love and be intimate and engage in sexual or intimate contact without spilling the secret sauce. This practice will bring so much richness, joy and healing to your life and relationship. You will be inspired to work on so many other things when you take sex off the table or at least reduce the frequency and need for orgasm.

You can hold your sexual fluids and you can recycle that loving energy. It is you.
You can learn who you truly are and you can learn how to truly love you and then you will be able to truly love. Love is so much more than the short 15 or 20 seconds of orgasmic ecstasy.

There is so much more to life than that!. Stop running from one relationship to the next because you “drifted apart” Love is a choice. You can choose to love again. Love does not mean you do not have to work hard at it. Love does not mean it’s going to be easy. Love does not mean you will not have to sacrifice.

To truly harvest the fruit of love you will have to overcome your limited beliefs about and towards love. Just like everything else in our world. We have limited beliefs and incorrect conclusions about love. Love is limitless. Did you have an unconditionally loving model in your life? None of us did.

There is only one unconditionally loving source. It is found within. We can all access it. We can all come into alignment with it. It will nourish and sustain you. It will teach you how to love yourself and all aspects of your life.. Just like our universe is unconditionally loving you can learn to love the darkness and the cold. You can learn how to contact your shadow emotions. The blocked and surpressed energy can be accessed and utilized in your life.

Love keeps no score. Love has no boundary. You are love. The power of our universe is love. Love doesn’t die. Love is forever! If you cannot find the love you have look in a different place. That does not mean you need a different partner. It means you need to know what is true love and where it is really found.

Once you learn what it really means to love yourself you will know what and where true love is. True love is your nature. It is your natural state and being. As you remove the obstacles you have you will discover the true you.

Emptiness is the way to return to the true you. “Unfooding” is the way to learn about your true nature. Learn how to lose your weight. Learn how to love yourself your partner and your life. Learn how to shake the poverty mindset and shift into your abundance reality. Abundance is your birthright. Obesity, poverty, disease and pain are all a choice.

You can change your life with a choice. Choose something different for 2019. Reach out to me if you need help!  The video below is a copy of the book that got me started in this natural healing lifestyle.  Listen when you can to learn a new outlook for healing your life!  Maybe you can listen while you drive to work.

04 Feb

Natural Healing Means Standing Up To The Pain & Discomfort…

Raw Food Healing is a new mindset!

Urine Therapy, Holistic Health Coach


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The natural healing process is no cake walk. There is a reason why it is the road less traveled. It is a path that is covered by brush and debris and the way is marked by thorny bushes and treacherous obstacles.

Nevertheless those called to this way are given no alternatives. This is a calling that must be observed. It is a calling that gives glimpses of light and a promise of peacefulness and prosperity.

The lights are sign posts that keep us moving forward. The challenges are real. Temptations abound. Pain is actually your friend and you must learn how to accept her.

As the body comes back to alkaline it begins to rest. Acids agitate the mind and body. Creating digestive stillness allows the body to focus all energy reserves upon healing and the body responds rapidly. Healing happens and along with it there are aches, pains and discomfort.

Today i hit the wall of toxicity hard. My throat was so sore i could not drink water this afternoon. I threw in the towel on my fast and had a fruit meal. 4 pears some dates and figs and a 2 banana smoothie with a cup of frozen berries. My sore throat went away.

I have some toxicity trapped in my head, neck, and shoulders. It has always caused soreness, tightness and a lack of mobility. My shoulders and hips have always been a site for pain. As uncomfortable as pain is that has also been my biggest guide.

I have always found a release and a reduction in my bodies pain when i step forward in the right direction. That release can come as liberation from physical or emotional pain. Yesterday the pain in my neck got acute. A burning. I could “innerstand” that some healing was going on.

I felt like trapped hardened mucous the first level of defense of our bodies was making its way out of my head and shoulders and collecting in this new destination in my neck. When things became too unpleasant i pulled the plug on my fast. I thought it was better to listen to my body.

I am not pleased about taking a fruit break in my fast however I am re-motivated to continue. I will now continue for an extra day to try to make amends. I will push through for 5 days next week. I will challenge myself to fast through Friday evening at home with my family. Temptation alley ahead.

The body heals quickly and naturally when you take away the food. This is not for everyone. This walk is a choice and must be developed with care and patience. Unfooding is a lifestyle that offers glorious gifts and salty lessons. This is the way we grow. Its not a life of luxury. It is a life of progress

Check out my day 4 podcast message at the link below. i was a little physically lethargic however very clear of mind. I am already wanting to return. I will see what i can do with the next 48 hrs. I am recommitting now to emptiness until Saturday afternoon from Thursday.

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One of my favorite resources for my “Un-Fooding” lifestyle is Professor Hilton Hotema.  Get a short outline of his book Man’s Higher Consciousness below:


04 Feb

True Love requires Great Courage!

Whether you’re talking about weight loss or healing or improving your relationship or making more money the answer is the same. The job or goal is the same so it only makes sense that the response required must be the same. We are talking about stepping into your best self.

The best version of you is an individual who has love for themselves. Has found love for themselves and gives love to themselves. To be your best you must first learn how to power up. That must become a habit or a behavior. You must first program love for you into your day.

Your very best self is likely something new. As you are aspiring to get there or be there. Its obviously someplace you are not. To get someplace new you will need to do something different. To go somewhere you have never been you will have to do something you have never done.

You will need a new map. You can’t drive from toronto to Miami without an updated map of the territory. An old map doesn’t have all the new roads and construction highlights. Sometimes the roads get changed. If you follow the old map you will never arrive. Many get stuck following an old map.

Creating a new upgraded version of yourself is going to require you to step forward. You will have to move into leadership. Regardless of whether or not you were ready for it. This responsibility will befall upon you. You will have to assume that role

As you awaken others will become upset. Your presence will challenge them. Your words will be misunderstood. They will use their perception or their old map to understand you. It will not work so they will call you a fool. You must endure that. You must forgive them. They no not what they do

They do not know who they are speaking with. They have never met anyone like you before. An awakened soul is a bright white light. She resonates at a vibration that is brilliant. Deeply rooted in the source of our universe.

You have got to have tremendous courage to awaken. All around you will be attacked you will be beaten You will nit be able to respond. The osin will be great. Everyone will turn their back on you. The night will be darkest just before dawn. You must hold your course You cannot awaken if you allow yourself to be judged by those around you. You cannot give your power to the opinions of others.

The buddha left his family. I understand him. It is not because he didn’t love them. It’s because he loved them so much. When you love so deeply you are exposed Those that you love can very easily tip you over. They can affect you emotionally very quickly. You cannot awaken in the presence of challenging emotional turmoil

First you need peace. First you must tune out the distractions. Before you can love those closest you must first learn to love you. There must be a cocoon made around you You must step into the cave for a moment. This is challenging inside a busy life. You must take refuge. You have to rest You will be so weary.

When you turn inward to manage yourself you must trust. It is a risk. You must risk The greater the risk the greater the reward You’ve got to go all in to win. Jump in with both feet. The water is outstanding. The joy it offers is nothing you have ever felt before. It is so much more satisfying and fulfilling than anything eartly.

You must do it The world needs you Your family needs your very best self. Who has the time for anything less than their very best. You must take this great risk. It must be a calculated risk. You must study. You must observe the writing on the walls. You must see the path those before you have travelled. It takes great courage You must step into every fear you own

After you throw the dice with everything you have and own you will be struck with great challenges and obstacles. There will be great friends that will see you and know you. They will help you. They are treasure. A gift of the universe. When the time is right the cocoon will burst. The light will flood in. You will rise and spread your wings. You will be ready for your first flight.

The new you can and will be whatever you wish. You will be in your power. You will be able to choose your outcome. You can choose to eat or not. Choice is the thing that makes us human. Each of us can choose. We can all make a decision to return to our best. The way is always available. It is available to everyone when they are ready to take it.

It is the road less traveled. The way is not easy but it offers the most valuable gift of life. It is salvation. It is freedom. Passion, joy, bliss, playfulness and fulfillment are the effect. Unconditional love, perfect peace and overwhelming happiness Liberation is the promise of a soul awakened.

You have got to summon the courage to take step forward. Everyone who really wants it must step forward. It is a choice. To step forward into the unknown is so scary. You must stand up to your fear. Take a baby step forward. It is cold and dark. It is uncomfortable. Do it anyway You have courage little one. A life of abundance awaits.

04 Feb

Natural Healing is Loving the Self…

It’s A New Mindset to lose the weight and keep it off!

It may be easier for me to tell you what it’s not about…

It’s not about urine therapy. It’s not about the aged urine or the fresh. It’s not about “Un-fooding” or fasting or emptiness or a food free life or shifting towards a Pranic lifestyle. It’s not about the turpentine or the pare-sites, fungus, candida or yeast that it kills. It’s not about raw juice or pasteurized juices or distilled water. It’s not about sun-light or grounding or exercise or breath-work.

It isn’t about the meditation or the mind-fullness or the thought and word management. It’s not the fruit, or the raw foods or the vegan diet. It’s not about management of the meat, the booze, the drugs, the money the material things, the relationship or the sex. It’s not about God or Jesus or Allah or Moses or Buddha or Shiva. It’s not shadow work or emotional release…

It’s not anyone thing that is going to heal or change your life and that’s why it’s a little bit different for everyone. You can do one thing or you can do them all. It’s totally up to you. Life is choice. You are free to choose. All of those natural healing tools can be in your tool kit to help you realize what this is really all about!

This is really about soul awakening. This is a spiritual uprising. This is getting to know who you truly are. This is identifying yourself. Finding yourself. Getting to know the true you. Giving and sharing love with yourself. This is about the kundalini energy. This is about the pranic force that is inside of you. It is around you and within you.This is all about the loving energy of our universe and allowing that energy to be directed or simple realised within you. Learning how to love yourself. It’s an opening up of all of your energy centers. It is accessing the Chi.

All of these natural methods mentioned above will help you to open and awaken. They will all contribute to your healing. They will all help you to raise up your true energy and identity. All of these modalities or tools will help you to see the truth. They will all help you to leave the Matrix and over come the mental programming we have been slaves to.

Watch the short video clip below with a man that has made a lifetime commitment to his very best self. Thank-you for your time Harry Matadeen. If you would like to see the entire video you can check it out here: https://youtu.be/D6TP696CnBY

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I will be making a full time commitment there to helping people step out of the Matrix!

I’m moving into my 3rd year of Natural Food Healing Now.  I like to call it all “Un-Fooding” or sometimes I refer to my lifestyle as a Fruit & Fasting lifestyle or sometimes I will call it distilled water healing.  This lifestyle is the only way to truly heal the body.  It’s all about restoring the natural balance.  Check our the very valuable video resource below when you have some time.  You might listen to it while you’re driving in the car.  It’s new ideas that create different outcomes in our lives.  Open yourself up to new ideas.