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29 Oct

Vegan Personal Trainer Being Transparent In Burlington

 There are 4 key aspects to Natural healing. We must restore the natural balance of the body.

To do that we must:

1. Oxygenate
2. Alkalize
3. Maximize Conductivity
4. Mobilize blocked energy

Want to lose weight and keep it off?
Want to get your youthful energy back?
Want to heal pain?

Would you like to overcome sickness illness or disease. Look and feel your very best? Free up your emotional energy and alter your performance in every single aspect of your life?

Throw away your medications. Step beyond your limited thoughts and leap into your abundance.

We have got to get a New Paradigm

See the un-truth’s you have been taught.  There is absolute intention there.  Someone is profiting at the expense of your health.  You have got to get a new paradigm for health and well-being. Make a shift from the current beliefs you maintain about health and well being.  Health is not achieved from outside of the self.  You don’t get your health from your food.  It doesn’t come from vitamins and minerals.  See the inconsistencies in the story you have been told:

We are told if our bodies are lacking in iron (or b-12 or anything else) we are anemic and need iron supplementation.  This is backwards.  The truth is…

“Our bodies are being provided the nutrients, but are not able to absorb due to mucus and fluid, inflammation and toxic waste. We need more detox. Deeper detox. Less food. Proper live raw foods, juices, or extended fasting. Not an overdose of the said deficient nutrient. We need to shift to a pranic nourishment lifestyle. We need to get more nutrition from the rest of our lives and stop trying to get more nutrition from low vibrational synthetic unatural nutritional supplements  or dead over processed foods. A paradigm switch is what we need to heal. We aren’t nourished from outside of ourselves. We are nourished from within.”

Our understanding of health is backwards.  The things we need to do have been vilified.  The things we do are actually the cause of our disease.  Everyone is so mixed up they can’t make sense of the truth anymore.  We have been so mislead for generations.

Raw food vegan personal training in Burlington

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Have a listen to the interview with Dr. Jenifer Daniels at the bottom of the page.  Check this informative blog post regarding the healing benefits of your own natural distilled water:

 Natural Plasma- Ultra-filtrate Supplementation

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28 Oct

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Exposes The Truth About Healing Your Life!

I have been trying to heal my life on overdrive for the last 3 years!

I was living with weight gain, chronic pain, digestive distress, athletes foot, insomnia, addictions, anxiety and depression for the past 10 years.  I personally will contribute 100% of my health issues to my own causes!  It was my incorrect thoughts that created my problems.  It was my own choices and actions that created my bad habits and caused all of my problems in my life.

I am the silly fool that followed the path into bodybuilding by choice.  I took on the food illusions involved with that.  I embraced the food addictions and the sexual addictions amplified by the anabolic steroids.  I piggy backed those steroids with marijuana habits and stimulant dependence.  I added sleep medications. All of it lead to yeast problems and digestive disorders which were at the root of all of my issues.  i am so happy that now these things are all coming back into alignment in my life!

The good news is that now I can say that I have healed just about every single aspect of my life and I have done that through natural healing methods.  I want to shout out at the top of my lungs to the world that you do not need to take medications for ANYTHING!

You can lose the weight, you can heal the pain, you can correct the sleep or energy or mood disorders or problems, you can re-motivate yourself, you can get your inspiration back.  ALL diseases can be cured.  ALL of them can go away!  You can reverse it all and you can do it naturally.

Weight gain & disease can be eliminated simply by oxygenating the body, alkalizing the body, detoxifying the body and restoring the natural electromagnetic force within the body.  All of this can be done with exercise, nutrition, nature and behavior modifications.

I encourage you to consider drinking your pee or drinking turpentine if you have ANY unresolved or long term chronic issues.

If you have any questions please reply to this message with a personal email: john@hiendfitness.com  If you want to gather some more information please watch the video message below!

21 Oct

Raw food, urine therapist, personal trainer, On-line personal trainer

I have to talk about how much i have been influenced by breath work most recently. i will share a valuable link below.

This has been something that i have overlooked while i focused so much on thought and word and have been so inspired by it this month.

Take the first moments of your day to interact with the prana. The energy of our universe. The energy of our breath.  Power yourself up with breath, thought and word first thing in the morning!

Here are some resources to help you start your day in the right energy and frame of mind:

Get the right thoughts and words for success right here now!

Get a Guided meditation to start your day now!

21 Oct

Have you ever watched one of my interviews before? I try to do at least a couple interviews with people from around the world that have had some extended time studying and applying natural healing in their lives.

I like to shine the light of people who have had that life experience and share what they have learned. I believe it is very important that people realize that medications do not heal lives. True healing happens naturally.

It takes some alternative knowledge and understanding to be successful and I believe people need support. I love to learn and grow from people that have had way more time practicing and applying natural healing than I have.

Reading offers you an understanding however there is so much to learn from someone that has practiced something for years. Many of my interviewees have had 10, 20, 30 or even more years of raw food and natural healing experience.

Here is a very special interview. It was a real inspiration for me. I was extremely candid and honest. I am coming to terms with some very challenging decisions I have made to share and this interview was pivotal for me.

If you have watched my interviews before you will like this one. If you have never made the time to watch an interview about healing then I encourage you to take the time to watch this one below with Roslynn Hansen.

What a magical story of circumstance. What a extended life experience she had to share. So much value for me here. I am sure you will appreciate it if you take the time to watch. Reach out to Roslynn Hansen on Facebook if you have questions for her or leave them below.

Share this message to groups and with friends. The world needs to know this message and her story.

21 Oct

urine therapy

The cat is getting out of the bag. The gig is up. The truth is becoming known. People are starting to find out what’s really going on. There is something truly rotten in Denmark and the rest of our world.  The truth is being hidden from us!

Urine is not dirty. It is so clean. it has been filtered by your liver and your kidney. It came from your blood so it couldn’t be that toxic ever.

It contains natural antibodies, antibiotics, antifungals, anti- inflammatories, anti-parastites, antiseptics. To just list some of the anti’s.

It has all your vitamins, minerals, aminos, hormones and electrolytes that you need to be your very best. It is the healing medicene our body needs to correct any issue that it has.

Lose weight, heal pain, cure sickness, illness and disease. Never get sick again. Immune system boosters.

Heal all diagnosed diseases. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, mental health issues, emotional problems, insomnia, headaches, even eyesight.

Want keep that weight off for good this time? Want to fix your relationship or make more money? Whatever you want to heal or change in your life you can do it!

Start with embracing your own waters. Start your day with a glass from your own cistern. Soak your feet or your skin to get started. See the results before you taste.

Eat a fruit diet and your urine will be like distilled water. Eat as we were designed and drink what we were supposed to and all things will correct themselves.

When you were in mommy’s tummy the womb was filled with your urine. It was up your nose, in your mouth, in your eyes, on your skin and up your bum. It supports you as you are a developing fetus. It will nourish and support you again now.

Throw away your medications. Stop your coffee and wine and begin your day with a cup of your piss! Alkalize and detoxify your body and life and restore your very best self.

21 Oct

Raw food trainer, detoxification expert, wellness coach

Dr. Otto H. Warburg gives the best answer for how to alkalize your body naturally by using lemon water and a raw food diet. Dr. Otto H. Warburg was a Nobel Prize winner, famous for his breakthrough in the field of medicine – he managed to find the true cause of cancer. According to Dr. Warburg, oxygen deficiency is the main factor that contributes to emergence of cancer.

This deficiency results in an acidic state in our bodies. In addition, Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer cells are actually anaerobic and can’t live when they are exposed to high amount of oxygen which is one of the characteristics of alkaline state

Every healthy cell has certain need for oxygen, but cancer cells can survive without oxygen. If you remove 35% of the oxygen from any cell, it will probably turn into a cancerous cell after 2 days.

What we eat and drink on a daily basis determines the proper maintenance of body’s pH levels. The term pH balance is used to describe the balance between alkaline and acid content in every cells and fluid in the human body. Our bodies must find the ideal balance of the PH levels of our blood which is about 7.365 (a little bit alkaline) in order to stay healthy.

However, the typical North American diet today includes many acid-supporting and toxic foods including meats and dairy, refined grains, processed sugars, GMO’s ect.  The Standard American diet or S.A.D diet usually results in harmful acidic pH values. pH levels that are not balanced can disrupt the work of cells.

Greatly acidic pH can also result in the occurrence of many different health issues like heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis and heartburn to list just a few of the typical diseases we see trending. If your body spends a lot of time in an acidic state, it can speed up the aging process.  We aren’t really aging.  We are getting more acidic.

According to Robert Young, the majority of health issues come as a result of the acidic state of the body. This state is great for the development and growth of viruses, bad bacteria, parasites and candida. On the other hand, alkaline state counterbalances their activities.

There are many things you can do naturally to alkalize your body.  You can do any of them that you wish to have you moving in the right direction.

Want to discuss an organized action plan to oxygenate and alkalize your body?

You can heal or change anything you want to in your life.  It’s only a decision you need to make to begin getting back to your best!

Just send me a personal email if you would like to discuss an action plan today: john@hiendfitness.com


20 Oct


Urine and Weight-loss

Omg! lol…

So many people can’t get there heads around this…

I understand that not everyone will see or understand. I understand that not everyone can. You have to be at the right vibration to receive the information. You must be ready and open.

Its always a thought that blocks us from success! Its always a belief or an idea that is blocking us from moving forwards in our lives. Want to move forward. Get over thus common thought error.

“Urine is a waste product”

No… it’s not! 😃😂

lol. waste goes out the back end so we never have to see it or look at it again!

Love comes through the front. It’s not waste. It’s excess. It’s excess inside the body right now so the body gifts it back to you. It gives ut to you to use it. It gives it to you to use topically and to reingest it.

It is given back to you because it contains knowledge. It contains the knowledge of you and your body. It contains the knowledge that your body and life needs to move forward. To heal.

It contains some toxins. Yes it does. There are toxins in your food. Toxins in the air and toxins in your mind too! lol… your life is full of toxins. So silly all if a sudden you’re anti toxin but you won’t do a detox? silly silly, make sense.

What does it mean toxin? it means something that is foreign. Something that needs to get out if here. Something that needs to go away… True. But not completely. Realize… We need to have some of the toxic elements.

These toxins provide healing information. They are your toxins. Your negative elements and thoughts. You need to see them and know them. You need to see your shadow. You need to know your shadow. Your shadow provides you with some very valuable things.

You must get comfortable with your shadow. You need to see it, know it and embrace it! In that process which doesn’t happen overnight by the way you learn and grow and move forwards. You grow from shadow work. By exposing your negative or surpressed emotions you come to know and love yourself. All of you needs tour love.

You need to see and accept your negative emotions. Your negative emotions have value. So do those negative aspects of your urine. Its all of you. Your body is not getting rid of it waste. Its giving it back to you. Its a feedback loop. Everything works this way.

Thus is the water cycle. The water evaporates, cools to form clouds and falls as rain to nourish and heal us all and our world. This is the natural cycle of our planet. Its how all things work. See it. See the truth of this natural healing paradigm.

You think negative things. You think fearful thoughts or sad thoughts or angry or frustrated thoughts and your life provides you with more negative stuff! It keeps producing negative circumstances for you until you learn to adjust the way you think and act. Adjust! Adjust! Adjust the way you think.

Wake up and adjust. This is always the message life is giving you. It gives it to you againa and again. Each time larger and louder. You don’t get it yet? then hear you go. Here us some disease to go along with that poor opinion you have. See the block is always within ourselves.

Change the way you look at the world and the world will change for you! Urine is no waste. Its the magic elixir thats missing from your life!

Get some deeper insight into this real life healing elixir at the video below!

14 Oct

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Podcast #1

You will have to swim up stream to completely heal and change your life. You will have to go against the mainstream opinion and judgment. You will have to do things that others don’t to get somewhere that other’s won’t. You will have to walk the road less traveled.

You cannot get to a different place thinking and saying and doing the same old things. Reading the same book, saying the same rehearsed words and performing the same actions each week is not the way to change your life. It is the way to stay stuck in the same place.

All of the ritual, the common knowledge and education is designed to hold us all trapped in the same cycle.  Perfect little consumers of our society.  Good little taxpayers that work and police each other. Looking down on others who are doing and saying things that will actually save or change your life.

At the end of the day each of us has their own choices to make and live with in their own lives. Each of us is free to choose. i don’t agree with everything my wife, my brother, my father or my best friend does. For sure you wont agree with everything i do.

That’s ok.  I will accept you as you are. We are all individuals. Free to live and create the lives that we all choose to.

I am here to meet you wherever you are and bring you to wherever you wish to go.  You are the only limitation in your life.

Catch my first Podcast here Now!


07 Oct

Alkalize your Body Lose the Weight and Learn how to Keep it Off For a Lifetime!

Lose weight fast in Burlington gym

My 7 day Fat Flush competition ended this past week and we had some people make some quick changes to their body weight, shape and size!  The person that lost the greatest percentage of their body weight won themselves 6 weeks access to my exercise and nutrition program!

Each contestant had unlimited access to my personal training program for 7 days!

They all participated in our 30 minute training sessions as often as they could.  We run personal training sessions multiple times a day 6 days each week.

Check out our personal training schedule here!

Each of the 10 contestants were provided a natural food diet including no powders, pills, potions or gimmicks. Only pure natural food nutrition.  Each participant is provided the rules and structure of the meal plan and are free to manipulate and apply the program as they choose.

Each contestant was provided a 90 minute nutrition information session to learn how to manipulate the plan best for themselves.

Take a look at our top 3 transformations from the 7 day Fat Flush competition below:


Congratulations to Karen Rae in the picture above on her quick 5 pounds of weight loss last week!  Karen lost 2 cm’s off of her chest, 3.5 cm’s off of her waist and 1 cm off of her hips last week!  Karen also told me that the pain in her hip began to reduce immediately as she began to alkalize her body in our program! That is a super 7 day effort.  She lost 2.78 % of her starting body weight in the 7 day competition to place her in 3rd place.

Lose weight Burlington nutrition gym

Congratulations to our second place competitor in our Fat Flush competition.  Alice  in the picture above did not have a lot of weight to lose.  She was already pretty toned up.  She reported changes to her sleep, to her mood and to her physical pain by shifting towards a more alkaline lifestyle for our 7 day competition.  Alice lost 4 pounds, 2 cm’s off of her waist and 2.5 cm’s off of her hips.  That was a total of 3.03% of her starting weight.  Super work Alice.

Now here is the magician of my week!  Little Terrie in the picture above made a total transformation in 7 days!  What a fantastic result!  She has been struggling to lose weight now for months and was really at her wits end with it when she joined our program.  That was all an aspect of helping her really make a decision to commit to our program last week.  Timing really is everything!  Is it time for you to make a change in your life?  Are you ready to make a commitment?  You could be the next magician in my life!

I am so pleased to crown Terrie as my champion of the 7 day Fat-Flush competition.  I am so excited to watch what happens to her over the next 6 weeks!  She has just won 6 weeks Free access in my Training and Nutrition program for her massive transformation.  Terrie lost 11 pounds in 7 days.  She lost 3.5 cm’s off of her chest, 5 cm’s off of her waist and 2 cm’s off of her hips!  Congratulations Terrie. That is truly an incredible result for a tiny lady in 7 days!

Watch for my 10 day trial offer coming out soon!

It will provide you with everything that our Fat flush competitors got except a few more days access to try out our training program!

Send me a personal email if you would like to discuss any of our program details: john@hiendfitness.com

Want to get some more details about our program or how we create rapid changes in peoples lives?  Click the link below:

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03 Oct

Vegan Personal Trainer Moving into the Pranic Lifestyle!


Unfooding is making a shift into the Pranic Lifestyle

“Unfooding” Day Five for me!  I have decided to stop eating solid food during the work week.  Now I eat only on the weekends.  You can learn to eat less if you want.  You just need to learn how to get more of your energy from the world around you. Would you like some help with learning how to live a life filled with more love and joy? Would you like to learn how to interact more lovingly with your world?  Eating less food is a vital aspect of this.  We are all living a world in a lifestyle of Gluttony!  Consumerism drives our economy.  Our society functions on the idea of wanting, needing and getting more…

Shifting to a life that gathers more energy from “Prana” means that you will need to get less energy from food. Learn the art of unfooding from a couple of real life “Bretharian” Professionals Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castillo Join Dora Moniz-depass and myself John dePass as we work through the 8 day Bretharian process on-line with them.  A Bretharian has learned how to live on breath alone.  Both Akahi and Camilla have spent multiple years of their lives without eating food.  Can you believe that?  It is possible.  Check the video interviews out below. My wife Dora and I have decided to do this process together. We are challenging and supporting each other in this 8 day “unfooding” challenge.

Would you like to learn the art of living on less?

Would you like to understand the science and the processes involved with moving into of a less is more lifestyle?

Do it with us… 

Join in with us next week! Let’s work through the “unfooding” process together. October 12th-19th. Master the number one skill that will increase your life expectancy and quality of life.  Learn how to lose the weight and keep it off for the rest of your life.  Learn how to heal any of your pains, sickness, illnesses or disease.  That’s what I said.  Heal any and all things by moving in this direction.  Our world is being torn apart by Gluttony. Overcome your worst habit!

Akahi Ricardo has 15 years experience with live raw food healing and the Pranic lifestyle. Join in with him and his Pranic lifestyle wife Camila Castillo while they present their personal 8 day system of making this switch in your life!

Save yourself some money on your food bills, and learn valuable skills that will only improve your health and happiness. Do it all with the support of friends and professionals.

Work through the process in the comforts of your own home! Whether you just want to lose weight or gain the knowledge to keep it off for a lifetime you will benefit from this course. Want to overcome any bad habits, sicknesses or disease in your life?

Get more information or join in with me here:

Get more information or register in the 8 day Bretharian Challenge with John & Dora and Akahi & Camilla Here!

Catch my interview with Akahai Below:

Check my interview with Camila Castillo below:


Want to get closer to this Exercise & Alkaline lifestyle?  Want some more hands on time with me?  Come away with me personally for 8 days.  We can exercise, eat healthy natural organic food and work on our success mindset together.  Join me on a retreat in Costa Rica at the end of January!

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