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13 Aug

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Discussing getting Present

You can’t change the future unless you can get to the present

Here is a problem that is an epidemic.  If you cannot fix this trouble you will never be able to change your life.  If you can’t learn how to solve this then you are destined to be doing the yo yo, weight-loss, weight-gain thing for the rest of your life.  The present moment is where all the power is.  It’s the present moment where the magic happens!

All the power is in the present moment.  Everything that you need is in the present moment.  Everything that you need is given to you.  Do you want to make a change in your life?  Whether you want to lose weight or lose pain, sickness, illness or disease you need to know about the present.  You cannot affect your future unless you are in the present.

You can’t create a different outcome in your life unless you can think about something and speak about it first.  You first need to envision it in your minds eye before it can become a reality.  You have got to begin to speak about it before it is going to be real.  You need to get present and see clearly what you want to create.  You need to share that goal with someone that is positive and supportive with you.

Get clear about what you want to create in various aspects of your life.  Get clear about your personal goals, your relationship goals, your career and your financial goals.  Get certain about your adventure goals and also about how you want to contribute back to this society.  When you clearly know these items and you can bring those items clearly into your present moment they will become your reality.

It takes time to get clear.  It takes practice.  It takes thought practice.  It’s not easy work.  That’s why people like to avoid it.  At some point in your life you get to the point that you need to get out the pencil and paper.  It’s the time when you really need to carve out a life plan.  You have got to stop bouncing around like a pinball reacting to your life.  It is time to know exactly how you want to feel about yourself and those around you.  It’s time to gain certainty about what you want to do, how much you want to make and how you want to interact and give back to the other people and animals that you share this planet with.

This is important stuff.  The way you think about and towards these different aspects of your life will affect the outcomes you are getting in your life.  Want to get a different outcome?  Want a different or better life?  You need different or better thoughts.  We are what we think about most.  When we are very clear about what we want.  When we are thinking and talking about that all the time that will become our reality.  Knowing very clearly what you want to create helps you get really clear about what you need to do and not do.

Create your clear concise plan and take that plan with you into the moment.  When you can get present with your plan that is how you tune yourself to the vibration of your desire.  Thoughts are things.  They have vibration and they have an effect inside your body.  They alter your hormones, your endorphins and your brain neurotransmitters.  Your thoughts affect your DNA, your glands, your enzyme production.  Your thoughts and words tune your body and affect your emotions.  Your energy is lifted up to the level of your thoughts and words or dropped down to that level.

When you think and talk about what you want you bring energy and joy into your life.  When you think and talk about your problems you bring sadness and sorrow and low energy into your life.  The present moment is where the energy is.  It is the most powerful space.  It is the space that is most distinctly you.  It is your root energy and desire.  It is an alignment of what you truly want.  An expression of what you truly are.  You need to know what those things are clearly.  When you do.  When that is all that you think and talk about then you become totally aligned with who and what you truly are.

Aligning yourself with your loving force energy within you is getting into total harmony with yourself.  It is the ability to remain present and allow your self to flow through.  When you can just get into the loving flow of energy you don’t need to make an effort any longer.  Things start to happen for you on automatic pilot.  Once your deepest desires are imprinted upon your subconscious mind through repetition you don’t need to think about them anymore.  They happen as naturally as your breathing.

Your breath is the key to the moment.  In any given moment it is the breath that we need.  We all get caught up thinking that we need to this or we need to do that.  We all have the problem of trying to multitask.  While this is efficient for getting things done it is not the way to change your life.  Changing your life doesn’t happen from getting things done.  It happens from being.  It’s not doing that you need.  It’s being.

Doing takes effort.  Being is just natural.  Being requires no effort.  It is sustainable.  That is what you really want.  You really want sustainability. You don’t just want to lose the weight and gain it back do you?  Keeping it off really means doing something that you really love.  It’s easy to do things that you really love.  If you love the way you eat and exercise and interact with your partner and your kids and your career then you’ll keep doing it and the money will come or the weight will drop away.

Whether you want to lose weight, heal your relationship or make more money it requires you to do the same thing.  Clearly define the things that you want and bring them into the present moment with you so that you can love them.  When you love someone it’s like you think about them all the time.  When you love someone it’s easy to be around them.  When you’re in love your happy and full-filled.  You need to love your life.  You need to get clear about what you want and fall deeply in love with it.  Loving yourself, loving your life or any aspect of it really means getting into harmony with it or getting present with it.  Being present is being in harmony.  Being in harmony is being in love.  Love is sustainable because it is the force of the universe.  It is the force that runs through your body.  It is the energy that keeps your electrons in orbit around the nucleus of every cell inside your body.

If you want to make a change in your life that lasts forever then you need to tap into a force that lasts forever.   The eternal force of our universe is love.  Align yourself with the loving force energy within you and you will tap into an infinite energy source.  Something that will sustain you and your life forever.

Listen to the video interview below with my friend Jerry Snyder He is a professional life coach, a physiologist and an author.  Take a listen to what he has to say about making changes in your life!  Need to overcome some limited beliefs that are blocking you.  There is a fantastic resource attached below the video that will help you to break through any thought limitations.

13 Aug

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Discussing the Pranic Lifestyle

You can get into loving harmony with your life!

The great law of the universe is the law of attraction. It can also be called the law of causation. Similarily you could call it the law of reciprocity. Most simply it is the golden rule or Karma.

It is a simple law. Do on to others as you’d have them do to you. The energy that you put out will come back to you. The vibration to which you are tuned is what you attract. Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction.

As you react to circumstances poorly you attract further poor circumstances in your life. As you respond to something negatively you recieve an additional negative response. You are the creator of your reality.

Acept responsibility for what is showing up in your life. Meet all things with love and see what is truly possible. Our world is made up of opposing forces. Yin and yang. Positive and negative This is the nature of our reality. Duality is our dimensional reality.

Both negative and positive flows of energy will flow through your life. This is an unavoidable truth. To navigate inside this dimension flawlessly you must learn to traverse these energies without judgment or opinion.

They are two sides of the same coin. When you can whether the storm you have won the battle. You can hold the keys by learning how to love without condition. Can you learn to love the polarities of energy in your life. This is the life of harmony.

When you can begin to act positively to everything that comes to you then you step into your abundance. If you want to make more money then love and accept when you have none. Can you love your fat tummy? Can you be patient with your child when he is behaving selfishly?

Coming into harmony with your life is living the pranic life.  This is living a life of love. Getting into alignment with the force within you and the commanding forces around you. This is fulfillment. This is infinite Joy.

Feeling sorry for yourself is step one. The child feels sorry for themselves and cries when things don’t work out. As we grow and mature we recognize that while sorrow and crying is immediately necessary in many circumstances healing requires us to forgive, forget and move on.

As long as we hold ourselves in the low energy of poor me the more we will remain stuck receiving further things to feel sorry about. We are creating and recreating our reality. Stop stepping on that scale daily and affirming that you cannot do this or you cannot do that.

Get up put your bare feet on the earth if you can and stare upwards thinking and speaking what you want. What you are grateful for and where you are going. Give your life and your circumstances a great big hug and get ready to jump forward with your life.

Are you feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t eat that ice-cream cone? lol.. don’t feel sorry for yourself. Just eat it and accept responsibility for the outcomes. A responsible choice is a decision that you make where you are happy with the results of your choice.

If you want that new car you must love that car payment. If you want to buy your child that gift then you must be happy about the visa bills. You must love the consequences of your choices. This is accepting responsibility.

Only you have the power to change your life. Only you can change the nature and distribution of energy in your life. Only you can begin to act or respond positively to your circumstances. This is the way to lose the weight, love your partner or make more money.

Step into your abundance. Love your life! Watch this interview with my friend Akahi below. He’s a bretharian.  He has written a book about his experience as a bretharian.  Him and his wife both lived 3 years without food.  He has a retreat that he runs all over the world teaching people this alternative method of living. Living on the prana is the ultimate human experience for health, vigor, energy and longevity!

Here is a super nutrition resource for you to get a deeper understanding of the healing power and method of the raw food lifestyle.

Get a digital copy of the book 80:10:10 Now!- By Douglas M Graham

13 Aug

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Discusses Fasting and Delayed Gratification

This is the battle ground. Here lies your opportunity. This is the way you must see it. As long as you fight with the situation you maintain the struggle. Can you learn to look hunger in the face with a smile. This is when you take back your power from the food, or the drink or the behavior.

It’s you that’s given cigarettes or chocolate bars control over your life. You are the only one that can give your power away. You are in charge. You are the creator. You can choose to take back the power whenever you like. Its a choice. Its a decision that you must make.

You can eat the pizza now or you can wait until the weekend or you can do both. Now the pizza isn’t going anywhere so you don’t have to eat it now. It will still be there tomorrow. Just because your partner or your friend or your kids are eating it doesn’t mean you have to.

You can join them if you like? Just be happy with the results. Delayed Gratification is an important thing for you to understand and apply in your life. To be truly happy you must master this skill. It is the skill of responsible action.

You have to learn how to be happy with the choices you are making. You have to learn how to choose emptiness and also joy. You must learn how to live the behavior you need to accomplish your goals. Can you be happy without the food. the fast is the way that you learn

Do you want to lose that weight and keep it off forever? Then you had better be happy with the fast. Do you want to love you wife or your husband? Then you need to find joy in being patient and supportive of them as they do some things differently than you do or differently then you wish they would. Can you love them anyway?

If you want more money then you must learn to have joy in your heart when you have none. If you are angry and upset then you are supercharging that circumstance and creating more of it.  The more emotion you add to a thought in your life the more you raise the vibration and attract more of it into your life.  We need to find joy and it begins with acceptance.

Losing the weight and keeping it off for a lifetime is more than just a meal plan or a workout program. its not calories, sets or reps that makes a size 2 a reality. Its joy. its joy when you are enjoying that glass of wine and its joy when you are not. If you want to fit into that size 2 you will have to say no to that glass of wine a lot.

You get what you give in our dimensional reality. Delayed Gratification is the skill you must learn to master here. Be thankful for what you have. Think and speak and talk about where you are going. Be happy with what its going to take to get there. Before it can become your physical reality it must be a thought and word reality.

vegan personal trainer


John dePass- “My program has 7 different levels of participation.  7 nutritional levels.  You get to choose whichever level is right for you.  Some people just want to clean up their nutrition a little and other’s are looking to revamp their lifestyle.  It’s totally up to you.  I teach everyone to move towards a more alkaline body.  You can do that just by cutting out the junk food and processed foods in your life.  You can get more committed and remove breads or pasta or meat and dairy.  You can reduce or stop coffee or alcohol.  You can do any of these things on a part-time basis.  Maybe you can keep the breads and potatoes out of the of your work week.  Perhaps you can adjust to enjoy your wine on the weekends. It’s not about total sacrifice if you want to be successful.  At the same time you can’t do and eat whatever you want whenever you want and get results.  You need a system and a method that creates some boundaries but still allows you to enjoy the things you really like best as a treat on weekends or special occasions.”


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Watch this video to get a deeper understanding of the Alkaline Food lifestyle and total life healing.

12 Aug

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Healing Lives!

500 years ago Decartes the greatest influence of western thought said we must let go of what we know to find the truth.

2500 years ago Aristotle the great greek philosopher said to know the truth we would need to doubt everything that we new.

The misrepresentation of truth is 1000’s of years old. The masses have been mislead for so long that we have no way of finding absolute truth and we believe things only because this is the way its always been done.

Well the truth is that this isnt the way things have always been done. 1 book and one perspective on God and creation isnt enough. You dont have to be afraid to challenge the ideas that you hold. That is exactly what you must do to step forward with your life.

You must let go of what you think you know. You must challenge what you have heard and seen and read. Your understanding of science and spirit is built on 1/2 truths and those incorrect ideas are holding you trapped.

Science is the biggest religion on the planet. All are afflicted. The foods you eat and the fluids and substances you drink and allow into your body all supported by religion or science are killing you.

Raw food vegan personal trainer in toronto gymThe magical healing foods, behaviors and practices are hidden from your view the same way. The most beautiful aspect of the entire mess is that all of it can be healed and corrected. You can come back to your very best.

Its not too late. Age isnt really an obstical. You can actually live way past 100 years if you come back to the truth. You need to stop battling the natural healing and alternative world views that are finally gaining momentum on our planet. What a glorious time of awakening this is.

5000 years ago it was written in the first language of our known modern times that the healing water was actually inside of you. That you could actually bring yourself back to the light.

You who resist are only keeping yourself in prison. Get back to exercise. The hard and the soft. Your body and life need both. Change your food you need new information here. We have been lead far from the truth. Don’t drink the water it is poisoning you. The antidote is actually made within your own body. The promise was that all things would be provided for us and it is true.

The air is our life line and stillness is our very best friend. Be empty and be still and watch the loving supporting breath nourish your body. The earth is not round the urine is not dirty the meat is not nourishment the medications and incorrect view is making you fat and sick and ultimately you are causing your old age and death. Aging is not a matter of fact. It is a matter of behavior.  Take a look at the important message from a man that has become a super friend and influence in my life.  See a copy of his book at the link below.

The Healing Water’s Within- By Brother Sage

12 Aug

Live Raw Food and Fasting is the healer of all things!

Take a look at Ron in the picture below.  He lives in California so we have been training and communicating on-line!  🙂  He’s 66 years old so I love how he’s such a great example of your ability to make changes in your life at any age.  Congratulations Ron on making some rapid and impressive changes in your life buddy.  Your experience is inspiring the masses buddy!  Thanks for doing your best brother.

Raw Food Vegan Personal trainer in the GTA, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Stoney Creek

Ron age 66 is down 12 pounds in his first 7                         days of Rawgust!

It’s a series of incorrect thoughts that are holding you back. A host of limited beliefs are standing in your way. Incorrect thoughts are causing inappropriate outcomes. Showing up as problems or obstacles in your life.

Manifesting personally in your body as weight gain, pain, low energy, lethargy or disease. Wrong thoughts are creating separation in your relationships and standing in your way of freedom and abundance.

Don’t worry. Your body can heal. You can change all of your outcomes. You can lose weight, you can make more money or find joy and happiness with less. The difference requires a change of thought. identify the wrong thought and correct it.

You don’t need protein, or vitamins, or minerals or any nutrient to be healthy. There is nothing outside of you that you need to heal. You don’t need to see you doctor to get an antidote. Health and vitality are within you. A gift of our creator. A fact of in your life.

Remove the thought or thoughts that tell you otherwise. Step out from the illusions of the mainstream public and the medical association. Don’t blame the doctors. They are lead by the pharmaceutical companies. It’s the ideas that the food and drug association want you to hold that are the issue.

I was live on the air in California on Spirit Therapy Radio last week!  Check out the interview and message of healing at the link below:

Raw Food Vegan Personal trainer in Burlington

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Needs some help getting back to exercise or to your healthy nutrition plan?  I can help you in my private studio or we can work together on line from the comforts of your own home wherever you are in the world. Get some additional program details here below:

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11 Aug

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer discussing Food and Fasting

Science knows that the parent cell begins the body and builds the body. This begins as soon as the sperm meets with the egg. The process is called mitosis or cellular division. The zygote splits and divides multiples of times even before it imbeds itself within the womb of the mother.

Our bodies grow and develop through this scientifically known process and is not nourished or sustained by food. While food will for sure make you fatter it does not build or sustain the cell. You cannot produce intelligent matter from unintelligent matter. You cannot bring dead tissue to life. You do not have that power or ability. The understanding of cellular metabolism is flawed.

Your electrons do not eat, your atoms do not eat, your molecules do not eat, your cells do not eat, you do not need to eat. You need to fast as long as you can daily. You must get your head around some new ideas.

Poor information and bad habit is making you fat and sick and impeding your performance in all aspects of your life!

Burlington urine therapy, hamilton urine therapy, Oakville urine therapy. Stoney creek urine therapy, waterdown urine therapyIt’s elimination that is the true priority not feeding. It’s an incorrect idea that is always standing in your way. The idea that we need nourishment, vitamins, minerals or sustenance from our food that is holding us back from our full expression.

This bad idea and a lifetime of poor behavior is making us fat and sick. This powerful mistake in understanding is the root cause. We have been taught to eat from our birth. It is all we have known. It is all our parents have known. This untruth has us all stuck thinking that being hungry is such a bad thing.

Silly metabolic slow down explanations claimed as truth by science are incorrect ideas just blocking you from losing the weight once and for all. You have got to overcome this bad information and get to the real truth and natural healing mechanism for your body!

Elimination is the key. Elimination of toxins is what allows your health to express itself. You will have to use logic to escape your poor habit and understanding of nutrition and metabolism that is just hung up here.

Observe the truth. If your kidney does not eliminate excess materials from your blood you will be dead in 3-5 days if you are eating. If your lungs do not expel the carbon dioxide waste you will be dead in 3-5 minutes. Many, many people have extended their fast periods beyond 30, 40, 50 and even way beyond 60 days.

Your health and longevity and performance is not dependent on nutrient attainment. Feeding is not what you need. Elimination is the acute action you need. Especially after 30,40 or 50 years of over eating and polluting your body. You need to get empty and eliminate the toxic wastes from your body.

This is the new paradigm you need to understand and embrace to overcome your food and weight issues for the rest of your life.  See the video message below with a man although I have never met personally I have become good friends with on-line.  Elitom El-Amin is a very special man who has influenced me a great deal this year.  Take a look at his video interview below and see the resource below if you wish to understand this lifestyle more thoroughly.  Get your workouts for the week below too!

The Breatharian Bible:  Man’s Search For Higher Consciousness- By Hilton Hotema

Get your 4 workouts for the week below!

08 Aug

Rawfood Vegan Personal Trainer Teaching Elimination as the Key to Health & Longevity

Although legitimate studies and records have been done and redone on individuals who have lived for 40 days or 40+ years without food or water, science will not acknowledge this possibility or even change their tune or position even incrementally.

The only message we are told, the only message that is circulated and the only belief that the mainstream population has is that our health and wellbeing is attained from outside of the body. This incorrect information is the root cause of all of our weight gain, disease, pain, health issues, problems and unhappiness of all kinds.

All things that we need are actually supplied from within. The belief that health and happiness is something we must get is a thought that is incorrect. It is the idea that drives our society to continue the manic consumption that is destroying the lives of most of our world for the profits and satisfaction of a very small few.

The truth is that elimination is a far greater issue for the body than is nutrient attainment. Although many have demonstrated that survival and optimal health without food for extended periods is very real and very possible if we were without the elimination of toxins that the kidneys provide we would be dead in 3-5 days. If we were without the cleansing breath of our lungs we would be dead in 3-5 minutes.

The scientific evidence is obvious. Even a layman can see that the focus is construed. See that what is more than just possible for you is discouraged. The things that really heal and change your health are laughed at and ridiculed. Society has been trained to take their own lives and health and to instruct their family and friends to do the same.

True heath and wellness is so very simple and natural. Return to the things that are most simple and natural and your body will return to perfect health. You do not need what you think you do. You can learn to eat 50% less and be very happy. Only your resistant addicted mind blocks you.  There are many things that you can do that are natural and normal and simple that will help you to return to your youthful strength and vigor.  As you bring these practices into conjunction their healing effects multiply.  Live Raw food and Fasting are in the center of that healing paradigm.

Mindfulness/Breathing techniques, Exercise, Fruit, Fasting, Sunlight, Grounding, Distilled water, Orin therapy, Delayed Gratification & Oculomotor therapy are all simple natural practices we can all learn to apply completely into our lives. All are simple behavior changes and habits. All have resistant thoughts associated with them. All help to restore perfect health within the human body.

You can learn how to develop any of these natural health methods. You can practice them all or select just a few. You can begin with just exercise and slight nutritional changes and slowly develop. Perfect health CANNOT be achieved overnight. It is an unlearning of what we have learned. We must challenge all the things that we think we know to come back to our very best. The amazing aspect of this is that we can. The body is resilient. So is the mind.

You must make a conscious decision however. You must choose a different approach to your life and your world than you currently have. You must learn how to come back to the truth. The truth being that there is a source of energy within you that is more than capable of providing you with your health and happiness. That true joy is within you. That love is the source of our universe and that every single one of us is connected to and has equal access to that power. Each of us must choose to come back to our light. The light.

There is no need for medications, pills, potions or supplements. You do not need vitamins or minerals to come back to your best. All you need is new information, motivation, encouragement, support and accountability. If you need some deeper support, motivation or accountability take a look at my On-line support program below:

6 Weeks to Total Life Success!

losing all the weight that you want or healing or changing anything in your life can all happen.  It will take a change of mindset.  I cannot happen without you consciously choosing a different method of healing than you currently have.  As you run your own personal experiments your depth and understanding and conviction will deepen.  As you practice natural healing you will come to know and understand more deeply.  It takes time to change your mind.

With practice your mind will grasp the healing more deeply.  As the toxicity leaves your body you will understand more fully and completely.  At first you are hopefully listening to my directions.  With time and understanding you will navigate on your own listening to your internal compass.  Watch the video interview below to learn and understand what is entirely possible with the desire and practice.  Choose it if you wish.  All things are a choice that are managed by the decisions and beliefs that you hold in your mind.  Just because it is possible or available to you does not mean that you must choose it either.  Your health and longevity are all your choice.

Raw Food Links and Recipes 

Here are some great sites to get videos and recipes if you want to be creative with your raw food choices:


07 Aug

The Keto Diet Assessment of A Vegan Personal Trainer

Keto diet hamilton, keto diet oakville, keto diet stoney creek, vegan personal trainer


All the information that you will find in the mainstream will actually keep you stuck inside the broken system.  The same broken system that has everyone gaining weight and getting sick.  You need to get new information to overcome whatever challenge you are facing.  Your thoughts, actions and behavior are creating your problems.  You can heal and change all with a Raw Food Lifestyle.  This short term experiment you are running right now is helping you to realize the truth.  By working through the process you will realize that healing is natural.  It happens from within you.  It is a choice and a decision that you must make.  A decision to let go of what you know and begin to learn something new.

The image above is a breakdown of the Keto diet.  This is the diet that is most in fad right now.  It is being pushed heavily in the world of health and fitness. The Keto diet is a perfect example of why we are all getting fatter and sick. Its poor information like this that is causing the rise in cancer, heart disease, diabetes and all chronic pains, ailments and problems.

You have to use logic to overcome the crappy information that is provided to us and even toted as being supported by science.

The comon recomended nutrition plan of the day is the keto diet. Many physicians will even support the science based and developed program. You have got to forgo much of the incorrect science to find the true science. The true science is pure and natural. You have to use your mind to see and know the truth.

Fruits and vegetables are best for your body. They are less than 10% fat. How can a diet that suggests you consuming 65-85% fat be healthy or good for you. The best food fir the growth and development of a healthy human being is mothers breast milk. At best that us only 3% protein. How can a diet that is 15-25% protein be healthy for you?


See the misinformation that is making people sick? Get back to your healthy raw food nutrition. Don’t be fooled by the big marketing dollars of the big food corporations and the pharmaceutical companies. They are the orchestrators of this unhealthiness.  Whether it’s intentional or just straight profitable makes no difference to me.  It doesn’t change the reality.  We all need to stop living a lifestyle that is making us fat and sick. You have got to stop believing all this crap that they say you need to be happy or healthy. Live, raw fruits and vegetables contain the highest nutrient content of all foods on our planet.  You don’t need protein.  You need amino acids.  All the amino acids are in the Live, Raw, Natural food.

Go vegan, get raw! Transition slowly. You can overcome your resistance, habit and behavior. it will take information, education, motivation, support and accountability. Send me a personal email if you need help to sift through all the rubbish:  Watch the video below with Luigi Serio.  He has had 30 years of raw food healing experience.  He has become a great resource for me on natural healing.  He is the creator of the Master Fast Healing system and has some fantastic natural detoxification herbs to help you speed up the process or overcome sticking points.   If you want to lose weight, heal pain or improve your performance you can.  You can do it and you can do it naturally.

Please post images of yourself or your raw food meals on my page.  Like my page Here if you haven’t done that yet!

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06 Aug

Good morning raw food warriors,

I have been a raw food healing junkie for the last 16 months.

I started by moving in the direction of alkalizing the body with live raw juice about 3 years ago.

Feeling the positive benefits of that I moved to a vegan lifestyle.

Recognizing the rapid changes that were happening in my body and life inspired me to continue to learn grow and study the world of healing.

I moved into raw food eating after reading a book called the Mucusless Diet by Dr. Arnold Ehret.

Dr. Ehret was a pioneer in the field of raw food healing.

His book was written in 1910 and has been recently updated and edited and republished by Professor Spira.

I will attach a live interview I had with Professor Spira below.

I will also provide you a digital copy of that book.

I have pursued the science of natural healing to the very top of the globe over the past 16 months and for me it has been a total unraveling of all misunderstandings with regards to health and wellness and “common knowledge.”

Do you ever feel like everything in the mainstream media contradicts itself?

Doesn’t it seem like for every scientific paper that exists on the subject of nutrition, health and wellness you can find another that seems to demonstrate the absolute opposite results?

Well after 27 years as a professional healer and coach I wanted to get the truth.  It just didn’t make sense to me that our creator would put us on this planet to be fat, in pain, sick, unhealthy and unhappy however that is all that I see.

Everyone is complaining about their weight, their health, their relationship or their finances.  We are all sent to the doctor to get prescribed a pill that is supposed to fix everything in our lives but it never does.  We return for more pills with more problems and we continue on until the problem turns into diabetes or cancer or heart disease or arthritis and obesity.  This is the cycle of life and it does not make sense.

All of this has been accepted as the aging process.  We are told it’s a part of life and I am here to say no.  Don’t believe what you have been told.  This is not the natural life cycle.  This is only the result of poor information that been taught to us and poor habit and behavior that has been developed and allow to continue for 30,40 or 50 years or more.

Think about that for a second.  50 years or more of bad habit….  How simple is that to break?  It’s not simple… But that is what i am suggesting is what needs to happen.  We need to make a paradigm shift.  We need to get back to what is actually normal and healthy and right for our bodies.  We need to begin to take a raw food approach to a healthy life!

Welcome to Rawgust!

One of my many ways to enter into the weight-loss and healing benefits of Raw food life!

Raw food healing is actually a two part system and method.  It is built around the ingestion of raw food only and it’s separated by moments of the world’s most undisputed powerful healing modality.  “The FAST”

Fasting is the greatest healer known to man.  If you observe an animal in nature it won’t eat when it becomes sick or get’s injured.  Just this week my daughter broke her humerus clean through.  It was broken at the end of the bone.  Her growth plate was broken clear off and had to be surgically reattached.  The surgery was a success on Friday night.  Today is Monday morning and she has barely eaten a thing since Thursday night.  She is tiny so it’s not that her body has a lot of fat reserves.  Her body is healing with all of the power it has inside.  It’s happening in the absence of food.  Her body does what it does most naturally when it wants to heal most.  It stops eating.

Here is a very simple outline of the program:

  1. Eat live raw food.
  2. Stay empty as long as you can

I would like you to start with a very late day breakfast.  Try to stay empty through the morning.  Contrary to what you have heard breakfast is the least important meal of the day.  I want you to skip it!  Coffee too if you can.  If you can get off of coffee and tea and alcohol for at least 6 days of the week that would be great!

Healing happens in emptiness.  Healing is normal and natural.  You body has always healed.  As we age the healing process happens more slowly.  Things start to hurt or get painful.  The body gets stiff.  It doesn’t have to.  It’s not that you are aging really.  It’s that you are getting acidic.  We can restore your youthful energy and vigor by restoring what is normal and natural in your body.

Let’s throw the reset switch by getting you empty for at least 14 hrs a day.  Let’s try to stretch that emptiness by 1 hr each week that you participate in the program.  Let’s combine emptiness with alkalinity to restore your perfect health.  The body at birth is alkaline and electric.  Our bodies will heal when we can get back to the most alkaline and electric foods and stay empty as long as we can.

The power to heal is within.  It is not something that comes from food or medication.  When you were a child if you cut yourself or got sick you just got better.  That is normal.  As you continued into adult hood you picked up more bad habits.  You ate more food than you needed.  You became less active.  You started into coffee and tea and alcohol.  All of your habits have contributed to a body that is trending towards the acid side of chemistry.

Rather than moving towards the natural alkaline state you have been trending away from that.  We need to bring you back to that.  Here is your free opportunity to test out the natural raw food healing power!

Try this little Raw food experience and see if what I’m saying is not absolutely true!

Try it for yourself.

Do it for 5 or 6 days or 7 days straight and allow yourself a little break with a cooked food meal and desert.

Try to stay empty every day for at minimum 14 hrs.

Try to extend you emptiness as long as you can.

Each week try to press your emptiness a little further.

Your body heals while it’s empty.  That’s when all of your bodies energy can be directed towards healing.  As long as you are digesting and creating enzymes your bodies resources are divided.  Healing can’t happen that way.  Healing requires your bodies full attention.  All of your focus and energy needs to be directed towards the process.  As you stand up to food and extend your emptiness you will regain power and control over food in your life.

Stop allowing food and cravings to take control of you.  You are in charge here.  You are the creator of your life.  You are the power in your life.  You have the power to heal or change anything that you wish.  You just need the right information, tools and circumstances to allow it all to happen.

Any Questions?

Send them through to me personally

I’ll have a lot of resources for you as we go.

Start here.

Eat fruits as much as you can.  They have the highest nutrients. They are the best for elimination.  They are the most electric.  They are alive and full of enzymes.  They are alkaline.  Do not worry about fruit sugar.  It’s the sugar your body needs.  I will explain all as we go!

Vegetables are second best.  Eat them as necessary.  They will help to fill you up and help you stay full.  They are also helpful for elimination and contain many nutrients.

Stay away from cooked and processed foods.  Meat and dairy, breads, pastas, starches are to be left alone.  Stay away for 5 or 6 or 7 days at least.  Give this experiment a real good go.  See what you can do.  See what it does for you.  That way you will really know.  This way you can really make a decision about what you need to do to change your life.

Let me tell you what it is…

You need to move towards live raw food nutrition.

I will provide you with a couple workout videos and “yoga like” workouts below.  they are important too!  You need to get your body active and moving if you haven’t been.  Your body needs activity!  Clearing toxicity is accelerated by movement.  Try to do 4 workouts each week if you can.  See the workout video’s below.  Gather all additional resources below also.

Please check your start up weight and measure your waist at the level of your belly button.

Provide me with that information to get started.

Start today or tomorrow.

Tell me your weight and your waist measurement at the belly button before you begin.

Choose live raw food and stay empty.

Do your workouts and email me any questions you may have.

Every day I want to hear from you on social media.  I want to get a shout out from you on Facebook and hear how you are doing.  Check in with a picture please.  Of yourself or your fruit meal or your salad or veggies.  Keep it raw and alive.  Alkaline and electric.  That is how live natural food is.  That is how you are.  All living things are Alkaline and electric.  All living things heal the same way.  By restoring the natural flow of life.

Just let me know what day of the raw food challenge you are on.

Let me know how you are thinking or feeling.

Share something with me or just post a picture.

It does not need to be profound or enlightening or even entertaining.

It can be if you are motivated to be.  Just do whatever you like.  I just want to maintain contact and communication with you.  I want to support anything that comes up for you.  I welcome questions and will do my best to answer as quickly as i can.  Sometimes I’ll just go live for a video anwer.  If i answer one person’s question then likely others will benefit.


Gaze into the sun if you can daily.  first thing in the morning as the sun rises is great and safe.  So is the setting sun as it again gets low in the sky.

Put your bare feet upon the ground if you can. 10-20 minutes each day is wonderful.

If you need water try to make it distilled water.

If you eat the most hydrating fruits you won’t need much water at all.

That’s another myth!

Drink distilled.

Get all your additional resources in the video messages and attached documents below to get started.  I will follow up with more.  This should allow you to get started.  Email me any questions you may have:

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Here Are Your Workouts For the Week!

03 Aug

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Hey boys and girls…

Are you up for a little Rawgust along with me?

It is just about the very best time of year to move into a raw food lifestyle. There are an abundance of fruits and vegetables around. Take your pick.

This is a fantastic time to make you’re very own mini experiment with Raw food. See for yourself. Do your own test. Does Raw food really do all that is promised?

Can it really heal or change your life?

…I know it does. Experiment this month and try for yourself. Take this Rawfood challenge along with me and a small group of renegade others that are ready to make some changes!

Here are my Free Raw food challenge rules.

1. Everyone starts on Monday.
2. You choose your level of commitment 7 days, 14 days, 21 days or 28 days. You may choose a 1 meal a week cooked food option.
3. You must like my page:
4. Each day you must post a picture of you or your fruit or vegetable meal and you need to give us some sort of update. Tag me on that picture. Tag Hi-End Fitness. Share your post on Hi-End fitness page. Let us know what day of the challenge it is. What day you are on. How long you are going for. How you are feeling.
5.You must stay off meat and dairy and grains and cooked foods for 7 or 14 or 21 or 28 days. Your choice. You may have 1 cheat meal each week.
6.Once a week you have to be accountable to me for your workouts, exercise or movement.
7.You can get your exercise or workouts from the hiendfitness page. Please share the workout you have done from the hiendfitness page to your page after you have completed it to confirm it has been done.
8.I will require your email address to register
9.You must confirm your interest by Saturday Evening at 5pm.
10.You will weigh yourself and measure yourself at the belly button at the start of Rawgust. You will weigh yourself and check your waist measurement every 6 days and email that report in to me.
11.If you have any questions just send me a personal message.
12.To register you must leave a positive message below and respond to someone else’s message with a gif of your choice.

Like the sounds of my Free Challenge that offers freedom, accountability and opportunity!  That’s great!L  I expect that this will be a small group effort.  Likely 10-20 people. Either reply to this email: and let me know you’re interested or go to my post and leave a message on my page at the link below.

Get Registered for Rawgust Here!