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25 Jul

There are 9 great ways to Take Some Action Today with Your Fitness and Wellness…

Take a look at your alternatives below & take some action today!


1. Beginner’s Only Body Transformation Program-  6 weeks introduction program.  Exercise 4 times a week for 30 minutes.  Track your food and create your own personalized nutrition plan for success!  Weigh-in weekly.  Get and stay motivated with a tag team of personal coaches.  Get everything you need to get back into your healthy lifestyle.  Dora & John will be there to support you every step of the way!

        Get More information about the 6 week Body Transformation Program Here Now!

2. Physiotherapy Benefits Coverage Program–  Do you have a work health benefits package?  Do you have a physiotherapy benefits package at work?  We work along with a licenced physiotherapist.  Our program is supervised by a professional therapist so that we can access benefit plans for our clients.  Do you have a sore, neck, back, knee, ankle, elbow, hip or something else?   If you do we can treat your pain and get you back into shape and it can be covered by our work health benefits program.

        Get More information about our Physiotherapy Based work health Benefits Program Here Now!

3. Single Parent Start up Special Offer– Are you a single Parent?  Dora and I have been married for 15 years we run our business together and we juggle our family life.  We know how challenging it is to do it all and we created our single parent special offer to support parents who are trying to do it all by themselves.  Check out our single parent 50% off special below

Get More information about our 50% off Single Parent Start up Offer Here Now!

 4. 1/2 Price Student Special– If you are a student then we know you are struggling to pay the bills.  If you are under 25 we want to do      something to support you getting started towards your health and wellness again.  Get all the information you need about our 1/2 price special below.

        Get More information about our 1/2 price Student Special Here Now!

5. In Home Personal Training Offer–  Do you have equipment at home that you are not using?  Would you like to get outfitted to exercise in the comforts of your own home? I can help you get equipment or I can help you get going at your home or in my private training studio.  We can help you in whatever way is best for you to get going again with you exercise and nutrition. Is there a gym in your condo?  Would you like to work with us but in your own gym or your own fitness facility?  You can even work with us while you are away on holidays.  Get all the details at the link below.

Get More information about In-home Personal Training Here Now!

6. On-line Personal Trainer– Wherever you are in the world you can join in with me and our workouts.  We have a camera in our club and we can turn it on and broadcast our studio workouts to you.  You can pick up our workouts on your mobile device or your laptop, tablet or ipad.  Join in with us from wherever you are.  We can hold you accountable to your food with our on-line food tracking app.  We can do weekly weigh-ins and hold you accountable on-line just as we do with our personal clients in the club.  Get more details at the link below!

Get More information about Our On-line Personal Training Program Here Now!

7. Let’s Book a Free Trial Session–  I will do a Free Trial Transformation Session with you to allow you an opportunity to see our program and try it out.  It will give you an opportunity to test drive our program and see if it’s a fit for you.  It will give me an opportunity to realize your current level of fitness and design a plan for you.  It will give us an opportunity to discuss all details and see if our program is right for you.  Get more details at the link below!

Book a Free Trial Transformation Session or Get More Information about this Free Opportunity Here Now!

8.  Get  Our Free E-book & Get Onto Our Email List–  Want to check us out from afar first?  Want to get to know us a little before you take a forward step?  That’s great!  Get our start up nutrition and exercise book.  You can start eating better right now.  You can start doing some exercise today.  There really is no better way to know us then to follow us on Facebook or get registered for our email list.  You can get registered for our email list below and receive our e-book below!  Exercise and nutrition inside!

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9.Follow Me On Facebook–  You can follow us on our page and get to know us better.  Get motivated.  Watch our live broadcasted workouts.  Get nutrition tips recipes and everything you need to stay on track for success!  Whether you want to get back into it or just find out more about us Facebook is a super way to do it!

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22 Jul

Before I was a Vegan Personal Trainer I was a meat eating bodybuilder!  I used to eat a dozen eggs for breakfast and a dozen before bed.  That was 20 years ago now. Take a look below…

“Coming from a back ground in Body Building had me convinced about the needs for animal protein.  After 30 years of believing that myth and over eating protein I started to encounter a great deal of pain in my body.  I had pain, digestive problems, sleep issues, food addictions, mood swings, an over growth of yeast in my body and a bodyweight that was creeping up each year.  I thought it was just old age starting to set in as I approached 45.  Now that I have been a vegan bodybuilder for the past couple of years I realize the truth.  Our bodies don’t really need Protein at all.”

At the root of every problem is an incorrect thought. The problems with health and wellness in our society are no different. There are a series of incorrect thoughts that are holding you back from achieving the very best version of you.

One thought that is really standing in your way is the idea that your body needs protein. The truth is it doesn’t. Your body needs amino acids. All of the amino acids can be found prevelant within your fruits and vegetables.

Let go of this thought that’s standing in your way and see what happens to your life. Do it slowly. Allow time for transition. A transitional diet is essential. You do not need to do this overnight. Give yourself 3 months to a year to make this switch.

As you begin to see progress your motivation will grow. Work towards your vegan lifestyle goals during the week and relax and indulge on the weekends. Try to stay meat free during the week or how about protein focused dinner meals only? Slowly and gradually remove the negative programming from your life.

Now I’m not the same size I was 20 years ago but i don’t need or want to be either.  I don’t life heavy weights any more and I don’t think you need to either.  What you need is some regular exercise.  20-30 minutes 4 times each week.  It doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated either.  Join me live on my Facebook page every Tuesday and Thursday morning for Morning workout @ 730.  If you can’t make the workout live you can do whenever you are free.  you can do On-line from the comforts of your own home.

Like my page to catch my next workout!

Get some more details about my Program here!

See one of my morning workouts below:

Morning Yoga sessions at 7am.  Morning workouts at 730am.  See Morning Yoga below.  I like to call it my “Quiet Practice”



19 Jul

Vegan nutrition, Vegan Personal trainer, Vegan life burlington

Fitness, Nutrition, Personal training can change your life.  Vegan life is what you need and you can get it right here in Burlington in a Private training studio.  Just ask yourself one question?  Are you ready to make a change?

Weight-loss, Anti-aging, Life extension, Healing, Improving performance is all possible. Restore your youthful passion, energy and desire naturally.

No drugs, no pills, no potions, no gimmicks. Exercise, raw natural nutrition and personal development. You can’t get somewhere new doing the same old things.

It’s a change of mindset that we need. Information, motivation and accountability. You got to do something you’ve never done to go somewhere you’ve never been!

Get more information about our program on our Facebook Page.  View our live on line workouts and so much more…

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02 Jul

Personal trainer in Hamilton, Personal trainer in Oakville, Personal Trainer in Stoney Creek, Personal Trainer in Ancaster

Hi guys!

Dora and I hope you had a nice Canada day!

We hope you are enjoying your extended weekend festivities.

Happy Canada day from the dePass family!

Today we are going away for a short family holiday.

We will be spending the next few days up in Collingwood.

We will be back on Thursday night!

Fitness Burlington, Gym Burlington, Personal Training in Oakville

Semi-Private group training sessions will resume on Friday July 6th @ 6am

Friday morning will be our regular routine schedule.

While we are away you can take advantage of our Summer Holiday Special Offer!

From now until I return home on Thursday evening at 6pm you can take advantage of this.

Summer Holiday Special Offer!

This is a time sensitive special offer.

This deal is ONLY available while we are away on family vacation.

This deal will END as soon as 3 people register in it.

This deal will END promptly at 6 pm on Thursday July 5th.

From now until then this offer is live.

If the link is active & it is before Thursday July 5th @ 6pm you can take advantage of this special.

For the next few days only… If you purchase my 6 weeks Beginner’s Only Body Transformation

Challenge you will get 3 weeks free!

That’s 9 weeks access for the price of 6 weeks.

That’s 9 weeks of Coaching, Motivation and Accountability over the summer.

That’s 4 times a week access to our private training studio.

Our private studio is located in our home.  We live down on the Lakeshore.  Right here in Burlington

Between Guelph Line and Walker’s Line.

Show up for your workouts 4 times a week for 30 minutes!

Track everything you eat in our on-line calorie and macro-nutrient counting app. you can download

for your mobile device.  As long as you track your food we can see what you’re eating.

Each week we’ll weigh you in on our scale.

That’s how we can hold you accountable to your food.

We’ll see what you’ve eaten and we will see the results on the scale.

Each week we will be able to make recommendations for you to apply the following week.

We will work back and forth together with you personally to customize your nutrition.

Let’s figure out how many calories, protein, carbs and fats are ideal for you.

Let’s determine your personal fat-burling code.

Let’s unlock the secret to you losing this weight and keeping it off for the rest of your life!

Get my Exclusive Beginner’s Only Body Transformation Special before Thursday July 6th @ 6pm

And you will receive absolutely free!

3 weeks complete club access.

All the mindset coaching, motivation, accountability and support you need to make a change in

your life for good this time!

Want to get more program details or information?

Want to get registered in the program?

Click the appropriate link down below to get more information or register in my

Summer Holiday Special Offer!

Ladies Get More Information Here Now!

Men Get More Information Here Now!