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Burlington nutrition and weight loss program

If you just finished my 7 day diet then there is a good chance that there is a picture of you below!  Take a look at my top 15 transformations from last week right here on this page.

If you liked the 7-day diet then you will love my 6 weeks to total success in 2018.  Check out the transformations and some details about my new program that starts up next week Monday February 12th.

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Jessie in the video above had already lost 24 pounds exercising and alkalizing her body and life over the past year!  Last week she dropped another 6 pounds following the 7 day diet!

Last week I launched my brand new completely free on-line nutrition, exercise and behavior modification program.  The 7 day diet started last week Monday or Tuesday for the top 15 body transformations posted below.  All of the participants in the program were asked to try their best to participate fully in the program for 3-7 days.  Every one in the program was given the choice as to how long they wanted to comply completely with the program.

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Monique is pleased with the rapid progress she made in 6 days. She lost 9 pounds and 1 inch off her waist using the 7 day diet.

The program was designed to give everyone a free opportunity to try a completely alkalizing nutrition and lifestyle program for 3-7 days and see the results.  Alkalizing your body has many (including Tom Brady) claiming that they can not only lose weight fast but also raise their energy, reduce their pain, gain mental clarity and heal or prevent disease. I think that the claims of the alkalization process are so grand that many people just dismiss them as untruth and don’t do any further exploration.  Well the truth is that the process of alkalizing your body is even more magical than all the claims. I set out to show that to everyone that participated in the 7 day diet.

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Melissa had already lost 53 pounds in the last 5 months working out in our program so she was amazed that when she cracked down with the 7 days diet that she lost 6 more pounds in 5 days!

I created the 7 day diet to allow people to see that they could change their lives in a short week if they wanted to.  I created the program as an experiment for participants to test the alkalization process for free against a lifetime of acidic behavior…  You see just about everything that we think, say, do and eat creates acidocis in our bodies.  We have accepted routine behaviors as normal and healthy that actually contributing to our weight gain.

Lose weight in burlington Fitness center

Dorthy lost 5 pounds in 6 days on the 7 day diet!

We are slowly adding to our body fat, reducing our joy, happiness and energy and creating pain and disease in our bodies with our day to day thoughts, words and behaviors.  The 7 day diet was created to give people an short term opportunity to test whether or not 3-7 days of full alkalization would have an effect on that?  You can see all the positive results of what people found with their short experience on this page.

Lose weight fast in burlington gym

Andrew lost 6 pounds and 1.5 inches off his waist in 4 days following the 7 day diet!

Check out all the transformation images I have collected for you here.  I got them all last week after I launched the 7 day diet.  If that doesn’t prove to you that the alkalization process can create dramatic and rapid changes in your life then I don’t think anything will.  Many people are sitting on the fence waiting to hear “peer reviewed studies” before they will try something.  If you are one of these people then this program is probably not for you…  I suggest you stop wasting your time waiting for concrete proof before you start taking your weight loss, your energy and your well being back under you’re control.  Let all the positive results on this page inspire you.  Now take this next step with me to explore a deeper understanding of this entire process and start really applying it in your life this time!  Wheat else could this mean for your life?  I say a great deal more.  Jump on board with my pioneer program I am just about to launch.  Get started today for 50% off and be one of my first 12 participants.

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Lisa has been working out for a couple of months but just broke through this week with the 7 day diet. She lost 7.5 pounds in 6 days and was really excited when I saw her.

My 7 day diet is just an on-line extension of my physical work as a professional trainer for the past 27 years.  I believe if you really want to change your life it’s something you can do in an instant.  It’s a decision you can make right now!  The problem is that most people are living with decisions that they made when they were in their twenties, in their teens and for many even younger.  Once a thought, idea or a behavior gets into your subconscious mind it gets repeated in your life daily without you even knowing about it any more.  You begin to believe and accept your thoughts and behavior as just your nature.  “the way you are.”  The truth is that you can change the way you are is a very short time with a total body and life transformation process like 6 weeks to total success!

Check out the top 15 transformations from last week from my customers and contacts who made some food and behavior changes to create quick alkalization in their bodies last week using the 7 day diet for free!

If you just finished the 7 day diet and you want to continue your progress and build on that momentum then you want to check out my new 6 weeks to total success in 2018.

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Doug wearing red lost 7 pounds and 1.5 inches from his waist. Doug said his cravings were minimal and he participated in the program with ease.

Does all this rapid change and success prove to you that there must be something to the alkalization process?  Hopefully it will inspire you to commit to your own personal experiments and decide once and for all for yourself if it works for you. Get all the information you need to understand this process fully.  Realize the incorrect ideas about nutrition and energy that you have that are standing in your way.  Learn how to love yourself and utilize your deepest root energy in your life in my brand new 6 weeks to total success!

Now I want to be very clear with you that not all of the success in the 7 day diet is just because of nutritional changes.  Absolutely not!  While nutrition changes are a huge part of the process it’s not only nutritional change that is going to heal your entire life.  Exercise,  thought management, spoken words, and behavior modifications are also apart of creating rapid changes in your life.   Do you want to make some quick changes in your weight, your energy, your self esteem or your pain?  Would you like to see some changes in all aspects of your life?  Would you like to continue the progress you just made with the 7 day diet?  Then you want to one of my first 12 people to get into my 6 weeks to total success program for 50% off!

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If you realized the benefits of alkalization this week with the 7 day diet and made the connection to the true power in your life then you may now be inspired to take your new found energy and direct it out into the rest of your life.  Are you ready to make some serious changes in 2018?   My new 6 weeks to total success in 2018 is your ideal opportunity to create change in your life.  Use nutrition, exercise, mindset and behavior changes to completely change your entire world over the next 6 weeks.  Get clear about what it is that you really want?  Do you want to lose weight?  How much?  We can do it!  Do you want to tone up?  Do you want to get your sexy self back?  I’ve got the motivation to raise your energy daily, the accountability to keep you on track and the thought and behavior modifications you need to learn and adopt into you life to create rapid success in your health, wellness, relationships, your career or your finances.  Learn real life skills that you can start to implement daily to identify and eliminate your limited beliefs.  Get clear about what you really want to create in 2018.  Borrow some energy from a professional coach that walks that walk daily.

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Jason has been stuck at the same weight for a few months until last week. He lost 9 pounds in 6 days on the 7 day diet. He was super excited about the big jump in his weight loss and also about all the extra energy he had for his workouts.

Don’t make the mistake of chalking up your results to calories in and calories out.  I promise you that is not what is making these incredible results.  Ask all the people that followed the diet this week and they will all tell you the same thing… They were all totally surprised by how easy it was to follow the program.  Everyone told me that they could not believe they had more energy following their 7 day diet than they did normally.  I hear this all the time from people who actually try out the alkalization process.  It’s not just calorie restriction that creates these rapid changes!  The mainstream view of calories, and protein, carbohydrate grams and energy are so off track that those ideas have a lot of people trapped in a body that keeps getting heavier and heavier every year.  There are so many people living a lives that feel plain, dull or unfulfilling.  My 6 weeks to total success program will teach you how to overcome the incorrect limited beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward.  I’m going to show you how to get really excited about your entire life again!

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Lose weight fast in Burlington gym

Terry lost 7 pounds and 2 inches off his waist in 6 days! He says his energy is way up and he feels more positive about things that usually have him worried. He was also pleased that the 7 day diet also saved him money on groceries.

If you eat just track it with the app and I will be able to hold you accountable to your food for the next 6 weeks!  Want to lose 13-27 pounds really quick?  I want to help you do that with my new 6 weeks to total success program.  Learn 25  different things you can do daily to maximize your results and create dramatic changes in your health, your weight and your life!  See the benefits of working with a professional coach for a fraction of the cost. Stay motivated!  Be accountable to someone.  Split your coaching cost among 12 others. Work on-line from the comforts of your own home.  Learn simple real life applications that will transform your life in minutes per day. Take advantage of this 50% off introduction offer to my brand new program.  See and learn the secrets i’ll be sharing with my clients to radically change their lives this year!

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Weight loss expert in Burlington

Dave just got started with exercise, nutrition and motivation 7 days ago and already lost 6 pounds. He was really pleased with his progress last week!

Get your workouts provided for you on video.  Do them at your own gym or in the comforts of your own home.  This entire program will be on-line so you can participate in it from anywhere in the world.  Get your yoga and your flexibility.  I will meet you on-line every Monday night to provide you with motivation, information, directions and hold you accountable.  We will meet on-line for an hour.  I will take you through a guided meditation directly focused on helping your realize and overcome any limited beliefs that are holding you back!

If you just finished the 7 day diet and you have reconnected to the truth and healing benefits of this program then my 6 weeks to total success is exactly what you need to understand all the mystery.  Why do we need to change our food choices? Why do we need to change our water? Why do we have to change our words? What thoughts, habits and and behaviors are actually holding us back and why?.  When you get all the information you will understand the why…  you’ll have the knowledge and information that you need to get your sexy back.  After you understand the information that you will get in this program you won’t have to struggle to lose weight ever again!

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Deb lost 9 pounds and 2 inches off of her waist following the 7 days diet. She said she wasn’t hungry and was surprised by how steady and available her energy was!

As a professional trainer for my entire life I hear people complain about their diet and not getting the results they want all of the time.  I have created this program to solve all of that for you.  Once you get the truth.  Once you understand what is really going on.  Once you actually apply these simple behavior items into your day you are going to feel so much better that you just aren’t going to want to go back to your same old negative behavior that has you trapped.

Weight loss nutrition program in Burlington gym

Cyndi lost 6 pounds in 7 days moving to a more alkaline lifestyle.

Are you ready to make some serious changes in your health, your weight, your energy, your life in 2018?  Get registered in my 6 weeks to total success in 2018 today!  The program will start up next week.  Monday February 12th at 830 pm we will kick off the program.  Every week on Monday night at 830 pm we will meet on-line again for more content, motivation, information and life changing guided meditation.  Meet on-line every Monday night for 6 weeks.  Do your homework in between meetings.  Follow your emails and daily assignments and watch what happens to everything in your life.  If you can’t make it to an online meeting don’t worry.  All meetings will be recorded and provided to you in your daily information emails.

Weight loss nutrition program in Burlington Gym

Jeremy lost 5 pounds in 5 days following the 7 day diet!

Getting Alkaline really means coming back to your most natural state.  All living things are alakaline and electric.  Our nervous system requires us to conduct nerve impulses in order to move and to feel.  That is an electric process.  Life as we know it can be changed dramatically and rapidly if we apply some simple science.  We can alakalize and restore our physiology for success.  We can alter our personal internal science within a few short hours with food and behavior changes.  You can, I can we all can come back to our most natural most powerful selves and from that space we can create positive changes in ALL aspects of our life.

Lose weight fast with burlington Nutrition program

Courtney has lost 10 pounds in the last 30 days moving towards a more alkaline nutrition plan, exercise and motivation. She is super excited about what has already happened for her!

With the right information and motivation you can keep that going and build upon it.  Your most natural state is reconnected to your deepest essence.  We all need to reconnect with our divine energy.  That is your most passionate self.  We all need to learn how to apply that love into our lives.  Love is the energy of our universe.  It is the root power of our passion and our desire.  Learn how to apply the power of love fully in your life to enjoy your days and propel your relationships and your career.  If you have just made some rapid changes to your weight and life then take this next step with me.  Don’t fall off track now.  Let me keep you moving forward.  Let’s build on what you have just already completed this past week!

Joe had already lost 35 pounds in our program before he started the 7 day diet. 5 days after he started he had lost 7 pounds more! Joe told me he was surprised how easy it was to follow the program.

If you are ready to make some serious changes this year then jump on board with me next week in my 6 weeks to success program.  Send me a personal email if you have questions or need any additional information.

Get more details about the program or get registered here!