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30 Jul

Bootcamp and personal training in Burlington Gym

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my new Detox and Healing program!

I have just completed my first 30 days of detoxification.  I have been following, studying and applying the work of Dr. Arnold Ehret.   His very organized body of work is clearly documented and outlined.  From his perspective at the beginning of the 1900’s his clinical research as well as other major clinical researchers at the time was really ignored by the medical community.  In his opinion the medical community chose to focus on other theories at the time that were actually incorrect assumptions because that incorrect information was more profitable.

It’s my opinion now after a 30 day detoxification of my own where I lost 15 pounds and almost 3 cm’s from my waist, eliminated my pain, cured my sleep problems that have lasted for over 17 years altered my mood and noticed a marked change in the clarity of my thought and purpose on the planet.

This detox has really been a life changer for me and as a result i feel it necessary to alter the things that I say and do to the best of my abilities.  I feel it is necessary to correct the errors of my past.  I must take responsibility for sharing for years the information about protein requirements.  I have done a 180 degree turn on this topic and I believe it is my responsibility to correct it.  I personally have told 1000’s of people to eat more meat and strive to hit their protein requirements.  This was a mistake of huge proportions.  This is my attempt to get back into alignment with true healing.

Check out this information video below from Dr. Morsey

If this information sharing is inspiring you then I would encourage you to jump into this free 30 day group cleanse opportunity that I am going to do.  This is apart of my healing process.  I need to correct my errors.  I need to share truth. I need to heal myself and I need to help as many people around me as I can to heal and i need to do that for FREE!

Who is this free program for?

  • If you would like to do a 7-30 day detox then let’s do it together!
  • If you would like to lose 7-15 pounds this month.
  • If you would like to overcome your pain.
  • If you would like to experiment with the possibility of healing your chronic disease or at least begin healing it.
  • If you would like to experiment with the possibility of stopping your medications from your doctor and taking a holistic approach to whatever ailment you have.
  • if you are depressed or anxious
  • if you want to start exercising but lack motivation.
  • If you want to take complete control of your health and wellness and future

We will start up next week Monday night August 7th at 7pm.  We will meet on-line.  All those that are interested in doing this detox program with us needs to send me a personal email in the next 7 days.  Email me here: john@hiendfitness.com.

We will start with all of us doing a little content and information sharing on-line next Monday.

I will be providing workouts in the mornings before workout at 630 or 7am.  I will be providing workouts in the evenings on-line at 7pm or 730 pm.  The workouts will be 30 minutes in length.

You will be able to participate fully in the workouts if you have the following equipment at home:

  • Dumbbells- You will need a light pair a medium pair and a heavy pair.  Choose what is appropriate for you.  If you need to discuss what is right for you we can talk over email and arrange a call if further information is required.
  • Swiss-ball- Get the appropriate size for you if you don’t have one.  45cm, 55cm, or 65 cm’s should do.  Ball size is determined by height.  \
  • Medicine balls- 4,6,8 or 10 pound balls will be great
  • Barbell- Great addition to your home gym if you don’t have one.  All the exercises we can do with barbells could be done with dumbbells if you don’t have a barbell.  Barbells allow us to use greater resistance on the body.  Beginners will not need a barbell if they do not have one.
  • Exercise Mat

We will meet for follow up on-line information calls and content over the 30 days period. We will do that Saturday afternoons at 12pm.  If you cannot make it to live calls then they will be recorded and shared with the group.

Everyone will be able to share their experiences and results on our live calls.  We can discuss any questions or provide any additional information or encouragement that’s required.

Please share your experiences good or bad.  Let’s share information to determine the validity of this detox body of work.

I will be available on-line to everyone in the group for nutrition, exercise or mindset coaching encouragement for the 30 day period.  You will be able to direct messages or questions to me through email or Facebook direct message.

I will commit to supporting all group members over the next 30 days.

If you are interested in our free detoxification group.

If you would like to at least gather all the most current detox information that we are sharing please send me a personal email as soon as you can.  I would like to have 10 people committed to this group experience for a minimum of 7 days.  If you like your results as much as I do then you may want to continue cleansing after the 30 days.

I am ready to commit more deeply to my next 30 days along with you all.

Send me a message today if you would like to join our free detox, nutrition, exercise and on-line coaching group!

Message me here:  john@hiendfitness.com

24 Jul

I used to have a different opinion about health and wellness when I was 20 then I do now at 45.

Now my health and wellness is not only about looking my best.  Now it’s more about feeling and performing at my best.

Now my health and wellness is more about self management or self mastery.  Now I want to be in my best space all the time so that I can be most effective with my customers, with my wife, my family and with my friends.

Now my health really means having energy and positive emotion.  I need patience and presence wherever I am and with whatever I’m doing.

For me now total health means being happy, focused and aware…

I’m so busy in my life now that I just don’t have time for error.  I need to be in the right place and at the right time all of the time.

Now my health and wellness is really apart of my entire life.  To make it into a lifestyle you’ve got to commit.  You’ve got to anchor it into your entire life.  When what you want and what you do come into alignment you achieve wellness.

A space where your deepest root energy is in alignment with the things in your life that are most important to you!

When you align your thoughts words and actions together information, opportunity and insight are made available to you. Your body and life are filled with energy and joy!

Please allow me to influence you with some information that has been shared with me.

Move your life closer towards what is most natural. Reduce meat intake.  Eat more live raw food.  Start moving.  Begin fasting.  Let’s talk about what you should do personally to ensure your continued health and wellness.

Send me a personal email john@hiendfitness.com to begin a little conversation.  Check out some information at the link below.

Listen to some information sharing here


23 Jul

Good morning Health and Wellness nuts!

I wanted to get a quick message out to everyone today before Dora and I went out to walk the dog.  We always do that on Sunday mornings.  I was working out with my workout partner Rob Barham this week.  He’s a super high energy guy. Rob is getting ready for the World Master’s JuJitsu championships coming up next month in Los Vegas.  We’ve been filming our workouts and sharing them on Facebook to help motivate and inspire his friends as well as mine!  Check out a clip from our workout below.

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Rob is practicing a couple of hours of JuJitsu daily.  He’s coming in for a workout with me 2 times each week and on top of that he’s doing yoga and meditation with his girl friend a couple times each week.  This guy is just like a tiger when it comes to his mindset so I had to ask him what his secret was for showing up with such a focused, driven mental space each and everyday.

He said his secret is his morning affirmations.  Rob says he gears himself up in the mornings with a positive affirmation statement.  He says he has it laminated and taped to the wall in his shower.  That way every morning when he gets up he can see and say the words that get him into a successful space for his day.

I thought that was important information.  I thought since I’m always harping on mindset that it would be great for all my contacts to get a copy of Rob’s positive affirmation statement.  He personally designed it himself.  He wrote it for himself. He thought about the things that were most important to himself and he wove them into a statement.  Something he can memorize and say to himself when he needs to be in his strongest place.  I told him that was a brilliant idea and asked if i could get a copy of it to share with my friends.

Now this is a proven successful affirmation statement that is being used daily in preparation for a world championship appearance.  Try it out if you would like or be inspired by it to write your own.  Rob shared with me that when he says it out loud to himself in the shower he reads it slowly and allows each line to sink into his body emotionally.  He realizes that every cell of his body needs to come to this vibration. Check out Rob’s positive affirmation statement below:

I love his approach to success!  It’s the same one that all the most successful people in the world use.  It’s a proactive approach to creating the life that you want.  It’s taking responsibility for your outcomes.  It’s adopting a total mind, body consciousness approach to your fitness and wellness.

I also have a very organized morning ritual for getting myself into the right state to support myself and those around me best.  I use a system that I have designed from conversations with and following some of the most successful people in our world today!

Bootcamp and Weight-loss in Burlington gym

  • Do you need some help getting back into your fitness routine again?
  • Would like to get into it this time for good?
  • Have you had trouble in your past with making your fitness and wellness a total lifestyle?

Then you may be ready to make a new commitment.  A real commitment to yourself.  A commitment to achieving your absolute best!  To really make your routine stick you need to get into harmony with it.  You need to anchor your fitness into every single aspect of your life.  If you are ready to do this then send me a message today!

Message me here:  john@hiendfitness.com

Let’s strike up a little conversation.

Get Caught up @hiendfitness

16 Jul



Female personal trainer and Bootcamp instructor in Burlington Gym

What if they just goofed?

What if they just missed this one?

It could have been overlooked…

When our modern medicine started to develop in the early 1920’s and 30’s antibiotics and anti-inflammatory’s where just discovered.  We got into the habit of treating the symptoms of our disease.  We drifted looking at our bodies as a whole.  It is not possible to treat a symptom in our bodies without upsetting the whole.

As Allopathic Medicine became the norm old methods of health and wellness were forgotten.  I believe some of the old traditional health practices really need to come back into fashion.

Now more than ever our bodies need to rid itself of mucus, puss, bacteria, heavy metals, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, toxicity of all kinds, pain and inflammation. We are humans however we are animals first. We do have primal behavior.  Behavior that is essential to normal natural body function.

What is Primal behavior and why is it important?

Primal behavior is animal behavior. Things that are normal and natural.  Things that happen without thought.  Have you ever noticed what your dog does first thing in the morning?  It lifts it’s tail bone and presses through its front paws to stretch.  This is a natural, normal primal behavior for dogs.  It is apart of a healthy dogs healthy routine.  If this behavior does not happen, with time it will cause a deterioration in the animals health.

Humans crawl before we stand up.  We pull ourselves up before we begin to walk. It’s natural, normal and essential. Before we crawl we work on spinal extension while we are in our crib. It’s the first thing we start to do.  We do it repetitively to develop our strength.  It is a prerequisite to sitting up and then crawling.  We need to do it.

It’s essential behavior that must occur before we can walk.

So many other movements are developed from the basic spinal extension.  Spinal extension is a fundamental movement. If anything interrupts this primal movement then something is bound to go wrong within the human.  If we don’t learn spinal extension we would never be able to crawl or stand up or walk.  Our most initial behaviors are fundamental to our normal natural health and well-being.  Our early movements are primal.  We need them to continue to move forward with our natural development.

If foundational movements are not addressed then deterioration is eminent.

Deterioration can happen in different systems and can produce a variety of symptoms in the body.  At the root the problem is really that there has been an elimination of an important behavior or a movement. Something essential is missing… If something natural is missing then eventually we will begin to break down.  We need to gain some insight, information, knowledge, understanding to correct the problem.

Some of the problems we are currently having with our health maybe a result of somethings that we have stopped doing. Before we got so consumed with antibiotics and antinflamatories what were we doing?  It could be that we need to return to some of these ancient health and wellness habits. If something from the past was essential but we have forgotten it then not doing it would have negative effects on our health.  Omitting a behavior that we need could manifest itself negatively in our lives in a variety of ways.

Anxiety, depression, pain, numbness, headaches, excess mucous, loss of mobility, altered posture, digestive problems, sleep issues, elimination problems, temperature issues, energy trouble, mood inconsistencies, mental health issues, toxicity of all kinds, inflammation, addiction and loss of motivation, weight gain, poor nutrition habits or inability to lose weight could all be a result of some negative behavior or missing behavior.

We all need to get back to our most natural health.  We need to eliminate the unnatural behavior from our bodies and lives.

One super ancient forgotten behavior is Nasal Rinsing.  Are you familiar with it?  Take a look at the video below if you are not.

I had never been exposed to the idea of nasal rinsing until the last month.  Apparently this ancient health and wellness practice is thousands of years old.  It’s something we used to do.  It’s something we have drifted away from.

What I noticed after a couple of weeks of practicing nasal rinsing is that having a clogged sinus cavity can severely limit your energy and success.  It can lead to pain and tightness in the head or neck, lack of energy, frustration, hopelessness, lack of motivation, loss of focus, foggy head and sleeplessness.  You may be so accustomed to these discomforts that you have learned to live with them.  Reintroducing the sinus irrigation to my life has been a real game changer in my energy, my sleep and the way I’m feeling moment to moment.

The over secretion of mucous and inflammation in your body can also be reduced by making some simple nutritional changes and using natural ingredients.  Moving closer towards a complete plant based nutrition plan is a great way to reduce toxicity from your body.

Fasting is another ancient behavior that can be added back to our lifestyle to create rapid changes in our lives.  14-16 hours a day will be very helpful in restoring your most natural health and wellness.

We have got to be proactive with our health.  We have to remain open minded.  Don’t let yourself get old.  Old is what happens when you think you know all the answer’s.  Kids are always learning guys.  Look again at your situation a second or third time.  If you make optimal health your true intention you will find the way for you.  There are so many ideas out there for health and wellness. Everyone has an opinion. The truth is that our health is deteriorating.  Perhaps we need to reconsider some of our normal health practices.  Perhaps we have to question what has become our normal healthy behavior.

Fasting 14-16 hrs a day is one of my most current health recommendations for anyone experiencing any of the negative health effects listed above.  This is a terrific start up goal for fasting.  The benefits of fasting are endless.  There are so many negative beliefs associated  with fasting.  They are just not true.  They have all been discredited and documented with scientific study.  See a great list of studies below that discount most of the negative beliefs surrounding fasting:

  1. In a study conducted at the University of Nottingham (Nottingham, England),
    researchers found that when they made 29 men and women fast for 3 days, their
    metabolic rate did not change. This is 72 hours without food. So much for needing
    to eat every three hours.
  2. In another study performed at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, men and
    women who fasted every other day for a period of 22 days experienced no decrease in
    their resting metabolic rate.
  3. In addition, a study published in 1999 found that people who were on very low calorie
    diets and on a resistance exercise program (i.e. lifting weights) did not see a decrease
    in resting metabolic rate, and these people were only eating 800 Calories a day for 12
  4. In another interesting study published in the aptly-named journal ‘Obesity Research’,
    women who ate half the amount of food that they normally eat for three days saw no
    change in their metabolism, either.
  5. In still more studies, performed on men and women between the ages of 25 and 65,
    there was no change in the metabolic rate of people who skipped breakfast, or people
    who ate two meals a day compared to seven meals per day.
  6. In a study published in 2007, ten lean men fasted for 72 hours straight. At the end of
    their fast their energy expenditure was measured and found to be unchanged from the
    measurements that were taken at the beginning of the study – Yet another example
    showing that fasting does not decrease or slow one’s metabolism.

The bottom line is that food has very little to do with your metabolism. In fact, your metabolism is much more closely tied to your body-weight than anything else.  Your metabolism is almost exclusively tied to your Lean Body Mass. This means all the parts of your body that are not body fat.

In fact, many people stumble onto fasting when they very first attempt to lose weight, and they usually see some success. They only give up on fasting after being convinced that it is bad and wrong by anti-fasting propaganda.  Fasting is of course not helpful for the food industry.

Let’s get you back to a healthier higher energy version of yourself

Make that your intention.  Reduce or eliminate any unnatural behavior from your life. Begin to move towards the natural in every part of your life.  Get your body moving again with an organized whole body strengthening approach.  Be consistent. Your body needs consistent movement.  Get into a natural, whole food, plant based nutrition plan.  Eat as much of your food as you can raw.  Take your thoughts and words seriously.  Don’t Play roulette with your health.  Unskilled thoughts words and actions are at the root of any health and wellness issues you have.

With so many different opinions available out there we all need to be proactive with our health. Check out the funny video below.  Look at the very drastically different opinions on health it reveals. No one can be responsible for your health except you.  I am convinced that almost all of our pain and disease can be healed naturally.  I think many of us are stuck in an Allopathic viewpoint and can benefit from considering a more Holistic approach.

Message me if you want to talk about your nutrition, your exercise or your mindset. This is the Holistic approach.  This is taking personal responsibility for your health.  I believe It’s all a part of creating the best version of you.

Email me here to arrange a little conversation:  john@hiendfitness.com

08 Jul

Personal training and bootcamp in Burlington Fitness Center

Do you have a deep feeling inside your guts that something is just not right?

Can you tell by what’s going on in your life?

Do you see inconsistencies?  Do you see things repeating themselves again and again?

When things are repeated for us it’s because we have not learned the lesson we were supposed to from them the first time.  If you are starting to see or feel this uncertainty in your life you may be reaching the ceiling of your world view.  It could be time for a change of paradigm.

Maybe you are ready to make the quantum leap in your life.  It’s time to step out of the psychological box you have found yourself in.

It’s been almost 100 years now since the science of Quantum Physics was discovered.  It was initiated by the work of Albert Einstein, Max Plank and Robert Koch.  Einstein got all the public adoration.

Imagine that the information that was realized by just a few men 100 years ago is now becoming mainstream.  Imagine that it took 100 years for an idea that has monumental ramifications in the understanding of life as we know it to be received and understood by we the lay people.

That is the magnitude of the idea that quantum physics brought to our world.  The effects of that work have been unknowingly influencing every aspect of our lives ever since.

The incredible progress in technology and design that has occurred in the past century are owed to the understanding we are realizing from the study of Quanta.

Female trainer, in-home personal trainer, Bootcamp in Burlington Fitness Center

If you have a feeling that you are missing something…  It’s likely here that you will be able to find your answers.

Are you one of those people who has a hard time with other people’s ideas or opinions that are in direct opposition of yours?  According to Quantum Physics you may need to be a little less attached to life as you know it.

Maybe things aren’t exactly as you think they are.

…And is that such a bad thing anyway?

If you aren’t full-filled with things as they are now then wouldn’t it be great if there was an alternative view that could settle all of that for you?

No one can make you change your mind.  Only you can do that.

Here is a little scientific evidence that indicates that you may need to let go at least a little bit of your current understanding.

Most people see things as either black or white.  They either fit in this hole or that one.

At the turn of the 20th century the scientists in the world of physics were finally able to look closely at atomic particles. Now we had microscopes and scientific experiments that allowed us to actually look at aspects of ourselves and our life that previously invisible to the naked eye.

Female personal Trainer in-home personal trainer in Burlington Fitness Center

Plank, Einstein and Koch were all studying light and its behavior.

The scientific community was divided.  Up until the turn of the century light was thought to travel in waves.  Numerous scientific studies had demonstrated that fact.  Building on previous research Plank, Einstein and Koch were studying the behavior of electrons and were collecting data that was in direct opposition to the wave theory.

The scientists were scrambling with mathematics and theory to try to make sense out of what they were finding.  How could light be both a wave and a particle?  It just doesn’t make sense.  It didn’t make sense.  It didn’t make sense to them at that time because they did not have an understanding of reality that would allow both answers to occur simultaneously.

Up until this point in our history we were always able to explain all of the forces and realities of our physical world.  Why would there be a break down in this consistency when observing these little tiny atomic particles?  The scientists needed to change their paradigm.  They needed to step outside of the box.  The realizations that they made have changed our world view forever.

We all need to realize this.

The scientists saw that whichever experiment they tried always supported the outcome they expected.  If the experiment was arranged to demonstrate light moves in waves then that is what was found.

If the experiment was set up to measure the particle theory then the light would behave like particles.

How could this be?

www.hiendfitness.com, Female personal Trainer in Burlington fitness center

Science was finally starting to realize the truth that has been keeping us apart for all of human existence.  The fact that light can be either a wave or a particle completely changes our understanding of reality.  Between Plank, Einstein and Koch a quantum leap in understanding was made.  Whatever we search for we will surely find.

The scientists realized that whatever they wanted to realize with their experiments they would realize.  Their intentions affected their results.  Do you see what that means?  It means that you have incredible power and ability inside of you.

It means that the things that you think about and focus on have tremendous effect in what transpires in your lives.

It means that whatever someone else thinks or believes really doesn’t matter or affect you too much.

It’s what you think or believe that really matters.

Don’t get to worried about your different opinons with anyone else.

Don’t worry about trying to get someone to see things the same way you do.

We all have different opinions because we all come from different experiences.

That’s ok.  Different opinon don’t really matter.  Different opinions are the result of our different experiences and none of that matters.  What matters is where we are going not where we have been.

Stop talking about what you have believed before.

Start thinking and talking about what your intentions are now.

Going forward how do you want things to be?

How do you want yourself to be?  Your relationships to be?  Your career to be?  Your finances to be? Your planet to be?

Be the changes you want to see in the world.

Watch the video below about the Quantum Leap when you get a chance.

If you want some more details about my training program, my nutrition program or my summer special you can get them all at the link below:

Get All The Information You Need About Hi-End Fitness Here

If you want to talk about making a Quantum Leap in your life send me a personal message here:  john@hienfitness.com

05 Jul


Hi Guys,

I workout with 20-30 people a day.

Most of the people I work with are over the age of 35 which means a large percentage of them have pain in their bodies daily or at least from time to time.

Often we associate our pain with maturity.  Many people just accept that the pain they have is just apart of life and something they have to live with.  While I agree that sometimes this is true I disagree that most of the time this is so.  I really believe that with strengthening, lengthening, nutritional augmentation, cleansing and detoxifying the body and by aligning your deepest root energy with your goals and actions that your body can heal itself of almost all things.

I believe family doctors are so over burdened by patients dealing with pain that they themselves just accept it as natural and share this accepted understanding of the aging process.

Unfortunately for most people, when their doctor tells them that their pain is natural and normal and a part of their future, people tend to learn to accept it.

I have to admit that I did begin to accept my aches and pains as a natural part of my life until most recently when I discovered some deeper insight and understanding into my own personal pain and what I needed to do to overcome it.  I will try to explain how I have learned to overcome my pain this year in layman’s terms for you.  It is a complicated process that I believe is being routinely misdiagnosed.  I am confident that with this information, your awareness, commitment, practice and rehearsal you can learn how to heal your body of pain and illness too!

In order to understand what I have learned I believe you need to have a little bit of understanding about bio-mechanics.

Bio-mechanics is the simply the study of human movement.

It may sounds a lot more exciting than it really is…

Bio-mechanics requires us to have a little understanding about the muscular system.

It’s our muscles of course that produce our movements.

In order for a muscle to create a movement in our bodies it must shorten or contract.  All of our muscles work in tandem or pairs.  In order to create a movement one muscle contracts.  In order to create an opposite movement another muscle must shorten or contract.

Muscles on opposite sides of a bone shorten to create movements at a joint.  In the example below the biceps must contract to flex the elbow joint.  The Tricep must contract to extend the elbow joint.  In order for the Bicep to contract the Tricep must relax.  In order for the elbow to extend the Bicep must soften or relax.

Physiotherapy Burlington

This contraction and relaxation system between opposing muscles is complex and must be organized inside your cerebellum.  A highly specialized area inside of your brain.  The working muscle is called the prime mover or the Agonist.  The opposing muscle is called the Antagonist.  With age, or inactivity or sitting or standing too much or after an injury or after a stressful situation this system of coordinated contractions can malfunction.  During a muscle contraction some of the fibers of the Antagonist muscle can remain excited and create resistance for the prime mover.

Does that make sense?

If opposing muscles are firing or contracting at the same time then the muscles are working against each other.  Over time this will cause resistance in the body. The prime mover will not be able to contract completely if the Antagonist is even partially contracted.  At the elbow joint this may appear as an arm that is not completely straight.  The elbows may always maintain a slight flexion.  This problem is very common and does not typically create pain.

Pain is always our greatest teacher.  Our bodies are actually trying to indicate to us that there is a problem when we feel pain.  Our body is trying to get our attention when we feel pain.  It wants to let you know that there has been a failure in your cerebellum.  Your natural muscular coordinating system is out of wack.  The result is that when you contract your Prime mover the muscle cannot shorten completely due to the resistance of the Antagonist.  If the Antagonist is interfering with extension at your elbow joint the result will be an elbow that doesn’t straighten out all the way.  However,  If this same malfunction occurs with your spinal erectors and spinal flexors the result will eventually lead to pain.

When we have a similar malfunction happen along the spine it leads to pain because our posture is affected.  Healthy posture is so important in our bodies.  Muscles that are responsible for posture are made up of different fiber types and structures.  They are designed to support the body for long periods of time.  Postural muscles are placed ideally to create leverage in the body.  They maintain a highly balanced system.  If the Agonist and Antagonist postural muscles get out of wack the results can be very painful.  As you sit or stand or move around with incorrect posture some muscles can be misfiring for hours or days or weeks or years at a time.  The result of your spinal antagonists misfiring will mean that you will display unnatural curvatures in your spine.

Unnatural spinal curvatures lead to alternative muscles being called into action.  Pectoral muscles, Rhomboids, Traps, Lats can get called into action to help support a spine that is holding an unnatural curvature.  Tightness may be felt in the neck, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, glutes and inner thighs.  These muscles may be holding tight doing the job of posture although they are not postural muscles.

When non postural muscles tighten up we may sit or stand or walk differently.  This can continue for years.  Over extended periods of time joints will wear out and even eventually require replacement.  At its roots the problem was caused by a malfunctioning of your muscle coordinating system that over time and misdiagnosis has lead to real pain and limitation in your life.

Pain that we often accept as old age due to misdiagnosis over extended periods of time.

Healing this system is not over-complicated.  If we can realize postural abnormalities early then we can correct them quite quickly.  When postural abnormalities have been permitted to remain for long periods of time and non-postural muscles have started to do postural jobs then it can require real practice and rehearsal to learn how to sit, stand or walk again properly.

Personal Trainer, physio therapy in Burlington gym and fitness center

The good news here is that you can heal your pain.

You can bring your body back to it’s natural healthy routine and coordination.

Our muscles are ours.  We can learn again how to co-ordinate them.  We can contract and relax our muscles.  The truth is that we are very accustomed to contracting our muscles to do work.  We are less accustomed to relaxing our tense muscles but we can learn how to do it.  Sometimes by contracting the agonist we can create a deeper relaxation within the tense muscle.

It may take a little practice… But you can learn how to do this.

It’s done with flexibility and strength and awareness.  It includes stretching… But not just regular stretching.  It requires a very focused stretching.  It may require some PNF stretching, deep tissue massage, acupuncture or manipulation. It requires some quiet time set aside for your recovery.  It requires your focus and attention.  It requires moving through some of your most primal movements again.  By practicing movement patterns that are safe and natural for your body we can relearn your natural body co-ordination again.  Your cerebellum can be reset.

Primal movements are important because they are our most original movements.  Movement patterns that all humans do.  Universal movements that we all learned.  For instance we all learned how to extend our spines when we were little babies.  Spinal extension was one of our first movements that we practiced as little babies.  Planking, crawling, walking, running and jumping are all examples of primal motor patterns that exist within our bodies.

When we were young we played freely.  We practiced and trained all our body systems.  With our age we have become inactive and this has lead to a loss of abilities, degeneration and pain in our systems.

We must return to the free movement of our youth.  We need practice and rehearse again our original movement patterns.

A motor pattern is a collection of movements of many muscles that are coordinated and saved inside our subconscious.

For instance consider sitting down for a moment.  When you sit down you don’t have to think about it.  It just happens.  You naturally sit back and down.  It’s a learned motor pattern.  There are numerous learned motor patterns that we have like this stored within our subconscious mind.  With a motor pattern there are hundreds of muscles that must shorten or lengthen in order for us to move fluently.  Each muscle must contract or relax in specific order for us to sit down smoothly without interruptions.  If any of our muscles involved with sitting are being used incorrectly for posture then we may feel pain while we sit or stand.

Does that make sense?

Personal trainer in Burlington

Your subconscious mind is the key.  It’s the key to success truly.  At least the key to successful healing of our bodies or lives.  You see the subconscious is extremely powerful.  It is exact.  It is impossibly consistent… For instance your subconscious never forgets to beat your heart or take a breath.  You never have to think about these things.  They just happen because they are a natural motor pattern.  The subconscious mind is so powerful because it never stops.

Even while you sleep it’s working on the same things.  If you can recall your natural sitting, standing posture again.  If you can rehearse or practice your proper posture.  If you can lengthen the muscles that have shortened or gotten too strong from overcompensation.  If you can practice and rehearse the proper movement behaviors again you can put a successful new program inside your subconscious.

You can program your subconscious to work on your healing in all aspects of your life.  Your movement, your nutrition, your focus, your attention and your awareness can all be reset for success!

It’s a very complicated system.  It requires a great deal of understanding.  It is not an easy diagnosis and is often overlooked unless it is being diagnosed by a physiotherapist that has a deep understanding of your case history. Unfortunately your doctor is unlikely to be able to understand this detail about your movement and your pain.

The result is often treatment for the pain and not really a solution to the problem.

Do you have pain in your body?

Do you feel discomfort or tightness in your neck, shoulder, hips or legs?

Then you may have some malfunctioning inside your cerebellum.  If you would like to correct your pain then let’s make contact to discuss it.  I work in association with a Physiotherapist to help people overcome their pain.  If you have a work health benefits package then your active care sessions with me can be covered through your work health insurance benefits plan.

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02 Jul

Hey Guys!

It’s the back end of the year now!

It’s time for me to start sharing what I have learned this year.

I don’t like to start talking about something that I do myself until I have really given it a full try.

I don’t like to share an idea until Dora and I have both tried it and discussed it and have made a full decision about whether or not we feel it is beneficial and sustainable.

I think sustainability is extremely important.

I think most of my clients are getting into fitness and nutrition because they really want to achieve their best possible energy and life.

I’m not really focused on the weekend warriors.

I like to help people that are really looking to change their lives.

I don’t see the point of doing something you are not really fully committed to.

If you just want to get in shape for a short term then just about anything will work in the short term.  My philosophy really is that if you can’t keep it up then don’t bother dong it.  What’s the point of losing 20 or 30 pounds doing something that you cannot sustain?

Of course it doesn’t really make sense…  If you cannot sustain what you are doing then you will not be able to sustain your weight-loss.

personal trainer in burlington Gym

I beleive that whatever you are doing for your health and wellness really needs to become apart of your lifestyle.

The decision that I have made most recently was an extremely difficult one for me to make.

It’s been even more difficult for me to share.

Like I said I really don’t like sharing until I have made a serious commitment to it.

I really don’t like it when people ask me what I ate for a specific meal because what I am doing may not be ideal for them.  We are all individuals.   What is right for me or for someone else may or may not be right for you.

I think by sharing what I’m doing personally can be destructive and misleading for a client.

It’s always best to ask what is right for you….  Not what is right for me or what am I doing.

Having clearly explained my position I here, let me share now what I have been working on for the last 6 months.

Not because you need to do it too…  I am not saying everyone needs to do what I have done.

I am just sharing this because I have personally made this decision.  I have personally worked through all of the limiting beliefs I had associated with this decision and am now ready to share my story.

I am now ready to share that I am almost practically a vegan.   Most precisely I would have to describe myself as a vegetarian as I am choosing to use eggs and dairy most days.

I have tried complete vegan and although I am comfortable with the lifestyle I am choosing to label myself as a vegetarian as I will be using eggs and dairy just for simplicity and alternative food choices.

At the beginning of the year  I made a commitment to determining my position on the vegan lifestyle.  This has been something that I have been flirting with for 5 years. I have a number of friends and leaders in the industry that I do follow.  I have been influenced by seeing and watching them make this decision.

I have been influenced by videos, documentaries, personal spiritual study, scientific study, industry leaders and other personal shared experiences.

I have been influenced by my personal experience and by conversation with my wife and training partner.

I have been influenced by my daughter who made this choice first in my family.

I have been influenced by the fact that meat is just not sustainable for our planet and choosing to eat less of it today is the best way that I can support the world in my opinion.

Bootcamp Burlington Boot-camp Burlington

At the beginning of the year I started with reducing my meat portions.

I stopped chicken and red meat and relied mostly on eggs, fish and dairy for most of this year.

I slowly reduced my animal protein ingestion to 0 and found that I did not have any negative effects.

I experimented with no animal protein at all and found that there were no short term negative drawbacks with it for me.

I did a natural total colon and candida cleanse and found that it boosted energy and clarity in my life immensely.  It was amazing for me!

My sleep problem which has been a problem for me for over 18 years has left me.

I can’t explain in words how valuable that has been to all aspects of my life.  ALL ASPECTS OF MY LIFE!!!!

I have also eliminated my pain which I would like to speak in more detail about in my next blog.

In order to overcome this hurdle of eating meat I had to remove a lot of limited beliefs inside of my head.  A LOT OF LIMITING BELIFS!!!!!

I am so truly grateful for challenging my beliefs now in hindsight.

Being a trainer for over 25 years I have influenced 100’s and 100’s of people if not 1000’s of people to eat more animal source protein.

Everything that I have learned in the industry did lead me in that direction.

I have changed my position.  I will not encourage that any more.

Bootcamp in Fitness center Burlington Female personal trainer

This decision to experiment with the vegan lifestyle for the last 6 months has truly been a physical and mental challenge that was 100% in the opposite direction of what I thought, felt and believed was possible.  I had to really go against my natural choices.  I had to go in reverse.  I had to change direction to accomplish it.  I am so happy that I did this.

Now I am not saying you need to do this.

I am not saying that you need to do anything.

I am only sharing what I am now a firm believer of.

The natural, most healthy way for me to live the rest of my life is with as little animal source protein as possible.

It’s ok… I ate enough meat in the first 45 years of my life to pass on the meat portion for the next 45.

I weigh about 8-12 pounds less without meat in my diet.  I am able to sustain that with much less effort.

Personally I am so much more clear headed.  It feels like something has been removed from my life that was blocking me for a lifetime.  I feel that I have to share that with others.

If you need help with your nutrition I would be happy to discuss it with you further.

If you would like to try a natural cleanse that you can do with simple whole, natural, cost effective ingredients you can acquire easily I will be happy to help and support you.

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01 Jul


Today is Canada’s Birthday!

Happy Canada day to all of you lucky Canadian Citizens.

We are all so blessed with so much.

Today is also another important day!

It marks the 1/2 way point of 2017.

Are you 1/2 through your goals?

Have you written down your goals for 2017 yet?

I committed to coming back to my best this year!

I clearly defined what I wanted to create in all aspects of my life!

Each day I get myself geared up to move forward incrementally in each part of my life.

Boot camp in Burlington Gym

I’m tuning 45 years old this summer and I’m in my                                 best shape ever!

Did you do your goal setting at the beginning of the year?

If you did do it at the beginning of the year then that’s great?

Have you been bringing yourself to the energy of achieving your goals daily?

You need to bring yourself to the energy of your goals each day.

This tunes your body and your world to the vibration that you need to attract your goals.

Too many people set a goal and just leave it alone…

As ig goals are supposed to just manifest by themselves.

This is not how it works.  In order to achieve our goals we need to get our mind to be thinking about them as often as possible.

Here’s a great way to get back to your goals.

Here is a great way to set some goals for 2017 if you haven’t done it yet.

Let me help you get this mental work done.

It’s important.

Take a look at Karen in the picture below!

She is such a star!  This year she made up her mind to take back control in her life.

Now she’s down 28 pounds since the start of the year!  How would you feel if you were down 30 pounds right now?


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Let me hold you accountable to your workouts and your nutrition for the next 12 weeks.

we can still make something terrific happen in 2017.

Just like Jessie!  She happy she’s lost 18 pounds this year!  Would you like to lose some weight over the back side of this year?  Take a look at Jessie below!

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