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21 Jun


Candidiasis is one of the most common bloodstream infections in the United States, but very few people know that they are infected, even less about what it is and how to treat it.

Have you been experiencing random symptoms? Your doctor might think you’re exaggerating, but you might be dealing with candida.


Candida, full name candida albicans, is a type of fungus or yeast. It’s actually a normal part of your gut flora, and can live in your digestive tract without causing problems. Most people have some candida in their system, but many have no symptoms or problems.

However, if your gut flora is thrown out of balance, candida takes advantage. This is when “candida overgrowth” or “candida infection” occurs.

A candida infection can grow out of control, and produce toxins that can damage your gut. The damage then spreads throughout your body as the toxins go through the bloodstream to the rest of your body. These can cause widespread symptoms that mainstream healthcare may not be able to detect.


Candida overgrowth isn’t just luck of the draw. It’s usually one or more factors that make you vulnerable. These factors may include:

  • A high sugar or carbohydrate diet

  • A low fiber diet

  • Antibiotics and other medications that affect gut health

  • Chronic stress

  • Uncontrolled diabetes

  • Other digestive disorders

  • High chemical exposure

All of these factors either impair good flora, or act as a fuel source for candida growths. So put simply – you get candida by weakening your good gut flora, or feeding your candida colonies, or a combination.


How do you know you’re dealing with candida? One big clue is in the symptoms. Candida can cause a wide variety of symptoms. The most common include:

  • Recurrent yeast infections

  • Oral thrush

  • Fungal infections on skin or nails

  • Sinus infections

  • Chronic fatigue and exhaustion

  • Digestive problems

  • Brain fog

  • Development of food allergies and intolerances

  • Poor immunity

  • Moodiness and depression

  • Sugar cravings

Other symptoms may include:

  • Body odor and bad breath

  • Dizziness

  • Unexplained nausea

  • Poor memory and concentration

  • Anxiety and panic attacks

  • Body aches and pains

  • Low libido

  • Itchiness around genital area or in anus

If you think that you may be a candidate for this problem then send me a message.  We can talk about a simple at home test you can use to determine if this is your reality.  We can talk about making arrangements for a natural cleanse you can collect from affordable and readily available ingredients.  Let’s discuss a recommitting to your nutrition and maybe your exercise too!

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18 Jun

In home personal training in  burlington fitness center

Father’s day to all those dads out there!  🙂

Today Dora, the kids and I will be going over to Spencer’s down on the lake for brunch.  It’s always my favorite meal of the year.  We don’t eat out too much as a family but father’s day we always go to Spencer’s.

I’ll be taking my dad and his wife along with us for the first time this year.  I recognize that making time for the important relationships in our lives really needs to be made a priority.

When it comes to accomplishing goals in our lives we cannot forget to address the relationships in our lives.

Don’t only make goals for your physical body.  You are not a one dimensional being.  Your goals setting also needs to be done for your primary relationship, your peripheral relationships, your career, your finances, your spirit and for your long term contribution.

Do you have goals of losing weight, toning up, increasing strength, reducing your body-fat or restoring your youthful energy?

These are all great!  They are the goals that I typically hear people want to achieve.   Often what I find is that the thing that is actually stopping them from being successful with their goals is actually some other aspects of their lives that they may not have considered.

Now that I have been a pro trainer for over 25 years and I have helped hundreds of people to make small or monumental changes  I can say that I am starting to see some patterns in people.  One pattern that is now becoming blatantly obvious to me in my life also is that often the obstacle to success is actually something that comes from another aspect of our lives.  I find that the energy of our primary relationships has a monumental effect in every single thing that we could ever want to do in our lives.

In our youth the solution to our weight-loss goals are often a simple fix with nutrition and exercise.  As we move deeper into the second half of our lives it seems that the other aspects of our lives seem to play a greater roll in our successes and failures.

Boot-camp in Burlington Fitness center

If you are dealing with work stress, financial stress or emotional stress in your relationship then your power to create change in your body can be drastically compromised.

Without having goals or efforts towards our spiritual growth or our contributions to the whole we can never be truly full-filled with anything that we do.  It is so essential to attach our goals to something larger than ourselves.

I appreciate that you may have some specific physical goals in your life but believe me when I say that without a doubt if you don’t take a bigger picture plan of attack with your goal setting you likely will never reach your targets.  Furthermore, even if  you do reach your physical goals, can you really be happy if you’re relationships have suffered as a consequence?

Even the leanest, sexiest, strongest version of yourself is unsatisfying if you can’t find peace, joy, love or freedom in your relationship.

You need to make goals for all aspects of your life.

Once you have those goals clearly defined you can develop your action steps.

What things do you need to do in order to accomplish those goals in each area of your life?

Can you see how you may need to change you outlook towards some aspects of yourself.

Our Primary relationships are such an important aspect of ourselves.  They deeply affect our energy and satisfaction.  Who can testify to how difficult it is to stay motivated on your diet when your partner is eating a bag of chips?  Many people have shared with me the challenges of trying to stay on track while their significant other is totally off the rails.

I love it when I get an opportunity to work with both husband and wife together as that is the most successful way to create change.

If I can get you and your primary partner together in a room for some mutual goal setting it’s always so much more successful for both people.

Goal setting as a couple is very important.

When one partner doesn’t see the relationship progressing it can be the begging of the demise of your relationship.

For all of us to be happy we need to be making progress.

When we are not making progress in one area of our lives it can affect our energy and abilities in any or all other aspects of our life.

Female personal trainer in Burlington Gym

Don’t worry about what has happened in your life.

Don’t focus on where you are right now in your relationship.

Get together with your partner now and think about and talk about where you guys want to go?

How do you guys want your future to look?

What do you guys need to do in order to get there?

Make some time today for a serious conversation.  Rather than thinking and talking about what is… Let’s talk about how we want things to be.

If you guys decide that you want to be filled with energy and vitality in your future then maybe it’s time to start talking about exercising together or changing your nutrition together…

I have learned that with my primary relationship it is always best to ask myself “how am I giving or contributing” rather than focusing on “what I’m getting or not getting”

I feel this is a necessary shift in paradigm that has to happen for both parties in a relationship to make it successful.

No relationship can ever prosper as long as we are pointing the finger at someone else.  Blame must be shared and both parties need to contribute to the future results.

If you would like to get together for a goal setting talk time we can do it face to face or on-line.

If you would like to do that alone or with your significant other I would be very happy to make the time to support you.

Just send me a message if you would like to arrange a time.

Happy Father’s Day!

12 Jun

I know you’ve heard it before.
You have to have a goal.
It needs to be clear and precise.
But seriously… It really does.
This is where the work is done.  This is the tough part.  The hardest part is the real heavy thinking bit.  You have to stop saying you’ve tried it before.  Have you really?  Have you set and goal and actually brought yourself to the energy of that goal daily before?
Most people who say they’ve done it before have usually set a goal and then left their goal alone for some period of time and then returned to it to see that they did not accomplish it.  This is the trial period that they use to decide that this does not work for them… Forget about the past.  forget about what you have tried before.  You’ve got to stop worrying about before.  You have to stop talking about before.
Right now is not before.  Right now is right now!  It’s time to do this again.  This time you need to do this properly.
It’s time to write down what you want.
In all aspects of your life.  Not just 1 aspect of your life.
In your health and well-being, in your primary relationship, with your secondary or peripheral relationships. In your carreer, with your finances.
You need clear precise goals in all aspects of yourself.   All of these aspects of you create you and your life.  If you are struggling in one area of your life, those struggles will affect what is going on in other parts of your life.
There is only one path to happiness.  And that is through forward progress.  Happiness is a result of the alignment of your deepest root energy with your goals and actions.
By clearly defining your goals you focus all of your root energy upon a spot.  As you clearly envision that spot you precisely project your deepest energy in your ideal direction.
As you move in the direction that pleases you most you progress towards your goal.
The entire time enjoying the process!
Get back to your goals.
Clearly define your position and direction.
Do it again and again.  Repetition and practice creates progress.  As you continue to focus forward towards your goal you spend most of the time in the most appropriate thought.
Your life becomes the sum total of your most predominant thoughts.
You need clearly defined goals and you need to bring yourself to the energy of your goals daily until you begin to see some momentum in your life.
Reply to this message if you need help outlining your goals.
I’d love to have a little conversation with you about them.  Let’s start with a little email communication.
Are you struggling with your goals?  Message me if you feel you are missing a step in creating your ideal outcomes in any aspect of your life.
I want to help you do this.  Let’s start a little conversation.
04 Jun

Dora and I got out for a little dog walk this morning. It was a rainy morning.  I try to get out in the morning to walk the dog with Dora as often as I can.

Often life gets into the way.  I do recognize that with busy lives it is easy to get caught up with “stuff” and not make the time to focus on the things that are most important to us.

Relationships are so vitally important to our lives.

It’s in our relationships that we learn the most about ourselves.

Your primary relationship needs to get your number one focus.

If that is not right then nothing else in your life will be able to go right.

What things do you do in your day, in your week to ensure that the relationships in your life are always progressing ahead the way you want them to?

Realize that you are apart of a bigger picture.  That we are all apart of our planet.  Of the nature of all things.  We are all apart of our vast universe and we need to have a relationship with each other in it.

We learn first to love ourselves, then to love another and then to love everyone else in our lives as we love ourselves.

We all must do the work required to realize these deep truths in our lives.

It’s the most deep truths that will satisfy and full-fill our lives.

Here is a wonderful resource for starting your day with the right thoughts for success in all of your relationships.

Do you believe that you are responsible for what transpires in your life or do you think that someone or something outside of you is in control of your destiny?

This is a very important decision for you to make.

To take charge of your life and make a change requires you to make a decision.  It’s a decision to recommit yourself to the best version of yourself again.  This is a decision that you need to make.

A decision that you are in control and that it’s your decisions that you make each moment that lead you towards creating the life you want.

You must take full responsibility for your life if you want to decide to empower yourselves to change what is going to happen next for you.

The wonderful thing about life is that you can choose again to try your best whenever you want.  You can make that choice to start again today!  You just don’t have time to be less than your best today!

Go for it again.

Begin again with building your day up the way you want it to be.  Begin your day with movement.  Get out for a walk or do some exercise or yoga.  Something that changes your physiology is essential for changing your mood and setting up your ideal day!

Start your day with the right movements and thoughts for the most success!

It’s great if you can move, make sure your mind is right and then put in the ideal fuel sources too!

It’s exercise, nutrition and mindset that we manipulate to change your circumstances. Empower yourself with this decision. Make a choice today to get back to your best.

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