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What if they just goofed?

What if they just missed this one?

It could have been overlooked…

When our modern medicine started to develop in the early 1920’s and 30’s antibiotics and anti-inflammatory’s where just discovered.  We got into the habit of treating the symptoms of our disease.  We drifted looking at our bodies as a whole.  It is not possible to treat a symptom in our bodies without upsetting the whole.

As Allopathic Medicine became the norm old methods of health and wellness were forgotten.  I believe some of the old traditional health practices really need to come back into fashion.

Now more than ever our bodies need to rid itself of mucus, puss, bacteria, heavy metals, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, toxicity of all kinds, pain and inflammation. We are humans however we are animals first. We do have primal behavior.  Behavior that is essential to normal natural body function.

What is Primal behavior and why is it important?

Primal behavior is animal behavior. Things that are normal and natural.  Things that happen without thought.  Have you ever noticed what your dog does first thing in the morning?  It lifts it’s tail bone and presses through its front paws to stretch.  This is a natural, normal primal behavior for dogs.  It is apart of a healthy dogs healthy routine.  If this behavior does not happen, with time it will cause a deterioration in the animals health.

Humans crawl before we stand up.  We pull ourselves up before we begin to walk. It’s natural, normal and essential. Before we crawl we work on spinal extension while we are in our crib. It’s the first thing we start to do.  We do it repetitively to develop our strength.  It is a prerequisite to sitting up and then crawling.  We need to do it.

It’s essential behavior that must occur before we can walk.

So many other movements are developed from the basic spinal extension.  Spinal extension is a fundamental movement. If anything interrupts this primal movement then something is bound to go wrong within the human.  If we don’t learn spinal extension we would never be able to crawl or stand up or walk.  Our most initial behaviors are fundamental to our normal natural health and well-being.  Our early movements are primal.  We need them to continue to move forward with our natural development.

If foundational movements are not addressed then deterioration is eminent.

Deterioration can happen in different systems and can produce a variety of symptoms in the body.  At the root the problem is really that there has been an elimination of an important behavior or a movement. Something essential is missing… If something natural is missing then eventually we will begin to break down.  We need to gain some insight, information, knowledge, understanding to correct the problem.

Some of the problems we are currently having with our health maybe a result of somethings that we have stopped doing. Before we got so consumed with antibiotics and antinflamatories what were we doing?  It could be that we need to return to some of these ancient health and wellness habits. If something from the past was essential but we have forgotten it then not doing it would have negative effects on our health.  Omitting a behavior that we need could manifest itself negatively in our lives in a variety of ways.

Anxiety, depression, pain, numbness, headaches, excess mucous, loss of mobility, altered posture, digestive problems, sleep issues, elimination problems, temperature issues, energy trouble, mood inconsistencies, mental health issues, toxicity of all kinds, inflammation, addiction and loss of motivation, weight gain, poor nutrition habits or inability to lose weight could all be a result of some negative behavior or missing behavior.

We all need to get back to our most natural health.  We need to eliminate the unnatural behavior from our bodies and lives.

One super ancient forgotten behavior is Nasal Rinsing.  Are you familiar with it?  Take a look at the video below if you are not.

I had never been exposed to the idea of nasal rinsing until the last month.  Apparently this ancient health and wellness practice is thousands of years old.  It’s something we used to do.  It’s something we have drifted away from.

What I noticed after a couple of weeks of practicing nasal rinsing is that having a clogged sinus cavity can severely limit your energy and success.  It can lead to pain and tightness in the head or neck, lack of energy, frustration, hopelessness, lack of motivation, loss of focus, foggy head and sleeplessness.  You may be so accustomed to these discomforts that you have learned to live with them.  Reintroducing the sinus irrigation to my life has been a real game changer in my energy, my sleep and the way I’m feeling moment to moment.

The over secretion of mucous and inflammation in your body can also be reduced by making some simple nutritional changes and using natural ingredients.  Moving closer towards a complete plant based nutrition plan is a great way to reduce toxicity from your body.

Fasting is another ancient behavior that can be added back to our lifestyle to create rapid changes in our lives.  14-16 hours a day will be very helpful in restoring your most natural health and wellness.

We have got to be proactive with our health.  We have to remain open minded.  Don’t let yourself get old.  Old is what happens when you think you know all the answer’s.  Kids are always learning guys.  Look again at your situation a second or third time.  If you make optimal health your true intention you will find the way for you.  There are so many ideas out there for health and wellness. Everyone has an opinion. The truth is that our health is deteriorating.  Perhaps we need to reconsider some of our normal health practices.  Perhaps we have to question what has become our normal healthy behavior.

Fasting 14-16 hrs a day is one of my most current health recommendations for anyone experiencing any of the negative health effects listed above.  This is a terrific start up goal for fasting.  The benefits of fasting are endless.  There are so many negative beliefs associated  with fasting.  They are just not true.  They have all been discredited and documented with scientific study.  See a great list of studies below that discount most of the negative beliefs surrounding fasting:

  1. In a study conducted at the University of Nottingham (Nottingham, England),
    researchers found that when they made 29 men and women fast for 3 days, their
    metabolic rate did not change. This is 72 hours without food. So much for needing
    to eat every three hours.
  2. In another study performed at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, men and
    women who fasted every other day for a period of 22 days experienced no decrease in
    their resting metabolic rate.
  3. In addition, a study published in 1999 found that people who were on very low calorie
    diets and on a resistance exercise program (i.e. lifting weights) did not see a decrease
    in resting metabolic rate, and these people were only eating 800 Calories a day for 12
  4. In another interesting study published in the aptly-named journal ‘Obesity Research’,
    women who ate half the amount of food that they normally eat for three days saw no
    change in their metabolism, either.
  5. In still more studies, performed on men and women between the ages of 25 and 65,
    there was no change in the metabolic rate of people who skipped breakfast, or people
    who ate two meals a day compared to seven meals per day.
  6. In a study published in 2007, ten lean men fasted for 72 hours straight. At the end of
    their fast their energy expenditure was measured and found to be unchanged from the
    measurements that were taken at the beginning of the study – Yet another example
    showing that fasting does not decrease or slow one’s metabolism.

The bottom line is that food has very little to do with your metabolism. In fact, your metabolism is much more closely tied to your body-weight than anything else.  Your metabolism is almost exclusively tied to your Lean Body Mass. This means all the parts of your body that are not body fat.

In fact, many people stumble onto fasting when they very first attempt to lose weight, and they usually see some success. They only give up on fasting after being convinced that it is bad and wrong by anti-fasting propaganda.  Fasting is of course not helpful for the food industry.

Let’s get you back to a healthier higher energy version of yourself

Make that your intention.  Reduce or eliminate any unnatural behavior from your life. Begin to move towards the natural in every part of your life.  Get your body moving again with an organized whole body strengthening approach.  Be consistent. Your body needs consistent movement.  Get into a natural, whole food, plant based nutrition plan.  Eat as much of your food as you can raw.  Take your thoughts and words seriously.  Don’t Play roulette with your health.  Unskilled thoughts words and actions are at the root of any health and wellness issues you have.

With so many different opinions available out there we all need to be proactive with our health. Check out the funny video below.  Look at the very drastically different opinions on health it reveals. No one can be responsible for your health except you.  I am convinced that almost all of our pain and disease can be healed naturally.  I think many of us are stuck in an Allopathic viewpoint and can benefit from considering a more Holistic approach.

Message me if you want to talk about your nutrition, your exercise or your mindset. This is the Holistic approach.  This is taking personal responsibility for your health.  I believe It’s all a part of creating the best version of you.

Email me here to arrange a little conversation:  john@hiendfitness.com

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