10 Steps to Total Life Change!

Vegan Personal Trainer in Burlington Says… Weight-loss, healing & Improving Performance is all possible with these 10 Powerful Steps

i like to teach 10 steps to total life change in my program. Lose the weight, heal the pain or improve the performance in any aspect of your life by working through the 10 steps. The order of the steps is arguable.

1. Take responsibility for what you have created. You are the creator. Only you can decide to change your life. It is a choice. It must be a conscious choice. You must make a decision.

2. Stop polluting your body. There must be a transition time for sure. You cannot stop all pollution over night. Slowly and incrementally you must shift from the habits and behaviors you are choosing that are creating toxicity in your body, in your mind and in your life.

3. Alkalize your body and life We are not aging. We are becoming acidic. Toxic thoughts, habits and behaviors are the ròot of our problems. We can restore the alkalinity inside our bodies. The healthy natural body is alkaline. We must alter our food, water, thought and behavior. Sunlight is a vital aspect of your process.

4 Restore conductivity. The healthy body is elevtruc. We must be able to conduct nervous impulse. We need movement. We need breatheork. Our movements need to be strong and powerful. Our movements also need to be slow and deliberate. Oxygen is key grounding is magical. I recomend strength training and yoga or flexibility. Strength and length.

5 Detoxify the body. We must remove the toxic elements. Distilled water detox and unfooding is the way to do this best. Anything that is not supposed to be inside the skin is toxic. There are toxic thoughts, habits, behaviors and elements that must be identified and removed. The body heals naturally. Thus happens when it is empty and still.

6. Emotional and energetic blovks must be opened. We have to acknowledge surpressed emotions and energy. We need to identify the shafow energy. We must give love.to the darkness. We must accept the past and the present. Acceptance, forgiveness and love for the self are key elements. We must know all of us.

7. Passion and purpose Our root desire must be found. We need inspiration. We must connect to the true self. Our sexual energy is most distinctly us. It is our personal energetic finger print. We must manage and lift up our blocked emotional energy and our sexual energy. We must create a relationship with the true self.

8. We must accept the laws of the universe. There are great laws. The law of attraction and the law of Karma are two examples. No man is aboce the law. What we focus on grows. Thoughts are thibgs. Words have power in our lives. We must honor the laws.

9. Mindfulness and self awareness are key. We must develop a quiet practice. We need a way to identify our incorrect thoughts and ideas. We must have a method of reprogramming the mind and the subconscious We must learn how to become present. We need to love the self

10 Goals, affirmations, gratitude, i am statements and accountability. We have to clearly identify what we want. We must know what it is. We must make ourselves vulnerable. We must share our goal or our plan with another. Choose a friend a coach or a mentor wisely Choose someone that inspires you, someone nonjudgmental someone who lifts your energy.

The fully healed human being will not identify with the ego. Total healing means the individual will achieve their ideal weight. No pain, no sickness, no illness or disease will dtrike the fully healed individual again. All inflictions will be solved and healed.

The fully functional human has overcome all trauma. Holds no sorrow, anger or resentment. is in total alignment with their spirit body and meets their entire life with joy, playfulness, love, freedom and optimism.

This is soul awakening. This is loving the self. This is building a relationship with the inner child. This is kundalini rising or awakening. I call it whole self integration or lifestyle design. It is total healing or stepping into your abundance.

Want to restore your youthful energy? want to get back to your best. You can do this. This is a choice that you can make to return to the very best version of themselves.

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